The ALFA – a High Quality system for measuring Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

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The Alfa is a simple to use, HRV system with several important functions, incl. an individual correction part by music.

The HRV device Alfa analyses heart and brain activity via the pulse and analyses how any kind of therapy or physical activity affects the body. It tells you what creates energy and what consumes energy in the body, which is important as if there’s less energy created than consumed, illness eventually develop. Among many other parameters, it also measures your stress level, 70% of all disease is due to stress, so this is also very important.

The Alfa comes with electrode clamps to measure your pulse and a software system, which you download to your computer from a usb stick. You don’t ever have to be online.

You’re receiving the absolute latest developed version.

This tool has an equivalent in the US, but costs twice as much ($ 6000). The Alfa is unrivalled in terms of value-for-money.

Technical requirements: The Alfa works on both Mac and PC. Requires minimal capacity (20 mb).

Return policy: Due to international hygiene regulations for wellness products used on the body, we only accept a return within 3 days of after receipt.

In this powerful device, you will discover:

  • Learn how you can keep track of how your body is responding to exercise, foods, therapies

  • Learn how you can restore your health and live longer by really listening to your body’s need – we are all individuals and our bodily needs vary greatly.

Want to MAKE SURE that you have the energy you need in order to stay healthy?

Want to BE SURE that the physical exercise and therapies you’re using actually do you good?

Then there’s no easier and faster way to find out than using the Alfa monitoring system!

5  Important Reasons why you’d need the HRV Alfa system:

  1. The Alfa scans your vital parameters and transforms pathological frequencies into healthy ones, which you absorb via music!
  2. By analyzing the heart and brain activity via the pulse, it’s shows you how any kind of therapy or physical exercise affects the body.
  3. The Alfa also tells you which action creates energy and which consumes energy in the body, which is important as if there’s less energy created than consumed, illness eventually develop.
  4. Among many other parameters, it also measures your stress level. 70% of all disease is due to stress, so this is also very important to keep in check!
  5. The HRV Alfa system is very easy to use and incorporate into your daily routines.

The Alfa records the exact amplitude of your heartbeats to determine the intervals between successive heartbeats. It provides measurements in an accuracy margin of one millisecond with the highest precision capturing the length and intensity of every heartbeat – it’s quality at its best!

The Alfa system is very easy to incorporate into your daily or weekly routine. The Alfa offers the highest quality to the best price currently available on the planet!

The HRV Alfa system provides the best possible support and aid to understand what your body actually needs in order to create and maintain health and live longer. It also provides you with a unique, individually created, correction music module!

If you want to maintain or create a healthy body and psyche, this easy to use, high quality, HRV system is definitely for you!

What People Have To Say About The Alfa

I believe that such diagnostic equipment as the Alfa should be used much more in areas such as medical practice, including conventional medicine and sports medicine. I give great tributes to the Russian scientists for creating such an amazing diagnostic monitoring system!

Chukanova Galina,, Assistant Professor

I am very satisfied with the work with the Alfa device, very simple and fast. You can control your condition at any time. Thanks to the Alfa, I was able to get rid of my high blood pressure problems. Whenever I saw that my nervous system was out of balance, I could bring it into balance with the help of meditation. I am very grateful to the manufacturers for such a wonderful device.

Pyotr, Koval

We find interesting the prospect of using such an approach to pre-operative determination of the degree of protection of the functional reserves of the cardiovascular system and estimation of the potential risk of perioperative complications in patients.

The Alfa creates a non-invasive diagnostic method for computer estimation of heart rhythm variability, based on fractal neurodynamics, and is undoubtedly an objective marker of the functional state of the autonomic nervous system and can be recommended for practical use in clinical conditions.

Head of the Intensive Care and Intensive Care Department, K.M.N. Y.S. Fedorov

Bonus SmartBreathe and Ebooks Purchase before June 10, 2021

Smart Breathe™ The breathing device that helps you live longer. A $120 Value!

Nobody doubts that correct breathing is of great importance to health. But there are few people who are aware breathing is one of the most effective ways to improve health, enhance athletic performance, stabilize the psyche and manage stress.


In today’s world, people don’t have hours to train every day in deep restorative breathing. Therefore, this smart device, “Smart Breathe™” was created!

Effective Breathing – A Way to Rebuild Your Health

More oxygen into the cell = more energy for your health.
It is known that the oxygen we breathe saturates the bloodstream, but often there is too little oxygen in the cells.

Almost all diseases start with oxygen deficiency in the cells, which makes it very important to ensure good cell oxygenation.

Why do cells get starved of oxygen?

The red blood cells transfer oxygen to the cells only if there is enough carbon dioxide in the blood, and this is a common problem in today’s world. Scientific studies show that most people today do not breathe correctly, mostly by hyperventilating, which means that too much carbon dioxide is exhaled. This leads to poor absorption of oxygen and possible health problems.

Our breathing pattern has changed in modern society because we live under stress, eat too much, have toxins in our food, experience environmental problems and other forms of stress. The “Smart Breathe™” helps correct our breathing and ensure the right amount of carbon dioxide in the blood by providing a basis for breathing exercises using resistance and long exhalations.These help start the healing process, increase the body’s resistance and protects us against disease.


Throughout life, the body consumes energy in different processes – digestion, physical work, stress, management of poor ecology, toxins … But most energy is spent breathing. An average person takes about 21,600 breaths a day, and all of this takes energy. When we breathe with breathing apparatus between 30 and 60 minutes a day, we teach the respiratory center in the brain to breathe less than 15 breaths per minute. After a few months of breathing exercises with the Smart Breathe™, we can usually reduce the number of breaths to 6-8 per minute.That means we are save energy and consequently helps increase our life expectancy.

Plus Bonus E-Books : Effective Breathing” and “Stop smoking for good” 

What People are Saying about SmartBreathe

Grow Younger, Stronger…Set two Records in the National Masters!
“I am 45 years old and have used Smart Breathe™ for 2 years.. When I began to breathe with Smart Breathe™, I noticed that I had more energy when working out and felt stronger… My decision to compete in the National Masters (SM-10) was entirely thanks to this breathing method: I won and set two Swedish records in the master class! I tested breathing between the competition rounds and noticed that I would recover very quickly and reenergize myself while maintaining a positive emotional state. It was amazing! Now I tell all my friends and relatives about this breathing method. You will not only be stronger, faster, but you will also grow younger. The diagnostic measuring device “Alfa” is now showing me that my biological age is 30, and I know that it’s true…”

Viktoria Larsson

Stamina Improved After One Month with Smart Breathe™
“As a therapist, I have used Smart Breathe™ almost daily for 6 months. My stamina has improved: my initial breathing capacity was 330 ml, after one month of breathing with Smart Breathe™ , my breathing capacity had increased to 450 ml. It is a very good exercise for asthma clients. I am very busy and am easily stressed by all demands on me, but when I breathe for one hour, headaches go away and my memory and focusing ability have improved…I will certainly continue to spread the message about this breathing pacifier – it is the future.

Ingrid Jorm

Conquered Lung Disease….Can Sing, Walk Faster…..Great 70th Birthday Present!
“In 1976, I was diagnosed with a lung disease called Agriculture Lung due to mold in my work environment. My symptoms since 1976: Shortness of breath, difficulty to breathe… trouble sleeping and general fatigue.I was hospitalized for 2 months and treated with cortisone medications, but pulmonary specialists couldn’t help me. For my 70th birthday, I received a Smart Breathe™ and started using it. Unexpectedly, after just 2 weeks, I felt that I got more air in my lungs! After using the device for 4 weeks, I now can walk faster, am less tired and can even sing again. I am absolutely convinced that this little “baby” has made me stronger and given me my strength back.I will continue to use it as long as I live and it feels like a miracle indeed! THANK YOU for the little pacifier Smart Breathe™! You have improved my life!”

Gerhard Jonasson

Blood Pressure Normal Again
“My mother was born in 1932. The last 15 years she has had high blood pressure and is on blood pressure medication. She got worse and was hospitalized and they did an analysis of her blood pressure. She had a follow-up check up scheduled a few months later, during which time I learned about Smart Breathe™ and gave it to my mom, who used it regularly 1-2 times per day, up until her next follow-up. At the follow-up, the doctors took her blood pressure three times, they thought the blood measuring device was broken because her blood pressure was normal. They couldn’t understand what had happened…”

Gunilla Allard

Biological Age Reduced
“What is effective breathing?
The idea of breathing exercises at Manniskans Resurser AB in Stockholm is to train ourselves to breathe less and get the body used to function with less oxygen and increase carbon dioxide levels. Carbon dioxide is the body’s own antioxidants which neutralize harmful oxidants – free radicals that break down cells. When you grow old, carbon dioxide levels in the blood decrease. .. By training our ability to live with less oxygen, our cells are able to utilize oxygen better and are strengthened. I tested breathing with Smart Breathe™ every day for three months, 30 – 60 minutes while driving my car. With this simple method I increased my general health index from 90 to 98%, hormonal regulation improved from 81 to 94% and my ability to handle stress increased from 88 to 98%. My stress index had fallen from 35.5 to 28.9 … and my body’s strength also increased from 66 to 99% – which feels very good. …My biological age was reduced from 45 to 37 years (I am 55 years old!) ….”

Per Högberg

Blood Pressure Stabilized
“The blood pressure of a male client: overpressure 160 – 170, under pressure 95-100. Blood pressure began to stabilize after approx. two weeks of using the breathing device Smart Breathe™ approx. 1-2 times / day for 15-20 min. Now, the blood pressure is 135/78 and this is really in itself so nice. Now he breathes with the device every other day for 15-20 minutes or as needed. All parameters from the Alpha measuring device improved during these two weeks and this has continued. Absolutely fantastic…He has also lost weight and started a diet after he began breathing with Smart Breathe™…”

Gun Jönsson

Incredibly Improved Health Status
“As a therapist, I can testify about the incredible results of Smart Breathe™. I have several clients who have begun to breathe with the pacifier resulting in incredibly improved health status. Personally I use the breathing apparatus 30 min. every day and I feel calm, concentrated and focused ..I would not be without it!”

Margaretha Carlsson

Special Price until June 13th: The ALFA

  • Plus $18 Shipping

2 Payment Option Available

About Boris Aranovich

Boris Aranovich is a Russian- Swedish scientist, a radio show host, an internationally acclaimed speaker in the alternative health field, a well-known author of 14 books, including Effective Breathing for Modern People”, Doctor Mindand Be the Master of your Health. Boris has been professionally active for 40 years within the field of alternative medicine and has created a number of therapy- and wellness modalities used by thousands of people worldwide. Boris continues to develop new innovative health practices at his company Manniskans Resurser AB.

1987 -1991, Principal at the University of Alternative Medicine, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2003 – Founded the company Manniskans Resurser AB, where he is still MD.

2009 – Hosts a Swedish radio show called “Better and Better Every Day”

Boris Aranovich is also an active member of the organization International Association for Professional Medical Specialists, in the field of both alternative and traditional medicine.

Boris Aranovich has earned a Master’s Degree from the International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences (IAELPS).

Research participation

1991 – Research at the Institute of Physical Education in St. Petersburg: “Effect of Mental Training on Sports Performance.”

1997 -Research on the effects of ideo motor movements on brain rhythms, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

2010 -Research at Karolinska Institutet: “Effects of a low-intensity electromagnetic field on fibroblast migration and proliferation.”

2011 – “Improvement of Human Health State after Short-Term Training of the SmartBreathe Method”, Shenzhen, China

2013- Effects of Smart Breathe in Community Dwelling Elderly of New Delhi, India

Books and programs

Boris Aranovich is the author of 14 books and 3 interactive programs about health.

Annette Graucob, Marketing Director at MR AB, the innovative alternative health company, which focuses on helping people to restore health and happiness. Annette spent the first half of her professional career as an executive in the international media arena, but some 15 years ago, her focus and passion turned direction completely – empowering people to find their inner strength and joy became much more important. Annette is now able to do so as an intuitive artist, and as a co-worker at MR AB.

Special Price until June 13th: The ALFA

  • Plus $18 Shipping

2 Payment Option Available