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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Adria Estribou

Timelines ! Clearing The Energetic Transit Lines Between Yourself and Yourself In Other Life Expressions with Adria Estribou


From angelic standpoint, time as a wheel not a line. From the center point of now you can influence both past and future selves. You can also benefit from what you know now, what you know then, and what you will know. Adria will channel an angel transmission. The angels are going to work with the energies around clearing the pathways of self-knowing from all of your life expressions at once.


Your past and future expressions can help inform what to do in this one, and can also bring forward your gifts more readily and easily once that communication line of energies is open to you.

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation Special Offer

Special Offer: Interdimensional Travel

Special Offer 1: Interdimensional Travel


On Demand Course

Led by Angels Raphael and Ariel channeled through Adria Estribou

More than 3 hours of video and audio

The angels lead us through a series of explorations into other dimensions!

Detailed QA – questions may arise as you start to practice on your own, including:

  • Communicating and collaborating with beings from other dimensions
  • The difference between realms and dimensions
  • How is Interdimensional travel different now?

“Why am I here?” The angels describe a whole new set of purposes for being alive on Earth right now.

About Adria Estribou

Adria Estribou is a joyful mystic who helps you consciously create the life you choose. Along with the angels she channels, she gives you tools to thrive in the New Earth energies. 

Adria is a conscious channel, sound healer, animal communicator and intuitive guide. She is an internationally best-selling author with three books: Angel Insights for Unprecedented TimesWhy Did Lemuria Fall? and Slip through the Keyhole and sound healing CD Sounds of the Ancient Ones. More at adriaestribou.love and @AdriaEstribou on IG, Facebook and YouTube.

Interdimensional Travel