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Timelines | Align to your Quantum Akasha with Lisa Barnett

Transform Your Life with Quantum Source


Did you know that the Akashic Records are actually located in the quantum field? The Akashic Field serves as the information hub of Source. It is a layer within the Quantum Field that holds the imprint of all lives throughout time. Within this layer of the Akasha, you have the ability to realign and update your soul’s plan, as well as rewrite parts of your history because time is not linear in the Akasha. Everything is happening in this now moment. Your life, purpose, and plan are much more flexible than you may have previously thought.
The Akashic Masters teach us that nothing is set in stone. Everything is changeable, which is incredibly empowering. This means that we have the ability to go back into what we perceive as past lives and make alterations. By engaging in this Akashic quantum healing, we can change the energy of the past which ultimately transforms our current life experience.
I have had the privilege of working with countless clients in their personal Akashic Records, and the Akashic Masters have shown me how past lifetimes can impact us in our present reality, depending on our questions or challenges. By pinpointing the lifetime in which they experienced trauma or made a vow that is still affecting them, I can help clear that old pain within the Akashic Quantum Field. This allows for transformation to occur more easily and quickly.
On the show, we often engage in group Quantum Healing sessions where we come together to clear blocks and reclaim our gifts and talents. It is truly remarkable to witness the profound shifts that can occur when we tap into the power of the Akashic Quantum Field.

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Special Offer: Learn to Access Your Own Quantum Akashic Records - Online Workshop

Special Offer 1: Learn to Access Your Own Quantum Akashic Records - Online Workshop


Downloadable Replay Now Available

In this first course, you will learn to access your own Akashic Record, using the 5 Step Wisdom Prayer System. This sacred key easily opens the door to Divine Guidance from your own Soul’s Library so you can understand your soul’s plan. This Akashic Record course makes it easy for you to rise to a new perspective as you ask questions about your life, your soul plan and your next steps. Practice and assistance to help you feel secure in the information you receive.

  • 3-Day – 15 Hour Live Course Sessions facilitated by Lisa Barnett
  • 5 Step Wisdom Prayer System to Clearly Access Your Akashic Record
  • 7 – Akashic Healing Prayers to clear and release energy
  • 15 hours of guidance with Akashic Energy to support you
  • An easy-to-follow manual to help you learn and stay on track
  • The questions to ask when you want to gain clarity at a crossroad
  • Process in class to assist with your Akashic information
  • REPLAYS of all the calls to keep in your personal library
  • Time on the live calls to ask Your Questions each week
  • BONUSES with Guided Meditation & 25% Savings on a Reading


  • By accessing your Akashic Record you will:
  • Open your heart to receive the support you need to follow your soul’s path.
  • Understand your relationships and how to heal them.
  • Align to your Soul’s Plan to assist you in creating the life your soul intended.
  • Clear your personal energy field so that you can set healthy boundaries.
  • Receive tools to learn from and release karma that is keeping you stuck in old patterns.
  • Update your soul contracts and bring to completion those that no longer serve you.
  • Raise your energy vibration in order to increase your healing abilities and strengthen your intuition.
  • Clear money blocks to facilitate the flow of abundance into your life.
  • Reclaim past lives talents to support you now.

About Lisa Barnett

Lisa Barnett is the Founder of Akashic Knowing School, an int’l recognized teacher and author with 4 bestselling Akashic Books. She has thirty years of experience in Akashic Record Channeling & Quantum Healing. Lisa specializes in empowering individuals to Align to their Quantum Aspects & Soul Path.

Learn to Access Your Own Quantum Akashic Records - Online Workshop