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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Nofirstname AURORA

Timelines | Creating New Worlds with The Flying Rainbow Lasagne with Aurora

A genetic oscillation for the rectification of all timelines


Creating new worlds: this is an innate capability of all humans, a “superpower” from the viewpoint of the the world you are emerging from, but truly a birthright that is a part of you and has yet to be explored.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is Aurora’s genetic contribution to the symphony of life: a new way to “dance your DNA” and edit out any genetic modifications which caused death, disease, and consciousness suppression, and also a way to write new genetic “songs” which are innovations that allow for healing, telepathy, and other psychic powers to re-awaken from dormancy.

This presentation will include:

  • DNA’s relationship to Time
  • what is The Singularity as a feature of the fabric of Space~Time (NOT the transhumanist singularity)
  • the values system necessary for shaping and influencing reality directly (i.e. taking responsibility, acting for the collective, comprehending cosmic law)
  • protecting the creative process from hijackers or invaders (negative entities)
  • how to dance your DNA into a higher dimension and how to “surf” timewaves : the Dance of The Flying Rainbow Lasagne

The essence of what the Flying Rainbow Lasagne is:

  • creating new options, when there is nothing good on the cosmic menu of possibilities
  • it is also fixing the genetic “recipe” of humanity so that pathogenic characteristics (i.e. disease, decrepitude, death) are edited out of one’s experience
  • it is a return to humans of your dormant superpowers of healing, telekinesis, telepathy, nonverbal insight, creation with voice and intention, and creating new worlds.

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation Special Offer

Special Offer: Flying Rainbow Lasagne Dance workshop

Special Offer 1: Flying Rainbow Lasagne Dance workshop


July 8

12 PM PT | 1 PM MT | 2 PM CT | 3 PM ET | 7 PM GMT

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is a unique concept that originates from Aurora, and it is the key to Humanity’s ongoing ascension process:
it will re-awaken genetic potentials that were amputated from Humanity long ago, and positively empower all DNA bearing life in this world to re-achieve Light Speed and rejoin Stellar Network to live in Unity consciousness literally in the stars.

Students of this webinar will also immediately become enrolled with lifetime membership in Aurora’s Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans, and receive all of the Level 1 And 2 groundbreaking original whiteboards, as well as participation in the ongoing semester’s live lectures each Wednesday at 2 pm pacific.

  • the values system for being a responsible artist of reality
  • methods of self cultivation: diet, exercise, behavior, thoughts, feelings that help you to achieve the Flying Rainbow Lasagne “jump” into a higher dimension
  • overview of DNA’s behavior, comprehension of DNA as an alive time crystal across dimensions

The format is a one hour presentation, then a one hour dance workshop and demonstration of the actual dance. 

included: PDF e-book “Flying Rainbow Lasagne Flight Manual” available for download

About Aurora

Aurora is a Galatic walk-in who came into this world and into a human body in 2001, via a genetic portal she invented and named The Flying Rainbow Lasagne (FRL).

For the past several decades, Aurora has used her creative energy to communicate the truth of that shape to humanity, through visual art, formal teaching, dance-movement, and also through music.

She has presented the FRL shape at math conferences, and also given FRL “performances” of the movements, as well as creating online multi-media performances of her original music and animations, and taught a formal online class for 7 years.

Most recently, Aurora released three new albums of original music: “Divine Propulsion System 1&2” and “Birth of The Flying Rainbow Lasagne”, and she continues to make new music every day.