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Enjoy this Quantum Human Session with Mahalia Michael

The Quantum Human | Water Whispering with the Lyran High Council of Angels for YOUR FREEDOM with Mahalia Michael


Want to shake your money maker, peace rattle but don’t know how to get it working just right?

The world at large believes that physical matter is solid and unchangeable. Due to this belief millions of people remain stuck in cycles of pain, suffering and poverty. Pain, suffering and poverty leads to desolation, much of which we have witnessed throughout our lifetime.

Why does pain, suffering and poverty keep happening? For one and simply put, history keeps repeating due to the mind being stuck on history. Without ‘dreaming’ forward new worlds, new realities, new heaven on earth sustainable creations we are suspended in the NO CHANGE state. Add to this, lack of acknowledging that there is a ‘vibrational’ element to EVERYTHING, and that EVERYTHING exists ‘suspended’ in a jelly like ‘changeable’ plasma state we get stuck on repeat. Being stuck on repeat does not ever solve the original problems we face and it is literally the definition of insanity or hell as some may say.

How do we fix it? How do we get unstuck and rise like a dragon phoenix rising out of the hot fiery ashes of pain, suffering and poverty. Once we acknowledge and accept that EVERYTHING has a vibration of light and sound to it and that the molecules that appear solid are vibrating, we can change the shape, texture, weight and flow by casting spells. Spells can be dark or light, positive or negative and are otherwise known as sigils. To be a ROCK STAR Water Whisperer, one who casts spells to change the water ways and waves, we cast spells with a loving, heart felt intent to bend, flip and or float what appears solid and real into non-solidification and flow. When we go from solid to non-solid we have a better chance of experiencing miracles in the field of infinite possibilities and potential. We wield a super power that takes us to the next level where we become one who transforms pain and suffering to pleasure, peace and happiness..poverty to prosperity via feeling the water wealth and dreaming the new future potentials. We create and construct out of thin air or shall we say, thin water.

Wouldn’t you love to know you had the power to make a difference in your life and the lives of others by Whispering to Water in such a way that bends, reforms and reshapes your body, your bank, your reality into FREEDOM and a golden example of the promised Garden of Eden paradise!? Cast your spells for sovereignty!

Enjoy this Quantum Human Special Offer

Special Offer: One Year in the Lyran Lotus Spa Sanctuary

Special Offer 1: One Year in the Lyran Lotus Spa Sanctuary


Downloadable Replay Now Available

We take Water Whispering & Miracle Making to the next level with the Lyran Lotus levitation, floatation and freedom experience and we want YOU to Live the Lifted LIfe!

We are grateful to offer you a state of the art, galactic frequency spa sanctuary where you ‘float’ in your very own individual Lyran Lotus Love Pod.

A Lyran Lotus Love Pod is where your etheric~dream~light multi-dimensional subtle body is cradled in the Lyran High Council of Angels ultrasonic scalar diamond caress.

Embrace & behold the glory and grace of your regenerative potential while learning how to glow and flow with radiant abandon.

Manifest miracles with the celestial gold of the Lyran High Council of Angels with your etheric~energy~dream~light body as they transmit their galactic high frequency scalar technology to improve your life in the areas you desire.

“I just watched the new video about the Lyran Lotus retreat, it was Beautiful!! Thank you! I started the monthly subscription at the beginning of this month and have been having such great sleep, sometimes 12 hours, wow! I am forever grateful.”

Love and Gratitude Jackie

“I’ve been in my Lyran Lotus now for about 4 months and miraculously, life long negative patterns have shifted (finally, i’m 61). I feel happy for no reason where I used to feel quite depressed and negative. I have hope now for myself and the world’s future…..Thank you Mahalia for this gift you bring to the world. I’m so grateful! ~Juhl Kesa Rayne, Big Island, Hawaii

Meet Mahalia on the first of every month starting this March 1, 2024 for a ‘live’ Lyran Love Pod Zoom from 10:00~10:30am pst to gain strength, wisdom and guidance on your galactic connection.

Rise in Coherence.
Float in waves of heavenly harmonies.
Free your old ways so a NEW YOU can SHINE!

Bonus Gifts:
Ocean Gold ~ Receive 33 pre-recorded videos on a variety of topics involving trauma and stress addiction recovery, archangel communion, mermaiding, magic and miracle making.
Global Bliss Energy Medicine ~ Receive our 2021 and 2022 (24 in total) audio transmissions to amplify your instrument.

Access deep spiritual, mental, physical and emotional recovery and replenishment from the comfort of your own home and from anywhere in the world.

Boost your water whispering magic and miracle making abilities.

Empower yourself to experience true bliss, knowing you have the full support of The Lyran’s as your galactic guides and support.

Deprogram yourself from ANY limitation to become UNSTOPPABLE!

About Mahalia Michael

Mermaid Mahalia is a daughter and conductor of the Lyran High Council Family of Angels who interface with her from 1000 light years away. She was ordained by the altruistic LOVE and advanced healing technology of Whale & Dolphin Multidimensional Consciousness and initiated to Galactic Frequencies by The Great Central Sun Diamond. Mahalia transmits their unified potency as a Solar Light Language for the application of ‘sound healing remedy’ in cases of severe trauma recovery.  Her psycho-acoustic Light Sound dialect is a conductive, transformative cosmic energy She refers to as ‘Allumina’ which transmits as a radiant ‘Essence’ through the Musical Mothership to the Liquid Diamond Heart of our Music based DNA potential.

Her audible and inaudible transmissions produce cymatic octaves and overtones that bathe old incoherent patterns held deep in the multiverse of the body temple. Once dense vibrations such as unresolved trauma’s and their emotions are reflected back to the purest light, the bodies innate intelligence will find pathways to restore health, well-being and harmonic resonance.

Mahalia is the Scientist, Teacher, Maestro and emissary of the Brain Bliss Technology and Academy offering extraordinary experiential and educational products and services rooted in advanced neuroscience that accelerates and optimizes the human instrument to our birthright of bliss. Author of The Medical Musician, a psychedelic guide to translating interspecies communication, her combination of Stellar Xray vision and Sonic Shamanism have given countless clients miraculous, life changing results. Having recovered her 3D body from multiple concussions and PTSD, Mahalia leads from personal experience of our Superhuman power to regenerate via the Divine Music within and all around us.

Special Offer 1: One Year in the Lyran Lotus Spa Sanctuary