Plant Music Remedy

Sound & Aromatic Healing with the Plant Kingdom

A collection of Plant Music Remedy and Sacred Alchemy Essential Oils for Clearing dense energetics.  Use the Music or Oils on their own, or in combination with each other. The Healing Essence of the Plant Kingdom is available to assist you with a Higher State of Consciousness, presence, clarity, and creativity.

This is a sound and aromatic healing series that uses the sense of smell and the music of plants to remove dense emotions and energetics so you can elevate to higher frequencies, connect to your Higher Self and open your Heart. This is a multidimensional experience and you’ll feel the Oneness of All That Is.

This music was created when Lauren Galey crossed the Plant Music MIDI Synthesizer with Kayse William’s Sacred Alchemy essential oils.  The energetic “signature” or “consciousness” of the plant is picked up and converted to musical notes, creating beautiful music that elevates the Spirit and creates a High Vibrational environment for your healing services, creative expression or easy listening.

When inhaling Sacred Alchemy blends and/or listening to the music that was created from the oil, you receive the energetic innate wisdom of each plant, the high frequencies of light from the exquisite gemstone grids, sacred sites and all the prayers.

A quartz crystal is lovingly placed in each bottle to hold the integrity of the energetics. All blends are blended and bottled in an energetically clear space.  Kayse infuses the Clearing Series with energies from full moons, solstices and equinoxes. We sing devotional chants to the Divine while blending and bottling.


 What are essential oils? They are highly concentrated aromatic liquids obtained from flowers, leaves, trees, roots, seeds, and shrubs.They are droplets of pure vital life force which are chemically very complex, consisting of hundreds of different constituents.

What happens when you inhale essential oils? When odor molecules are inhaled into the nasal cavity, they are first sensed by the olfactory cells. Scent then travels to the olfactory bulb, which sends impulses to different structures in the limbic center (the emotional control center) of the brain. Some of these structures include

  • Hippocampus which is long-term memory
  • Amygdala plays a major role in storing and releasing emotional trauma
  • Hypothalamus “master gland” is our hormonal control center
  • Cingulate gyrus regulates blood pressure, heart rate, and attention

The reason why essential oils have such a profound effect on emotions and mood is because the sense of smell is the only one of the five senses that is directly linked to the limbic center of the brain. Anxiety, depression, fear, anger and joy all emanate from this center.

Additional support: If you or a family member is in emotional pain, consider placing 1 drop of your preferred blend on the aromatherapy necklace (or a cotton ball or tissue)l. The person can take this with them to continue calming their shock, overwhelm, grief, fear, anger and/or sadness. Remember less is more. One drop is very effective.

Sacred sites from around the World emit energetic codes of light which are supporting this great planetary transformation. Every Sacred Site has its own unique codes. Many people can not travel to these sites so the oils were created in service to transport these unique frequencies.

This collaboration between Kayse and Lauren is a New Earth Creation and we are so happy to bring it to you for the first time on this planet!   Enjoy the Essential Oil Blends and the Plant Music together, or separately. Use them in your Healing practice, share them with your friends and loved ones & create a High Vibrational environment.

More About Plant Music Remedy – Sacred Alchemy Songs

Notice how you attune to the music. You may wish to set your own intention for working with each musical piece. That intention will be carried on the frequencies which the plants emanate via the musical tones.

Use the energy of plant music to help you move through challenges in life and reconnect to the Divine Voice within you.

Sound healing is effective because the intention or the state of consciousness held during the creation of the music is carried on the sound waves and encoded in the recording. Intention is a major component of all Sound Healing. Set your own intention or allow yourself to drop into your heart when listening to each of these songs.  You will naturally attune to higher vibrations and multi-dimensional frequencies.   In our collection of plant music remedies, every song is created from a high vibrational states of consciousness for the highest good of all.

“Plant Music has helped me deeply in my own life.  This is literally the healing frequencies of plants that are ready to assist us.  Plants are multidimensional, they are consciousness and they are radiating frequencies to us to align us back to our natural state, our true nature. The Essence of Love that we are, shining across the Universe. “     Lauren Ellis Galey,  Creator of Plant Music Remedy

“Every song I’ve captured by the plants is different each time. The melody, mood and rhythm of the plant is unique for the intention and my state of being as I record every session.  It appears the plants are responding to this while offering music to raise our vibration.” Lauren Ellis Galey

Plant Music Live Meditation Sound Bath & Music Streaming Bundle

This Plant Music has a special way of making magic in our lives because it has access to a part of our brain that isn’t touched by the written word. This music takes you into your creative space of the Right Brain, while opening your Heart Chakra.

$33 - $97

Mini Clearing Series Travel Set & Plant Music Remedy Bundle

Mini Travel Set: Clearing Series & Plant Music Remedy (5) contains five specially designed blends and the accompanying music to assist you with emotional clearing. The set consists of Grounding Clarity, Grief Free, Anxiety Free, Anger Free and Acceptance. Dolfun Joy is added to Grief Free, Anxiety Free, and Anger Free to deepen the effectiveness.


Dolfun Joy Plant Music & Sacred Alchemy Essential Oil Bundle

Dolfun Joy reminds us to experience our childlike joy, which is our true nature. So let’s remember to play and enjoy life. The mother crystal was infused while swimming with a pod of wild dolphins off the Big Island of Hawaii. Lauren and Kayse were both on this trip and experienced a deep healing with the dolphins.


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