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Join the Faculty of New Earth One!

Welcome to New Earth One, an online platform providing educational, inforataional and transformational content that supports New Earth Living.

How it Works: 

Pick a date for a LIVE free course, co-hosted with Lauren Galey or other New Earth host.  This is a Video Course on Zoom.    It will be livestreamed to YouTube and our viewing page, where it will be archived for future replay.     

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Your Empowerment Course will be promoted on this website and included in our email newsletter that reaches a growing network of over 60,000 people interested in events and courses on metaphysics and spirituality.  If you wish to promote an ongoing webinar series or special offer for purchase, you have that option below.

A few (of many) of Our New Earth Values:   Unity, Integrity, Equanimity, Service & Quality

This is a New Earth Creation dedicated to heart-centered living. We join together with Integrity in what we each bring, offer and present. We are transparent on all funds received and in service to equanimity, revenue from courses/events/programs is shared equally by the Network and each Faculty member….you’ll receive 50% commission on net sales of your program.  (If you co-host a course with another teacher, course funds are shared by the network and both teachers equally – and you’ll recieve 33% commission, and your co-host will receive 33% commission.)

If you have any questions, please email us at

Together, Let’s Mobilize New Earth.


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