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Timelines | Higher Timelines NOW with SomRa

Advance Your Ascension using Personal Peace Processes


Shifting timelines is actually much easier than commonly assumed. In fact, we’re doing it all the time, usually without realizing it. Every choice we make moment to moment determines where we find ourselves in our own personal series of timeline options. But what’s often overlooked is the perspectives, attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and identities we’re operating from determine what timeline we’re on in a given moment, not merely choices of actions.

The challenge lies in that most of these overlooked elements are unconscious – as in, we’re completely unaware of them, their origins, and how and that they are dictating our version of reality. But with specific processes, you can expand and deepen your awareness to connect with these parts of self and heal, resolve, and evolve them into higher versions of You. The result? You find yourself naturally in sync with and on optimal benevolent timelines without trying to make this happen. And you can experience ever-increasing levels of consistent, profound Peace like never before.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why some common approaches to creating your ideal reality don’t always work or stick for you.
  • Four keys to consistent, optimal timeline shifts.
  • How to effectively navigate the frequent global timeline fluxing and flopping.
  • What the Mandela Effect actually is, why it matters, and how to most benefit from it.
  • Specific Personal Peace Processes using approaches such as EFT-Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) that shift your timeline and advance your Evolution, Awakening, and Ascension every time you do them.

Enjoy this Quantum Human Special Offer

Special Offer: Rise into Higher Timelines NOW: Quickly & Naturally Progress into Your Optimal Reality

Special Offer 1: Rise into Higher Timelines NOW: Quickly & Naturally Progress into Your Optimal Reality


July 16th

12 PM PT | 1PM MT | 2PM CT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT

In this 2+ hour Online Mastery Empowerment Course, you will be guided through simple yet effective ways to optimize your version of Reality. Several of these ways go hand-in-hand. Applying any one of them can shift you to a higher, happier timeline immediately. Consistently applying several can do so permanently.

Many of the teachings shared in this course come from the ancient ET Ascended Masters in the Collective of which SomRa is a part, as well as her work with Angels and Archangels.

This course is a facilitation in addition to a learning experience. Dive deeper into practicing the 4 Foundational Keys to Shift Timelines, plus learn about more! If you’re open to REAL, lasting change and you sincerely do the practices presented, you will potentially rise through multiple timelines during the training itself and finish in a higher, more evolved state of Being. These practices can be repeated all the way into 5D Oneness. Take this training at your own pace and discover new, wondrous possibilities for you!

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Why “timeline jumping” is relevant to your life purpose
  • Why micro jumps lead to maximum leaps that stick
  • How “As within, so without” applies
  • How the power of choice factors in
  • Why grounded, practical spiritual growth approaches matter
  • The role of healing your past to improve your future
  • Proven self-healing techniques that facilitate timeline shifts
  • How to notice evidence that you’ve shifted
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Tips to enhance your process
  • An awesome visualization practice that keeps you on track in your ideal timeline even when global timelines are fluxing and flopping

In addition to the video training, you’ll receive:

  • An audio Mp3 download of the course
  • PDF guide of each practice along with helpful diagrams

This course is a prerequisite for future timeline-jumping courses with SomRa.

Special Offer: Tap Into Self-Love: Cultivate Yummy Feel-Goods with Your Own Source-Love Link

Tap Into Self-Love: Cultivate Yummy Feel-Goods with Your Own Source-Love Link


This 2-hour Online Mastery Empowerment Course is based on brain research and development, decades of experiences with clients, and perspectives and teachings from the ancient ET Ascended Masters, Angels, and Archangels. We’ll be using powerful techniques like EFT-Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with specific processes, plus nervous system calming and brain-rewiring approaches that simultaneously attune you to Source Love.

You will learn and experience:

  • Heart-mind connection
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Activation of your brain’s happy-love chemicals
  • Automatic self-attunement processes to Source/Divine Love and the Flow of the Universe
  • How to give yourself “self-love boosts”
  • How to rewire your brain and consciousness to live self-love, self-acceptance, self-validation, and self-compassion as “Your Normal.”
  • Plus tips and pointers that help you make this shift even easier!

Transform old, codependent versions of “love” into a whole new level of personal and spiritual Love-Empowerment!

About SomRa An’Ryka

SomRa An’Ryka is an ET Walk-In, Spiritual Awakening Teacher and Facilitator, Visual Artist, and Sound Channel, working in the fields of Energy Psychology, Personal Growth, Spiritual Development, and the Arts. Using a Heart-Centered approach, she assists sincere, self-responsible Truth Seekers, Starseeds, Healers, and Lightworkers to free themselves from their internal blocks to personal fulfillment and living their Divine Magnificence right here in the Earth Plane. SomRa is a representative of a path of Evolution, Awakening, and Ascension developed by a vast collective of ET Masters, many of whom Ascended from various worlds over 355,000 years ago. They offer unique and refreshing perspectives of what it’s all about – this Game and Experiment of descending into Polarity and ascending back into Unity Consciousness.

Since 1989, SomRa has been professionally teaching and facilitating individuals and groups, offering transformative perspectives, practices, techniques, mind-body-emotion healing, trauma recovery, and compassionate clarity. She retired from private session work in 2022 and continues group facilitations, classes, and other offerings that support The Great Awakening towards Heaven on Earth.

Rise into Higher Timelines NOW: Quickly & Naturally Progress into Your Optimal Reality


Tap Into Self-Love: Cultivate Yummy Feel-Goods with Your Own Source-Love Link


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