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Proper dental hygiene and the removal of plaque on one’s teeth is a critical phase of long-term health care. A Tri-Vortex Technology item is now available to assist in the expert removal of plaque from your teeth while also providing molecular organization and any needed pain relief to your teeth and gums. Why is the proper removal of plaque from the teeth so important?

Human teeth have a negative or left spin charge or movement while dental plaque has a positive or right spin charge. The two opposite charges or spins cause the plaque to adhere to the teeth like glue. Normal flossing, water jet technologies and normal tooth brushes do not have the proper charge or spin to remove the plaque from teeth.

When positive or right spin plaque builds up on the teeth, the molecules of the plaque can enter the blood stream and then adhere to negative or left spin human organs such as the heart. The dental plaque build-up in any human organ can cause that body part to malfunction.

Leaking Calcium ions of bad teeth will adhere to the plaque that has entered the bloodstream therefore both the Calcium and plaque have the opportunity to build-up in any human organ. The plaque/Calcium build-up can be a very toxic combination to any human organ including the brain.


Dental devices known as Ionic Toothbrushes are available for purchase. An electric charge generated by small battery in the toothbrush creates a negative or left hand spin that attracts the plaque from the teeth. When an Ionic Toothbrush is placed into the novel Tri-Vortex Technology treatment chamber, the constant motion of the brush around the teeth and gums creates a one-of-a-kind negative or left spin Tri­Vortex electromagnetic field that penetrates the teeth, gums, tongue and throat. The double and enhanced negative or left spin field created by the electrical charge of the Ionic Toothbrush and the Tri-Vortex Technology field provide numerous health benefits including the proper removal of dental plaque while creating molecular organization in all parts of your mouth and throat.

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