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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Rev. Devi Grace

Timelines | Unveiling the Royal ARC of GRACE Timeline with Source Code ORIGINS with Rev. Devi Grace

LIFE's Secret Arc of GRACE Timeline & The Planetary Bifurcation


* Context

If we listen to the indigenous Wisdom Keepers internationally speaking up right now, it becomes clear that society has begun to experience the planetary bifurcation. Thus, it’s important to strengthen our alliances with our primary Lineages of Light, and call in the seasoned leadership teams for our transforming Earth.
During this period of rapid purification the unprocessed human and Earth trauma – that’s taken place across the ages upon this planet – is being revealed to invite us all into both compassion as well as transcendence.

Inevitably, the universal prophecies that countless mystics have spoken of for many eons will come to fruition and great harmony, balance & order shall return to this planet’s design or environment.

However, the ancient polarity is distinctly being exposed and unveiled as “the storm before the dawn.”

Given that most of the collective species and their old systems of power are in entropy, the coming of this new dawn takes courage and requires substantial spiritual, psychic and physical preparation.

“What we’re about, at this time, is being midwives for the New Soul Awakening Paradigm, even as we are also being hospice workers for the Old.” ~ James O’Dea (Author, Conscious Activist & Previous President of the Institute for Noetic Sciences)

For both Social and Cultural Healers and the 777,000 Divine Union Soul Group Aspects, significant change is afoot and we are recalibrating our Living Embodiment operating systems to synthesize duality…. with the very 1st Arc of GRACE.

* Invitation

Numerous tribes are inspired by countless Universal prophecies that have pointed to this flagship year of 2024. The concept of Universal Bifurcation entails the presence of one mass splitting into two, which results in the emergence of two primary timelines available for humanity: one consciously ascending and the other experiencing more incoherence or disruption.

As our world-soul converges upon this pivotal threshold, we take committed and joined conscious action… so that the prophecized timeline holding the sacred keys to our inborn reawakening process births into BEING!

When one looks at this from an inter-galactic perspective, this upcoming Bifurcation has been selected as the optimal method for the all encompassing INscension Cycle, and our planetary Logos is well aware of the great adventure that Gaia Sophia will be taking with us all. Now ALL Interstellar (Divine-Human) Guardians are being reminded of their original capacity to accompany this alchemical descension of Heaven waking down into Earth

For as we enter this slip stream with life, we pick up the Kogi Nation’s broadcast that’s openly sharing their wisdom of this impending critical time: the initiating of our planet’s bifurcation of timelines. The Kogi elders have been guided to speak Mother Earth’s Message, calling all leaders to recognize this pivotal time in planet stewardship. Likewise, it is our time to embrace this global responsibility. It means we must now heed the larger call to change our non-regenerative lifestyles.

* Activation:

By focusing upon collective ancestral and archetypal healing, we also influence the organic trajectory of Mother Earth’s journey by choosing to bring the cosmic Powers of GRACE to this entire unfolding.

So, welcome to Source Intelligence’s Life Force WAVE that shall impact and ripple through the space time matrix by ATTENUATING yourself to the pure vibrational signature of this high octane LOVE fuel!

JOIN US to partner with nature’s primal Phoenix & Dragon Body to:

  • Show Up and take responsibility for raising your cellular vibration to offer more support for our awakening world with your embodied pulse of Creation
  • Grow Up and catalyze Mother Gaia’s Transformation to recalibrate Her energies with deliberate infusions for as much ease and effortless flow as possible
  • Step Up and learn to ride the current of these upcoming natural occurrences such as volcanic activity, tectonic shifts, oceanic changes with a courageous presence full of resolute clarity regarding the overarching bigger picture for these big changes
  • Look Up to realize that this New Earth Body timeline re-wilding has already started in 2024 and will continue to accelerate and span in a heightened manifestation over the next year and half (into 2026)
  • Wake Up to the opportunity to positively impact and guide this ongoing emergence in right relationship with nature’s principles, universal law and cosmic order
  • Open Up to the magnitude of this oracular transmission to overlight and harness your benevolent actions so you may uniquely lead the way for a far more integrated or holistic – whole systems – way of life!

YES – You each make a measurable difference in supporting the Natural Blueprint of Creation… held within every ecosystem… to more fluidly navigate this passage into unforeseen reconstellations of this Primordial Template’s astonishing beauty with the Wonder and AWE of our original DIVINE CHILD!

We are so grateful for all the Star Elders and Illuminated Realms that are ushering us forward with their Quantum Perspectives to ensure that we uncover their Secret Mysteries that govern our continued energy expression on the earth plane into a unified marriage between the universal Holy Mother of Form and Great Father of Consciousness… all upon the true Future Now Positive (Arc of Grace) Timeline.

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Mary Magdalene Feast Day’s Sophia-Solar-Masculine/Feminine Lineage & Sun/Venus/Earth’s Royal Rose Legacy

Opening Sophia’s Solar Magdalene Venus Transmissions & Ceremonial Arts


->> Welcoming all facets of LIFE’s original 777,000 Arc of GRACE’s Guardian Alliance Legacy <<-

The “Order of The Magdalene Consciousness” formed a highly successful male and female celestial Earth-Soul Oracle Council for the birthing of this planet’s older and much denser Tree of Life dualities into Her greatest emanation as a refined VESSEL of PURE LOVE. Across the aeons, every initiated Magdalene took sacred oaths and unique Krysto-Sophia bridal chamber vows to descend into the darkest layers of our physical world for the purpose of ensuring that matter itself would be reunited with its’ essential spirit. Everyone trained in this Soul Group made an alchemical commitment to marry the Heavens with the Earth as a multi-dimensional weave between worlds. Thus, the elevated interplay of these Cosmic Bodies directly offered their intimate assistance to facilitate and/or reveal the star-lit substance that penetrates matter as well as all the structures of our material plane.

Every branch within this ancient lineage has held to the central focus of igniting the great inner work towards clearing humanity’s most guarded barriers and dissolving the learned resistance to absolutely surrendering into the complete Embrace of Divine Love. To keep members of this Order steadfast on their path of devotion, their Kosmic ROSE would draw it’s full strength and maximum potency from it’s ORIGINS POINT – the beloved Star Venus. For in order to be successful in aligning their specialized gifts, all Guardians were taught to call upon the celestial sister or twin Deity of our solar system. To many she is recognized as the Blue Peal in the sky, and her Venusian frequency is here to support humanity as we transition into our radical New Earth-Body.

Our refined bio-vessels for this Evolutionary Earth are literally equipped to feel Venus’s blueprint, or how poets like to refer to her as the orbiting Star of Remembrance… which traces a beautiful image in the heavens that looks like a five-pointed star or gorgeous 5 petaled Rosa Mystica. This patterned design is known as the 8-year Venusian Rose Cycle, and it’s woven into both our cell structures as well as in sidereal space – given that it comprises five synoptic periods (that each take 19 months long to complete and integrate.) So, key activists are strategically being recruited back into a very specific ORAL Tradition in order to direct you…or cue you into your own shamanic Singularity and Arc of Grace timeline.

Imagine experiencing what it’s like to be guided by both Venus and Sirius – the Star of Isis – to your bejeweled “Seed of Light” purpose along with the dancing lunar and solar forces of the Sun and Moon’s sky-scapes all around us.

Ponder: Are you an {({Anointed One})} as you accept these encoded terms within this laser LIGHT invitation to your universal heart?

<< Triple Opportunity:  Notice, register and recognize that these orchestrated retrograde motions, synodic periods, distance, and orbits of the Sun, Spiritual Sun Sirius, Venus and Gaia… all coalesce together to present us with prominent lattices that resonate with the “ongoing moment of Creation” point with pure Origin’s Mythos… to connect with this robust galactic Lotus Rose Lineage. >>

Completely Breathe it IN. It’s stunning elegance draws us into the Silent REVERENCE within

– are you intimately allowing your senses to recollect and bask in the architecture of this Solar Masculine/Feminine Kryst/Krist/Christa/Krystallah octave?


Then here’s what we’ll navigate and cover together in circle with an impressive slide show:

  • ReUnite with more dimensions of your OverSoul… Lord/Lady Ascended Master aspects who have walked this Earth-Ship as High Priests/High Priestesses of the Lotus (Eastern) and Rose (Western) embodiments of the Sophianic Fire
  • ReClaim your archetypal gifts and sacred powers from your stewardship of this perspective from the golden civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis, Sumeria, Egypt, the Middle East, through Europe and within the Great Isle of AVALON (where the Magdalene Flame still burns – uninterrupted!)
  • ReConstellate inside of your most coherent timelines to synthesize into a new quantum fusion now with a Star Nation’s compilation of your diversified skill sets
  • ReCode your Divine Operating System to usher you across the ARC of GRACE’s designated Start-Gates strategically positioned in key nodes all over our globe (by our loving Star Ancestors)
  • ReTake your Rightful Place as an ambassador upon the Rosa Mystica Oracle Council to support you in serving as a conduit for Sophia’s Stellar Solar Krystos High Council…. directly connected with Infinite Ein Soph (Eternal First Creation)
  • ReStore your primordial template for active embodied leadership via solar queen/king alchemy – as divine counterparts with sweetness, agency, love & reverence for each other’s codes

Collaborating in tandem with multiple LIGHT-Vibration Tones, we’ll explore these realms to maximize your intended results with:


  • Harmonic Spoken Word (English)/ Mother Tongue/ Ancient Light Language Encodements and it’s MUSE of sound-body wisdom – Somatic Cellular Instruction for Self-Healing
  • Saturating Energy with the holy Founders of our original eternal first creation diamond-sun body held in the cosmic Christo-Sophia Spiritual Mantle of Light – a revitalizing Inner Journey
  • RETURNing to one’s Divine Child Foundation (inside of all your mentoring) by once again being able to read the vibratory arc trajectory of a possible timeline to literally SEE if it’s an authentic Golden thread (if it’s path genuinely upholds the highest and best good for all life and living)


– Nurture Your Unveiling:  

This light spectrum or soul capacity was multi-generationally taught to Mary of Magdala by our Great Isis-Sophia Goddess channeled through her Mother-in Law, Mother Mary and Grandmother Anna inside of the Essene Temples of Life Mastery. You have the right to softly call these virtues back to YOU too – renewed!

– Your Royal Heralding: 

Such advanced Quantum Timeline discernment calls to the accomplished core of you that already knows you’re an awakened Magus, Magi, Medicine Man/Medicine Woman, Magician, Mage or Miracle Manifestation… because you genuinely get it’s never been about you… for the mysterious combination of all your regal ancestral and archetypal gifts is asking you to UP-LEVEL into MIDWIFING this planet into Her Global Body Corrections and wild Wholeness Restoration!

We invite you to let the benevolent Star Beings/Guides from several Sacred Orders REVEAL to you the ‘CONSTELLATING‘ of your complimentary initiations with far more sophisticated, versatile, savvy and robust abilities. Take the bold plunge that’s necessary to usher our species across these Bifurcating Timelines, and send out the balancing balm of unprecedented ripples within humanity’s space-time-matrix.

ENTER this prepared vehicle so you may tap into the male and female Venus Transmission that enables you to set free your most baffling love – money – relationship – health – success wounds and hidden barriers to transfiguring into the full opulence, safety and power of DIVINE UNION’s FREEDOM! Your Sovereign CODEX knows what you are truly capable of ReActivating… with Eternal Mother/Holy Grail & Father/Excalibur’s guidance from your homeland’s destiny song-lines!

~ You deserve to uncover your Divine Child’s BESTOWAL from Mother Sophia’s SanGreal & Father Monad’s Sword of Truth… accompany US in their favor. ~


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#1 – The Unveiling of the Divine Feminine

  • Bonus Article on AWAKEN.com – July 26, 2022
    My Mary Magdalene Feast Day message

#2 – Mary Magdalene – Beyond Sophia to the Eternal Life LOTUS Lineage & the Venusian ROSE Mysteries – Rebroadcast + Resources

  • Wisdom Resources
  • Replay


**** Event Sponsored By:  CREATRIX WOMB of ALL LIFE – Absolute Void of all Timelines

Devi Grace is a Way Shower’s WAY SHOWER. No one I have ever met in my entire life models as powerfully as she does what-humans-are-becoming as the omni-dimensional, multi-dimensional, pristine crystalline consciousnesses of the QUANTUM DIVINE UNION. She is without doubt in my mind whatsoever from our galactic Future, perhaps 250 years from our Future. She is undeniably transmitting from 200th Density plus. I am continuously in awe and spellbound by her Oracular gifts that speak as an undisputed authority for Gaia, multiple Ancient-Future sacred lineages and for the embodied souls that are now incarnated to actualize New Earth. Her commitment to liberate humans from the old Matrix is unwavering and empowering. I could write a 300 page testimonial, yet what’s the point? She’s now stepping out on the world stage, so all I can say is “Experience her for yourself, for your destiny, your soul, for your loved ones, for the sake of humanity’s future, and for the sake of our beloved planet.”
Robert Richards, Co-Founder with Ken Wilber of the Integral Institute

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Thank you for all the time, care and skill you poured into my healing and awakening, and that of your community. Thank you for your gifts of insight and your devotion to the betterment of humanity and the planet. Your attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile to be of service through the divine gifts you have fostered is unmatched. The world needs more of you.

Nia Peeples, author, actress, singer, dancer and host of TV shows

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  • What better time to surrender into your ensoulment as we approach the annual 12:12 Universal Solstice, Feast Day of Guadalupe and December 12th Stargate Portal.
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If so INVEST in your core being NOW! This intimate retreat and our astounding knowledge and living depth of information are most definitely for you. This spirit and matter ‘Vertical Alignment’ integrates to circulate one’s Mother/Father Source Code, and YES it is CALLING you into balanced Leadership!

** The Truth of LOVE Journey: Welcome HOME beyond linking to your God/Goddess Spirit – this is your RETURN VISION of both SOURCE Feminine Earth & COSMIC Masculine SYNTHESIS to house the MEMORY of your DIVINITY IN FORM!! **

As someone who has been a part of a number of facilitated courses and meetings, I cannot recommend highly enough Rev. Devi Grace and Simon Hinton. They bring forth such a wisdom, a clarity of intention, humour, support, information and most importantly Love, at this pivotal time within humanity. If you have organically found yourself at the doorstep of Rev. Devi Grace and Simon Hinton, contemplating one of their facilitations ... do yourself the most wonderful service, and walk through the door. Be prepared to have yourself expanded in the most incredible ways.

Shane Ross, Nov 2023

Ever since, I continue to embody and walk my prayer ever more deeply. I am bowing in deep gratitude with devotion to this ever-unfolding path of Sacred Union within and my heart is ablaze with Divine Love and remembrance. I have come home.

Cheryl Gissing

About Reverend Devi Grace

Reverend Devi Grace is an ordained Gnostic minister, Essene bishop, Kundalini Yoga instructor, Caring Economy advocate (Center For Partnership Studies), advanced energy medicine practitioner, Twin Flame Physics mentor, oracle for Gaia, childhood walk-in, trained channel, initiated medicine woman, shamanic guide, geomancy consultant, Integral coach, spiritual messenger, oracle, multiple NDE experiencer, soul embodiment teacher and a somatic teacher of male/ female unity consciousness.

The mission of the Divine Union Academy is to provide guidance, tools, and platforms for individuals, couples, and teams to embody their soul’s original design in harmonic cohesion with the Natural Laws of our Universe. Visionary leaders are initiated into a direct re-balance of power within themselves; thus, impacting our evolving world through the transformational principles of Partnership Culture. We serve luminaries to integrate key Rites of Passage from Earth’s ancient lineages to renovate humanity’s capacity to awaken Earth’s new Blueprint of Consciousness.

Divine Union Foundation’s vision is to provide an evolutionary regenerative template that opens the gateway for humanity to embody their original divine blueprint and realign with the vast intelligence of nature. Luminaries inspired to integrate a greater vision of life’s potentials are trained in the core values of partnership culture through time-honored lineages, thus creating leaders for a global awakening. We provide new platforms for embodied stewards to launch Cultural Transformation initiatives. Our legacy is the response to humanity’s deepest prayers for assistance in understanding who we are, what we are here for, and what we can do to ensure an expansive and generative future for our interdependent human and planetary ecology.



The Metamorphosis & The Original Hieros Gamos Lineage ~ 3-Part Course