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Enjoy this Quantum Human Session with Caroline Oceana Ryan

The Quantum Human | Your 12-Strand DNA: Calling in the Power of the Gold Frequencies with Caroline Oceana Ryan


The powerful plasmatic and photonic Light particles coming to Earth now from our Sun Sol, by way of the Great Central Sun, are highly Transformative, lifting us to higher vibrational levels.

They are inducing mass release of the third dimension from our minds and physical bodies, and all our energy bodies.

Many are feeling the call now to become their higher self, and to learn to resonate with these solar Light frequencies. And all are experiencing drastic upgrades in their DNA, whether they realize it or not.

The inner nudge so many are feeling now is full of the frequencies of the golden-white Light.

This higher Light originates in the higher realms, and is now expressing outwardly in our Sun’s Solar Light rays.

Though it comes to cleanse us and raise our vibration, that Light often reaches us in ways that only feel like an increase in density.

It can leave us with a feeling of heaviness in the heart-space, along with a raft of other symptoms.

This increasingly intense Solar Light is also often accompanied by difficult symptoms such as physical aches, dizziness, exhaustion or sleeplessness, a feeling of not being fully present or embodied, and more.

Meanwhile, much is occurring in the outer world that stirs up our memories of deeply buried trauma, from this and many other lives.

In the midst of this taxing “3D detox” process, we are also waking up!

We’re seeing that it’s our consciousness more than our outer actions that assist us in creating our wealth (which is “well-being”)—in ways that not only heal us, but also demonstrate our ability to create our Abundance first from within.

The monoatomic gold dust pouring in with every ray of Light from our Sun Sol is now carrying us to a higher vibrational level of Healing and Renewal.

We begin this journey by using energy processes in meditation journeys.

This is our first step to making the resonance of the higher and finer universal substances such as the Gold Essence become a part of our everyday life and consciousness.

In this introductory video, we will first work with processes that help us release both the smallness and constraints of 3D consciousness—old soul contracts, limiting vows and beliefs, and etheric constructs.

These tend to hold us back from resonating with the higher Light from which all true Abundance is created.

We will then play with the Solar Light and the Gold Frequencies of the Sun and higher realms, to move our subconscious and our energy bodies into far more expansive states.

Mono-atomic gold, which is Gold in its highest form, has a powerful wealth and healing vibration.

The Egyptian priests of the ancient world knew how to connect with the Gold frequencies—the tonal vibration, energy language, and consciousness of Gold in its higher form.

We will invite in these frequencies to call us back to pure experience of the etheric and life in the higher realms.

We’ll begin to reawaken our connections to the Golden-White Pyramids in our Sun Sol and in the Great Central Sun, as we open the portal to a conscious, joyful connection to the co-Creation frequencies of Gold consciousness.

Enjoy this Quantum Human Special Offer

Special Offer Includes:

Your 12-Strand DNA: Calling in the Power of the Gold Frequencies

Mastery Empowerment Course

Mastery Empowerment Course: Your 12-Strand DNA: Calling in the Power of the Gold Frequencies


2 Payment Option Available

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In this two-webinar course, we invite in the healing, empowering, highly Abundant monoatomic Gold Frequencies, reconnecting our life energies to these higher vibrations, and re-engaging with the co-Creative power of our own soul presence.

The first webinar will offer a meditation journey to the healing Golden-White Pyramids of the Sun.

We will join with the frequencies of Gold consciousness and draw in the higher wisdom and healing energies contained in the higher consciousness of the Pyramids’ etheric “stones” or building blocks.

We will be clearing energy patterns that have held you back in this and other lives not only from Wealth creation, but from full self-Love, self-worth, joy and fulfillment, and a Divine order in your life.

We will be releasing energetic constructs put upon humanity thousands of years ago as we fell to the 3rd dimension.

These patterns have held us in subservience to narrow mental / emotional constructs that are the energy traps and programming known as the dark matrix—a highly contained consciousness that has locked us out of connecting with the Wealth and Gold Frequencies as our natural state.

Webinar #1 offerings:

  1. During a live channeling with the Collective and each person’s Spirit team, you will be asked to write out on a sheet of paper a list of the most limiting aspects of your life.These are the areas where you have felt least empowered, and the most constrained—the most hampered by unseen forces.

Some of this might entail harsh childhood memories, traumatic experiences, narrow and confining religious or family teachings, social constraints, addiction issues, feelings of low self-esteem, needing to "play small," and so on.

  1. As you hold that list in your hand, you will receive clearings for these issues, and the trauma and narrow self-concept associated with them mentally and energetically.​

We will then enter into meditative states where the essence of these experiences and their energetic imprint is dissolved and removed from your physical body, subconscious, physical/emotional frequencies, and energy bodies.

  1. In a second meditative journey, we will travel again to our Sun Sol, then to the Great Central Sun, to work with the Golden-White Pyramids of Light there, and to visit with the Egyptian and Atlantean priest-scientists.We will call upon their wisdom, teachings, and healing presence for our own awakening DNA and activation of the Gold/Wealth Frequencies in every particle of our being.

We will then hold a Q&A with the Collective and each person’s Spirit team, so that any questions and concerns about your individual path can receive higher wisdom and relevant energy work.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

12 PM Pacific / 1 PM Mountain / 2 PM Central / 3 PM Eastern / 8 PM GMT

In the second live webinar, Caroline again channels the Collective, who call upon the Gold Frequencies to speak both audibly and energetically to all present.

The Gold Frequencies call to us to enter states of pure Love, and to resonate with them not only in moments of conscious co-Creation (visualization, affirmation, Tapping, etc.) but also in daily ongoing appreciation of them as an expression of Divine Love.

They invite us to allow them to flow through us, as we connect with them in Earth life as we do in the etheric, so they can assist us in:

- Maintaining inner states of higher Love

- Holding the positive emotional vibration of Thankfulness, whatever our situation

- Releasing energetic blueprints of scarcity and poverty from this and other lives

- Maintaining an easygoing, positive relationship with Money and all other Wealth forms, such as good health

We will discuss the power of welcoming the Gold frequencies and resonating with Wealth energetically via daily visualizations, living in Thankfulness—which is Receiving mode—and holding a clear vision of our ideal life.

These practices, along with the energy work done in these seminars, assist us in living in states of Allowing and Accepting Wealth and Abundance as a natural and Joyful way of life.

Webinar #2 offerings:

  1. We will go on a meditative journey into first the Great Pyramids of the Giza Plateau, connecting with the presence of the priest-scientists of ancient Egypt at its highest and most enlightened time in its history.

You will then led into the Golden-White Pyramids of the higher realms, breathing in the essence, wisdom and healing energies of the Gold blocks that permeate the Light essence of these structures.

  1. We will journey again into our Sun, known as Sol, and again to the Great Central Sun to take on the essence of Gold frequencies. First their tonal vibration, then their wisdom, higher Love, and life-enhancing forms of Abundance.
  1. You will be asked to write down your intuitive responses to this journey, as well as new dreams and visions of what you would like to create, after experiencing the power of the Gold frequencies in their pure state. 

The last part of the second seminar will be a Q&A with the Collective and your Spirit team, so that any questions about your individual path can receive higher wisdom and energy work.

Downloadable MP3 and video recordings will be sent to you after each of these live Zoom webinars, whether you were able to attend the webinars live or not.


If you cannot be with us on the Zoom calls, just email your question for each Q&A (one question per webinar) to Caroline. Your question will be answered live, with higher energies flowed to you and available on the recording.


You will also receive these Guided Meditation MP3s, each embedded with Higher Energies to assist you on your life path:

"Allowing Abundance to Flow in Every Area of Your Life"

"Healing in a Portal of the Sun – Releasing the False Self"

"Acclimating to 5D - Becoming Your New Earth Self"

“Galactic Healing Chamber – A Star Journey”

"Allowing and Transmuting – Healing in the Light of the Universal Sun"

"Abundance Activation - Accepting an Empowered, Abundant Self-Image"

“I AM Always Provided For – Abundance in Times of Transition”


Plus the ebook: Messages from the Spirits of Abundance: Channeled Guidance from the Spirits of Prosperity and True Wealth


These processes and meditative journeys offer:

  • Guidance and energy work to connect you to the Gold frequencies, the Pyramids of Golden Light in the higher realms and in the Sun, and your own higher self's complete Abundance & Wealth consciousness
  • Higher wisdom to assist you in creating a more vibrant, heart-based connection to your life purpose and Earth mission
  • Guidance for you to step into greater support financially and emotionally as you navigate the Ascension path
  • Energy clearings to help release you from the grip of dark groups, entities, and discarnates you may not be consciously aware of, yet who may be holding scarcity beliefs in your subconscious, and restricting your life energies, choices, and Abundance consciousness
  • Release and dissolving of old soul contracts, vows, and oaths that have limited your prosperity and fulfillment

About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, channeler, speaker, and spiritual growth counselor.

Since 2014, she has channeled the wisdom and higher energies of the Collective, a group of higher beings that includes the Ascended Masters, legions of Angels and Archangels, Galactic family members, Fae elders, Earth elements, and Light Being guides who are assisting our Ascension into fifth dimensional life.

Caroline is the author of eight books, six channeled from the Collective, including "Messages from the Spirits of Abundance," and one channeled from the spirit of John Lennon, titled "Lennon Speaks."

A co-host on the weekly BBSRadio.com show "A Night at the Roundtable," Caroline also offers channeled messages on her YouTube channel, where she also hosts “The Abundant Living Podcast."

Mastery Empowerment Course: Your 12-Strand DNA: Calling in the Power of the Gold Frequencies


2 Payment Option Available