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By joining the QCTV audience, you’ll have the opportunity to ask our guests questions, either showing your video camera or just sharing your voice. This is so fun! We look forward to your joining the  zoom audience AFTER PARTY!

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  • Unlimited zoom Pass for all  Pre-Tapings & After-Parties (4 each month!)
  • Audio Podcast of Quantum Conversations & QCTV – downloadable MP3s
  • Plant Music Library and Monthly Meditation – High Vibrational frequencies of the Plant Kingdom in soothing musical form

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  • Monthly New Earth Ambassador Mastermind Webinars
  • Monthly On-Demand Online Healing Retreat or Mastery Empowerment Course
  • The Quantum Archives – 60 hours of Conversation with the Masters

Plus: Everything in the New Earth Creator Membership!

New Earth Ambassador Membership w/ Zoom QCTV & AfterParty Pass:  $33

Then $33 each month. Cancel anytime.


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