Nano Oxygen Laser (NOL)


Nano Oxygen Accelerator (NOA)


The Nano Oxygen Laser (NOL) can be applied close-up or at a distance in conjunction with any and all Tri-Vortex products including the NOA Disc, Tri-Vibes, Tri-Intra-Sound and especially the Tri-Infrared Bulb (TIB).

Individuals and groups are encouraged to create their own protocols while experimenting with and applying the recommended protocols.

The clinical versions of the NOA and NOL are exclusively available at the Tri-Vortex Institute in Palm Desert, California. Whereas all normal NOA and NOL units are plugged into an ordinary wall socket, the clinical version is powered by a computer and amplifier – this unique power source was discovered by Andersen and is the foundation for his invention called the Stem Cell Stimulator that is also exclusively available at the Tri-Vortex Institute. NOA, NOL and SCS have no contraindications for home use.

A true cure for any disease must involve the individual making drastic changes in hydration, diet, exercise and mental/emotional transformation. NOA, NOL, SCS and other Tri-Vortex products do not cure diseases but do assist in improving the quality of life while the individual is in the process of curing themselves with their family, friends and medical professional support groups. Tri-Vortex products and protocols are ushering in a new era of health and wellness that requires the full participation of the individual.

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Brian David Andersen hypothesized the pumpless lymphatic system needs to reduce the oxygen in waste liquids to pico and nanometer sized oxygen bubbles for transport to the kidneys and colon. In addition, the lymphatic system has to form a positive charge in the waste liquids. In turn, the kidneys and colon must emit a negative charge to attract the positively charged waste materials. Furthermore, the positive charge of the waste materials in the lymphatic system has to be created or assisted by the electrical discharges emitted by the nervous system.

The lymphatic and the nervous systems can be traumatized by blunt or sharp force, poisoned by chemicals that cause diseases such as Lyme Disease or damaged by a needle during a routine biopsy.  The trauma, poisoning and damage cause pathology in the lymphatic/nervous systems normal activity, whereby the physiologic creation of pico and nanometer bubbles is disrupted. The pathologic impaired lymphatic/nervous systems create larger oxygen air pockets, called micro and millimeter oxygen bubbles, that cause unwanted and oftentimes lethal congestion in the lymphatic vessels.

As the micro and milli bubbles rise and separate from body fluids, they become trapped in between the body liquids and the tissues of the lymphatic system thus causing inflammation and eventually tumors. A healthy body is able to maintain the status of nano and picometer bubbles at the cellular level with proper water hydration and numerous other factors.

The Objective

The primary objective of the Nano Oxygen Accelerator (NOA) is to insert pico or smaller oxygen bubbles into congested areas to break-up the micro and millimeter oxygen bubbles. This can restore normal physiology and therefore proper oxygen bubble creation by the lymphatic and nervous systems. Pico and nanometer bubbles coalesce into micro and millimeter oxygen bubbles during lung inhalation. Therefore, a simple and efficient modality to deliver pico or smaller oxygen bubbles into the human body would assist in the release of inflammation.

Metal Oxides

Naturally occurring metals compound with oxygen atoms to create metal oxides. The bonds of some metal oxides are very weak and therefore the oxygen can be displaced when exposed to heat and pressure. Once all the oxygen atoms have detached, the metal is no longer a component of an oxide and becomes strictly a metal ion.

After the discovery of small sized oxygen bubbles, Andersen determined that proprietary frequencies will displace oxygen bubbles from a metal oxide. These infinitesimal oxygen bubbles are called molecular ions. Theoretically, when the oxygen ions encounter micro and millimeter sized congestive oxygen bubbles in the body, the micro/millimeter bubbles will be gradually or rapidly dispersed into pico or nanometer oxygen bubbles. The rate of transformation depends upon the physical condition and hydration level of the individual. NOA can be applied to same location for any length time.

Detecting Inflammation

  1. One NOA unit is set on Detect and held by two fingers near the dome.
  2. One NOA unit is set on Release and held normally around the tube.
  3. When both units are pointed at the same body part in a 90-degree angle, one or both of the NOA units will repeal away from inflammation.
  4. Both units are concentrated on the area of inflammation in a rotating motion for optimum release of the congestion.

Magnesium / Iodine

The NOA unit is fortified with all forms of Magnesium and Iodine so these critical chemical elements are delivered into the body In the most efficient and effective manner possible. One or two NOA units are applied in a stationary or rotating motion along the intestines and the colon to release constipation and establish balanced bowl movement function.

However, the two rotating NOA unit protocol is very difficult when applied to individuals with physical challenges such as autism and multiple mental disorders. This challenge was overcome by inserting a laser inside a smaller diameter yet longer tube that carries the NOA energies. The operator simply points the laser(s) at the target area in a stationary or rotating manner

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