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Register to be a Speaker at the Lemuria Awakening Online Conference

Welcome to the Lemuria Awakening Summit.

This is your registration page on the New Earth One Network! We are pleased to be hosting this event and sharing your teachings with our global audience.

 As a presenter, you are invited to share your teachings in a 1 hour presentation/workshop that will be pre-recorded on zoom video.  Please fill out the form below, paying attention to spelling and grammar as this is going directly onto our webpage.  You can select a pre-recording with Laurie or Lauren, or you may upload your own pre-recorded video message/meditation (30 – 60 minutes) here

Unique Special Offer:  This online conference offers you visibility before an audience seeking to improve their lives utilizing the tools and practices that you offer. You are invited to include a special offer for our audience.  This is created in our marketplace, hosted on our shopping cart, and offered on your event page in the event.    A Special Offer can be personal sessions, digital products for download, online classes or webinars, or even physical products.

You will earn 50% commission on the sale of your Special Offer.  If you are offering physical products, this commission fee is negotiable.  Payments are made via paypal or check.

Here are your next steps: 

  1.  Pick a Date for your interview with Laurie Reyon or Lauren Galey – Click here to schedule a date with Lauren (Please note: If you cannot find  a date that suits you, please contact Laurie for a specialized date)

  2. Submit your event information, bio and headshot (below)

  3. Mark Your Calendar for promotion starting on May 1st!


If you have a pre-recorded file to submit for this event, please upload it here