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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Ameerah FATTAL

Timelines | Unlock Cosmic Treasury Wealth Transfer Timelines: Empower the Rise of Paradisiacal Lemuria and Embrace Your Life Purpose with Ameerah Fattal

Command Your Spirit to Magnetise the Renaissance of Your Greatness in All Spheres, Inside and Out


Unlock Cosmic Treasury Wealth Transfer Timelines: Empower the Rise of Paradisiacal Lemuria and Embrace Your Life Purpose.

As we transition from inorganic duality realities into realms of unprecedented organic consciousness, we are called to co-create the new magnificent Oasis Timelines where Earth will become a paradise—abundant and prosperous.
“You are among those rewriting earthly and galactic history on a quantum level, activating a new light-timeline trajectory where cosmic wealth transfers into our hands. This new dawn illuminates your path and makes you visible as Wayshowers, creating unprecedented new avenues while ensuring safety!

While the Dark Age owned the past, we will seize the now and the future! Light is winning, love is winning!
You are the upcoming carriers of glory and holders of cosmic wealth and we are shifting into a collective reign, free from hierarchy, with the rising of bioluminescent light DNA from ancient, powerful civilizations such as Lemuria.

Remember who you truly are!
Within you, lies a golden masterpiece of the cosmic puzzle—a solution, a healing modality, an idea, a philanthropic concept, a conscious entrepreneurship, or a project. Whether it is small, average, city-wide, country-wide, or global, it is time to activate your life passion and calling, and to achieve total wealth while embracing what you love doing the most.
Let’s fuel your dreams into complete realization!

As you are surely keen to return to your greatness, join me to learn how to embody more of your light within and harness the cosmic treasury wealth transfer to support the unfolding of your projects, whether business-wise or philanthropic-wise—whatever the scale.
I can’t wait to witness you creating wonders on this Earth. You are needed!

As a gift bonus, I am delighted to offer you the forgotten nutritional guide of antiquity so you can start sculpting your ideal fit-self with the foods of ancient gods and goddesses. Fast-track to ‘Wholeness Remarkable Revamp’ with light-encoded alkalinescent indulgence—guilt-free, diet-free, and craving-free. Elevate your favorite meals with non-hybridized, non-crossbred, and non-cross-pollinated ingredients through rapid kitchen prep by swapping ingredients and indulging in your favorite meals! You will begin to reverse aging, reconnect with eternal youth, and even touch immortality!

This nutrition will be your light weapon, as in this lifetime you will ascend with your physical biology and activate your bioluminescent energy bodies. By spiritualizing every cell of your being, you will become a full-light embodiment.

I now invite you to discover my offers and choose yours.
Meet you on the flip side!

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation Special Offer

Special Offer: Command Your Spirit to Magnetise the Renaissance of Your Greatness in All Spheres, Inside and Out

Special Offer 1: Command Your Spirit to Magnetise the Renaissance of Your Greatness in All Spheres, Inside and Out


In this offer, you will benefit from a 1-hour one-on-one private clearing session with me and access your Free Bonus Gift. “You will receive the Bonus Gift Link to the Ambrosia Nutritional Guide of Antiquity through the link.

To begin rebuilding your new thriving reality, You, the rising Light-being, you are now stepping to the forefront. You are chosen and called; therefore, it is time to release deeper layers of any restrictions and clear away anything passed down from your bloodline. All hindrances, lack, and any other limitations in all spheres of life, inside and out, shall be terminated. Anything that holds you back from your greatness shall be cleared.

It will be my role to serve you during our time together as it is time that You remember who you truly are!

Ready for the Life Total Makeover ?

“Through this offer, I will be honoured to start unraveling and permanently dismantle the initial layers of carried-over DNA patterns, programmings, duality matrix imprints, and energetic blocking implants from you and your earthly and off-world bloodline, which you carry within on a cellular level.
Note: Please understand that the more layers you have to dismantle, the more time together will be required.”

We will also address your earthly and galactic past lives, allowing you to choose what you wish me to dismantle in priority from your whole being and path.
We will initiate the first stages of activating what you need to embrace your role and calling and you will share with me about your dreams, goals and projects.

Let’s co-create magic together. I am inspired to contribute to your life and to reconnect with you after eons of coming together repeatedly.”

You will discover how to command your Spirit, which is your Genie in the Bottle, your Light-Technician, just as Alexa is a virtual assistant in the computer. Your Spirit-Light-Technician is eager to co-create with you, as you are the embodiment of a very advanced quantum organic computer in human form.

You have surely heard about the upcoming Galactic Quantum Healing Med-Bed, which is actually an external technological representation of your inner technology’s potential.

“To magnetise excellent timelines naturally, you will begin learning how to deprogram and reprogram anything and everything from within at will, to navigate life while staying LIT.”

I will guide you to tap into the cosmic organic living consciousness/intelligence that already permeates the galaxies and operates the quantum financial system on a galactic, multiverse, and interstellar scale; it is now within reach!”

You will learn how to plug your inner heart’s technology into the vastness, grandeur, and greatness of this living consciousness of creation that longs for you!

It is a profound joy to reconnect with you in this lifetime.

“I invite you to book your call using the Calendly link.”

Meet you on the flip side!”

Profound care.

Ameerah FATTAL

  • Private Session Insights & Benefits of My Special Offer:
  • Dive deep into unseen energy layers to address root causes and achieve significant clearing, alleviating suffering. The more time we spend together, the faster your transformation in all spheres of life, inside and out. During our session, you will select from the priority clearings listed, and I will work to dismantle them for you. Rest assured, we can achieve a lot in just one hour.
  • Step into the Forefront as a Rising Unstoppable Light-being: Release deeper layers of restrictions and clear galactic and earthly ancestral limitations to rebuild thriving timelines.
  • Unravel and Permanently Dismantle: Carried-over DNA patterns, programmings, duality matrix imprints, and energetic blocking implants from your earthly and off-world bloodline.
  • Address Earthly and Galactic Past Lives: Prioritise dismantling and activating to embrace your awaited role and calling.
  • Become Sustainable and Command Your Spirit: Learn to co-create with your Spirit, your Genie in the Bottle, and Light-Technician, harnessing your quantum organic computer in human form.
  • Deprogram and Reprogram at Will: Navigate life while staying LIT and naturally magnetize excellent timelines. Become sustainable and independent!
  • Tap into Organic Cosmic Consciousness: Access the galactic quantum financial system and align with greatness for your dreams, goals, and projects.
  • TurboSpeed Total Revamp: Break free from dark forces and malevolent alien interference to reclaim your greatness across all life spheres.
  • Unlock Cosmic Treasury Wealth Transfer: Tap into financial abundance for personal, professional, or philanthropic projects aligned with your life passion-calling.
  • Galactic Reconnection: Activate new agreements for galactic family members awaiting your assistance to begin galactic import/export, galaxy e-tourism, and enhance cultural exchange with the new Earth and their cosmic neighbours.
  • Crash Unwanted Inorganic Timelines & Parallel Life Times: Break cycles of lack, survival, persecution, and barriers across physical, emotional, and mental spheres.
  • Dismantle Cloned Parallel Life Timelines: Clear holographic realities obstructing your personal growth.
    Neutralise Mind Matrix Auric Field: Understand and neutralise signals influencing unwanted circumstances and attracting unwanted people across time.
  • Create Your Heart-Mind Billboard Transmission: Craft tools aligning with new timelines using your heart and mind to magnetize exciting realities.
  • Rewrite New Spirit Contracts & Soul-Family Agreements: Shape a new story by disconnecting from past, present, and future life contracts.
  • Activate Your Inner Gold-GPS: Align with your Soul-Family to find each other and receive a portion of land from the Earth Spirit.
  • Command the Spirit of Money: Recognise that money is a spirit and dance together in harmony for financial abundance!
  • Terminate Alien Engineered Karmic Wheel: Nullify these contracts, release challenges, and align with your life’s passion.
  • Clear Ancestral Energy Bodies: Remove empathic, sensory, and emotional imprints carried over from ancestral DNA.
  • Remove False Light/Dark Light: Cleanse metaphysical layers of new age infiltration for clarity and well-being.
  • Break Free from Engineered Patterns: Release mind-control systems and embrace the renaissance of the New-You.
  • Command Your Light-Spirit-Technician: Harness your spirit’s power to shape desired realities.
  • Remove Ancient Barcodes/Implants: Eliminate spirit and ascension blocks and energetic devices.
  • Clear Mind-Matrix Transmission: Remove alien influences affecting thoughts and clarity.
  • Retrieve Body and Light Spirit: Integrate lost spirit fragments into your existence and embody more of your light.
  • Reactivate Heart-Mind Connection: Command your spirit for peace and progress.
  • Master Dominion over All Elements for Total Harmony: Gain mastery over elements for advancement and harmony.
  • Thrive on New Earth Timelines: Rebuild and thrive on organic, exciting new Earth timelines.
  • Boost Life-Force and Creativity: Enhance your potential and creativity instantly.
  • Clear Curses and Witchcraft: Remove negative influences for peace and clarity.
    Bonus Gift Benefits:
  • Attain Ultimate Health: Transition to an alkaline diet for weight loss, vitality, and rejuvenation.
  • Enjoy Pleasure in Eating: Indulge guilt-free with alkaline-based versions of favorite dishes.
  • Avoid Engineered Foods: Address genetic impacts of hybridised, crossbred, and cross-pollinated foods.
  • Combat Aging and Inflammation: Learn about acidic foods’ impact on health and aging, promoting longevity and vitality.
  • Address Health Issues: Understand solutions for allergies, dehydration, and overall health improvement.

Special Offer: Command Your Spirit to Magnetise the Renaissance of Your Greatness in All Spheres, Inside and Out

Command Your Spirit to Magnetise the Renaissance of Your Greatness in All Spheres, Inside and Out


In this second offer, you will benefit from a 2-hour one-on-one private clearing session with me, where we can unravel and dismantle deeper layers mentioned in Offer 1, and continue our empowerment activation so you can become the best version of yourself, experience the return of your greatness, navigate life feeling LIT, and embrace your life calling through the cosmic treasury wealth transfer.

You will also access your free bonus gift: the bonus gift link to the Ambrosia Nutritional Guide of Antiquity. If you are inspired to continue upgrading further, more offers will be available on this platform.”

I invite you to book your two sessions, each lasting one hour, through the Calendly link. Please keep a one-week space between both sessions.

About Ameerah FATTAL

Rapid Life Transformation Specialist
Coach of Turbo-speed Total Makeover for the return of your greatness in all spheres of life, inside and out. Program Mentor.

Equipping individuals to navigate life while staying LIT with cutting-edge energy management toolkits.

Cosmic Diplomat and DNA Engineer.

Quantum Consciousness Field Deprogrammer/Reprogrammer.

Specialising in Cosmic Treasury Wealth Transfer.

Expertise in Eternal Youth and Agelessness.

Coach for reactivating the women’s cycle according to life: Menstruation every 4 years and Menopause-Free.

Alkalinescent Ambrosial of Antiquity Nutritionist.

Umami Culinary & Alkaline Nut Cheese Connoisseur Chef.

Inspirational, motivational speaker.

Innovator of project concepts for the New Organic Earth Renaissance.

President of Trailblazing Makers for Global Impact Alliance Foundation.

“All solidarity sales revenue generated from these offers will be invested in sustainable Global Projects.

Command Your Spirit to Magnetise the Renaissance of Your Greatness in All Spheres, Inside and Out


Command Your Spirit to Magnetise the Renaissance of Your Greatness in All Spheres, Inside and Out