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Mini Clearing Series Travel Set & Plant Music Remedy Bundle

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Mini Travel Set: Clearing Series & Plant Music Remedy (5)
 contains five specially designed blends and the accompanying music to assist you with emotional clearing. The set consists of Grounding Clarity, Grief Free, Anxiety Free, Anger Free and Acceptance. Dolfun Joy is added to Grief Free, Anxiety Free, and Anger Free to deepen the effectiveness.

Songs of 5 Blends in the Clearing Series:

5 Plant Music Remedy Clearing Audio Tracks PLUS Dolfun Joy Plant Music  Remedy

Includes 3 Versions of each of the 5 blends: a 33 minute extended track, a 3:33 minute quick track, and a 33 minute track with binaural beats for Theta brainwave entrainment.  Theta Brainwave state allows for the feeling of Oneness, Creativity, Inspiration and higher consciousness downloads.  Can be used to reprogram the subconscious.  Listen to the music while breathing the oils or use the music.

Plus Dolfun Joy Plant Music Remedy – over 7 hours of various tracks in the dolphin energy.

Perfect for Travel and connecting in on the spot. Each bottle includes Dolfun Joy drops. Most purchase the set of 10 first, and then use this smaller set on the go.

The Clearing Series Includes each of the following 5 Essential Oil Blends & Musical Downloads:

  • Grounding Clarity – Oil Blend & Mp3s Grounding Clarity brings awareness of the present moment when we are in fight, flight or freeze mode.
  • Grief Free Oil Blend & Mp3s Grief Free transmutes heavy emotions from sympathy and mild regret to overwhelming sorrow and loss.
  • Anxiety Free Oil Blend & Mp3s Anxiety Free transmutes worries, anxieties and deepest fears.
  • Anger Free Oil Blend & Mp3s Anger Free transmutes a full spectrum of anger.
  • Acceptance Oil Blend & Mp3s Acceptance connects us with a fresh perspective that aligns us with what is.
  • Each blend above contains drops of Dolfun Joy Plus you’ll get the Dolfun Joy Mp3s Dolfun Joy reminds us to experience our childlike joy, which is our true nature. So let’s remember to play and enjoy life. The mother crystal was infused while swimming with a pod of wild dolphins off the Big Island of Hawaii.

BONUS GIFT: With purchase of the Oil Blends & Musical Set, you’ll get an Aromatherapy Necklace. ($22 Value)

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Or Purchase Individual Sets:
Mini Clearing Series Travel Set only: $108  Click Here to Order
Mini Clearing Plant Music Remedy & Dolfun Joy Music only: $55 Click Here to Order