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Dhjedi Master Key and Aromatherapy Pen



Science has found out that the highest level of communication amongst cells is light/photons. The higher brain states besides firing synapses and shooting neurons across its own network is photons. Life forms such as the human DNA emit light photons . Also they attract negative ions when healthy. Some scientist call them BIONS. SO a healthy organism under a Biophotonic emitter shows a healthy and well balanced light aura . So this pendant the DHJEDI Master key is made out of brass and is Gold plated to add gold ions to the picture . The ancient Khemites (Eyptians) new very well to download Bio cosmic information to stay in awareness.

The constant projection of a conscious field is keeping your divine IQ high and thought’ s clear and a non violent state of being not having to meditate all the time. Jewelry in the past had a energetic aspect to it more then nowadays just glitz and glamour.

To raise the DHJED is to raise awareness within and remembrance of the original ways of a magi shaman or Pharaoe as server and navigator of the people.Russian scientists have long before found out when the DNA is introduced to a healthy light spectrum with polarized photons it begins to repair itself like self aligning software.So the highest information/food you can introduce to your body,merkaba,vessel is light then everything else.

Shield yourself from things that have an effect on your system such as EMF or radiation of any unlit source even microwaves. IMprove well being thinking heart brain harmony with this device. 

• Materials: brass, nanomaterial, crystalinedust,  Gold-plating

This is the Dhjedi Master Key – Gold color on brass for a powerful Photonic emission. This Pendant is the ancient Atlantian Khemet and Tamaren energy brought back to remember your cosmic origin. Ultimately you are the key but you must do the work . This device can assist you in bringing you closer to your your original divine blueprint as it pairs you with your higher self . To be one with source or one with GOD is to be one with the divine light from which all souls come. As you raise the DJED you raise consciousness . Your affirmation is to raise awareness that you may grow into a self realized being . Biocosmic energy flies through the cosmic environment and your ancestors knew how to capture this energy in its pure and undiluted form to stay aware . So we can navigate into a peacefull existance and stay away from what harms us or nonessential things that would hinder our growth .
Here are the basic fact of what this key does. Brass is a good conductor and earths us as in grounding it in . Manifest abundance and birthing of ideas that naturally come to us. It can be used as a divination tool or a dowsing tool as well. Russian scientist have fund out that the DNA begins to repair itself when introduced to a light frequency that is at the level of 10 potency to the 23 rd . The highest information the body has within its cells is LIGHT as in photons then everything else.
First your light then electric then magnetic then you manifest . Gold is all colors of the rainbow combined . You call it the rainbow body but it is also known as the golden body . WHen all chackras are aligned you body is golden in a higher dimensional frequency.
Pure mind and pure spirit and thoughts owned only make that possible. Also you can meditate with the key and sense a difference if your open enough which also requires training and discipline .

Here is what customers reported they experience with the key. Mind you all keys i have in my store are powerful and eventually do the same the DHJEDI is just gold and more nano material in the filling thus much more output.

  • Photonic cell level activation
  • Intracellular biovital dynamic enhancement
  • Chackra harmoniser
  • Intra super luminous cell communication amplifier
  • Bipolar meaning the body can never be overwhelmed by it when it restructures or detoxes
  • Draws out negative programming and exchanges the missing energy fields with information the body needs
  • Automatic light grid (christ all grid) connection
  • Intuition refinement
  • Thought focus enhancement
  • Manifestation and intent fine tuning
  • Amplifies magic (so be cautious when applying it always stay in the light)
  • Spacetime accelerator
  • Dissolves gently 3d linear timelines and the perception of such
  • Time quality synchronisation
  • Affects people around the wearer
  • Etheric magnetic (kinetic)
  • Helps to deprogram the self aspect and helps collect lost parts of the soul
  • Acts as a torch when in mental darkness
  • Etheric parasites can’t stand its light
  • Helps lost souls find there way home
  • Healing on all level 3d linear to 4d to 5d and cosmic hyperdimesional
  • Helps the DNA activation process (it doesn’t do it you must do it it only assist your free will)
  • Cosmic navigator brings you where you should be (but you have to listen to your guides)
  • It changes your eating habits since this is food for your energetic etherbody lightbody
  • Synchronises future timelines so you can experience them in sync in the now
  • DNA and cell repair initiation
  • Turns you into a mobil experience stargate (we are gateways for reality we produce)
  • Acts as a shield on all levels all the time
  • Streamlines the 12 dimensional avatar body
  • Telepathic abilities come through (after a while when meditating you might hear feel voices when you tune in )
  • I helps you to find authentic moments (source momentum)
  • It brings the truth out you begin to see slowly
  • Opens the third eye slowly
  • Thought process syncronisation
  • Debugging of subconscious subroutines you are unaware of
  • Acts as a cosmic battery for ya soul
  • It has a 1320 timecode meaning it detaches you from regular time which was bases on 1260
  • Astral travel, lucid dreaming , reconnecting to the higher self
  • It loves quantum healing or tetha healing when practiced
  • It has a direct influx upon the morphogenetic field meaning it affects the entire world
  • 3D linear detachment
  • Aura clearing, works on animals, transformation activation for the lightbody
  • Stimulates all chackras ,protective psychic shield, food and water can be cleared
  • Mind body and soul realignment
  • Ideal for starseeds and sensitive people but all can use it no difference
  • Based on singularity
  • It is a light colour sound enhancer which is your natural field
  • Definitely promotes mojo feeling good feeling joy or happy about yourself
  • Helps to awaken and ascend it is like a rainbow bridge
  • Produces new aspects of reality and the perception of such
  • Activates the parasympathetic system (can have a calming effect when you have anxiety!!!)

These are merely testimonial from customers . As for 3d it is Jewelry art functional and for personal use and entertainment !



Note at the time gold plating is not accessable the key works fine . It has gotten very expensive so we are working on 24k plating n the future . Mind it is plating so not 100 percent pure .SO take good care of your jewelry . Best to not shower or not swim in the ocean or chlor pools. Thank you .

This is the most powerful Key that I received made by the inspired beloved Arcturus Ra. From the moment I started wearing it I have lucid dreams and feel strong and more connected with the Galaxies and Arcturians. I offer my appreciation and gratitude to Ra and those who work with him. With blessings and Love

Marga (Netherlands)

The key is very powerful. I felt the energy flowing through my body as soon as i started wearing it. I never took it off since then.


This device is POWERFUL! When I first put it on, I experienced mild heart palpitations, which resolved in a couple of hours. I can feel the energy buzzing in my hand as I hold it. We did experience a period of clearing deep issues in a faster time frame as a result of wearing them. I have been told that I am ‘glowing’ and ‘radiant’ since wearing this. I only take it off to shower. Other than that, I am always wearing it. Ra is a master inventor and we are so honored to be wearing and experiencing the profound benefits of his creation


Upon opening it got all buzzy. Full of charge feeling. Love wearing it! Havnt taken it off. Feels so powerful..Lots of things have changed for the better in many ways since receiving this!

Shamans Moon

This key is amazing, way bigger that I thought in the first place. Its solid, well made, looks great, good conversation piece + its gold plated. Woke up middle in the night during the first days wearing it. I also had some intense dreams. 100% sure it works, but still difficult to explain. Best buy for C.M I did for myself. I highly recommend this item! Thanks Ra for creating this!


As always, I absolutely love this key! I wear it everyday, its fashionable, its my safety net in this world where all kinds of energies are present and it serves and uplifts my spirit. Thank You So Much <3



Create your own Aromatherapy with ARAMATIX PENS. This consist of a wick ,encased in glass within a aluminum container that is, dipped in pure essential oils .
A smell is the most powerful memory activator before any experience takes place. The nervous system responds with in a second to good smells. A good smell inspires good spirits as in attracts good vibes or energies. The shamans all over the world use in there clearing and cleaning rituals anointing oils to invoke good nature spirits of the earth. As in medicine oils can be antiseptic antibacterial antifungal and also have a antibiotic function . You find oils in the bible and other holy scriptures . The measured life force frequency increases when essential oils are applied. If your depressed a good scent can lift the spirits thought or even stimulate. We should step away from perfumes which are only a adulterated version of pure essential oil. Essential oils are used in magic wicca and a host of other divine uses to help mankind.
Reconnect with the natural elements (elves, gnomes, fairies) of mother nature.
With this aroma pen simple wave it under your nose or in your environment room or office to bless the air . To raise your own vibration train with this device by smelling gently and imagine abundance of things you need in life and watch how it all unfolds as you are programming your mind with scents.
It only makes scents !!!!!

As old knowledge returns we realize as we explore and play there is so much to investigate .

ENJOY and have a colorful day .

Arcturus RA

The scent is my design from a few essential oils as in transforamtion acceptance self love peaceful transitions into grounded ideas manifest to assist you in the best way possible ! Sent : Sublime transformation !

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