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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Raphael Weisman

Timelines | The Power of Energy Healing with Raphael Weisman

Choosing your highest benevolent outcome


The Path of the Spiritual Warrior is about living your life impeccably. It requires that we choose wisely in every moment and exercise our self-authority to generate positive outcome through a positive attitude. This means we no longer make assumptions or judge ourselves or others, and accept full responsibility for ourselves and our choices. In order to choose our most benevolent timeline for the unfolding of the New Earth, we must heal our traumas, outmoded beliefs and live fully present in the moment, in self-love. As we approach and celebrate the June ’24 Summer Solstice, we are entering Galactic Consciousness as a new species, Homo Luminous. What does this mean? How can we envisage the New Earth. We discuss this opportunity to choose and visualize what we want to become Reality. We conclude our conversation with a brief meditation to manifest this together.

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation Special Offer

Special Offer: Energy Healing Webinars - Develop Your Intuitive Healing Ability

Special Offer 1: Energy Healing Webinars - Develop Your Intuitive Healing Ability


July 16, July 23 & July 30

12 PM PT | 1 PM MT | 2 PM CT | 1 PM ET | 5 PM GMT

This series of 3 courses offers an in-depth look at energy healing, beginning with  Introduction to the Emotion Code® . This is followed by an Introduction to Energy Healing  and Ancestral Healing .

A. The Emotion Code® is a simple system for releasing trapped emotions (Common, Pre-Natal, Pre-Conception, Shared, Absorbed and Inherited, dismantling heart-walls and restoring well-being, happiness and self-confidence. This free webinar consists of a PowerPoint presentation and demonstration and follows the guidelines of Discover Healing, the founding organization. For this reason, the class is limited to 25 people and is free. In order to attend, you must sign up for the other two courses.

B. Introduction to Energy Healing. We will discuss the principles of energy healing and learn techniques to develop the skills and sensitivities required to practice energy healing on friends, family and self.

We will learn methods for testing yes and no (pendulum, muscle testing, etc.).
The course will deal with removing blocks to trust and effectiveness, such as doubt and insecurity.
We will learn ways of tuning in to your inner wisdom, connecting with a Higher Power, grounding and clearing.

C. Ancestral Healing. In this class we will discuss calling in Ancestors, releasing negative patterns that have been passed down through the DNA
and clearing these negative patterns from ourselves and others. We will learn ways to clear spells, hexes and curses, and redirect those ancestors
to the light that are ready and open. We will clear and cut old cords and sabotage mechanisms that affect us and others that derive from ancestors.
Times :

All classes are held on Zoom at 1:00 PM MDT,  1 and 1/2 hours each

1. We will discuss what is Energy Healing, how it works and why anyone can use it
2. We will learn about creating a safe and sacred space – a Unified Field
3. We will learn to get yes or no answers using a pendulum or muscle testing
4. We will learn to go into your heart and access your guidance
5. We will address doubts, lack of confidence, beliefs and negative mind talk and how to counter them
6. We will learn to feel energy and direct it towards areas of the body or areas of concern
7. We will discuss and learn how to direct healing over a distance

Special Offer: 3 Energy Healing or Channeling sessions

3 Energy Healing or Channeling sessions


5 Energy Healing or Channeling sessions


Energy Healing allows us to release trauma, negative programming and ancestral imprints, amongst many other benefits. Energy healing restores clarity, the ability to live your life with ease and grace, to thrive and to live abundantly and joyfully. By releasing trauma, old patterns and conditioning, we become free to live from our self-authority. This allows us to wisely choose the highest outcome and timelines. I work in-person and remotely

Why Energy Healing? 

  1. To get the most benefit from energy healing, it is recommended to receive at least 3 sessions
  2. This allows the processing to integrate so we can go deeper, like releasing layers of the onion until we reach the core
  3. It requires more than one session to release the broad range of imbalances that my modalities can clear.
  4. Releasing physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances requires a comprehensive approach, responding to the prompts of your subconscious mind.
  5. We can clear Heart-Walls, release trapped emotions, cut cords, restore a separation between spirit and physical body, and more.
  6. We can rebalance body systems, clear entities, curses and vows and remove unconscious beliefs, etc
  7. Because I offer a range of modalities including channeled spiritual guidance, I can cover a variety of approaches to your healing journey


About Raphael Weisman

Raphael Weisman is a channel for the wisdom of the angels. He is a retired luthier and harp-maker. Born in South Africa, he currently lives in Santa Fe, NM. Raphael is a Body Code® & Emotion Code® practitioner and a trainer and facilitator of the transformational modality HeartThread®. He is a minister and facilitates ceremonies for the blessing of the waters. He founded the non-profit Healing The Scars, Inc. to provide healing from the effects of war, trauma and abuse. Raphael is a musician, artist, visionary, poet, editor and author who loves to dance and hike and is a lover of water, trees and Nature. He is committed to being an example of one who lives the path of the Spiritual Warrior.

Special Offer 1: Energy Healing Webinars - Develop Your Intuitive Healing Ability


Energy Healing Webinars - Develop Your Intuitive Healing Ability


5 Energy Healing or Channeling sessions