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Enjoy this Quantum Human Session with Julie Claire

The Quantum Human | The Journey of Soul Alchemy with Julie Claire

The Great Adventure of Decluttering our Soul Structure

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Alchemy is a very powerful and ancient spiritual set of practices through which energies that inhabit us can be transmuted and transformed into tools to awaken and greatly expand our awareness. These practices have rarely been shared with a wider audience than the Mystery Schools in which they have been taught for thousands of years. Adepts were required to devote decades of their adult lives to deepening their understanding of these tools and developing the required heart-centeredness to access and use these powers ethically.

Now, in our current stage of Ascension, with the frequency shifts we have collectively gone through in the last 35 years, these practices can be revealed and shared with many more humans than before. We are on an awakening adventure that is bringing more and more of us in line with the proper use of spiritual power for the greater good of all.

As the number of Souls willing to do ‘The Great Work of Our Times’ increases, so does the access to the higher energy bodies where most of the Alchemy work is done. These higher bodies are our Alchemical Bodies and correspond to very specific phases in the process of awakening to the higher planes of existence we inhabit. The alchemical work to awaken and activate these bodies as we expand our consciousness and tap into these higher frequencies has a feminine and a masculine side that work in synergy to declutter our Soul Structure.

During this talk, you will learn about :

  • the 5 Alchemical Bodies and the 5 Planes of Existence
  • the Feminine and Masculine aspects of Alchemy
  • the process of Awakening and how it is only the beginning!

As a group we will do a Soul Alchemy Journey into your Soul Landscape and experience the immediate benefits of feeling a deeper connection to the Soul Dimension. This is the last talk of a series in which I introduced the 3 facets of the Multi Dimensional Method (MDHM). A 3 hour hands-on workshop will be offered during this talk to those who wish to go deeper into this work.

Enjoy this Quantum Human Special Offer

Special Offer: Multi Dimensional Deharmonization Method

Special Offer 1: Multi Dimensional Deharmonization Method



8am PT/ 9am MT/ 10am CT/ 11am ET/ 3pm GMT

Join me for a 3 hour hands-on workshop in which we will dive deep into the Multi Dimensional Harmonization Method, an energy healing process that is highly effective in its results and easy to learn and practice on your own. This method is the culmination of the last 30 years of my own healing journey with a deep focus on reconnecting Soul energies into the body by harmonizing the 3 upper and lower Chakras using the Sacred Heart as the integrative bridge.

This workshop will introduce you to the Multi Dimensional Method and its 3 Phases. We will focus on each phase for 1 hour and directly experience its process. I will offer you a cognitive understanding of each Phase at the same time as we also put it in action, making the teaching a living one that leads to its embodied expression in real time. This gives incredibly rapid and powerful results as theory and practice are merged together into a cohesive unit!

More specifically, during this workshop, you will experience 3 Phases and how they help you to:
1-Align the Body-Mind Connection with a 3 step process that will teach you how to hear your thoughts and go find the energies they point to by feeling them in your lower energy bodies.
2-Expand the Sacred Heart Space by discovering a simple and very effective tool called the Triple Heart Connection and experiencing the power of the Intention Breath process.
3-Awaken the Soul Dimension by entering deeper into the Heart of your Soul and journeying into your Soul Landscape where we will do some core activations in your upper energy bodies.

Join me as we travel deep into your energetic structure and bring back together the upper and lower bodies into a cohesive and integrated unit. Let us bring our Soul deep into our body and fully experience our multidimensionality as living vessels of spirit in human form!

Special Offer: Ascension Particles Activation

Ascension Particles Activation


I am offering, at a discount price, a series of powerful guided processes to activate the 9 physical and 6 of the 13 energetic doorways through which we receive Ascension Particles and absorb their frequencies. Organized into 5 modules, these teachings, meditations and powerful activations have a profound effect on the cellular structure of our physical body and the photoluminescent structure of our auric field/energy bodies.

Each module contains over 3 hours of high frequency content and it is highly recommended to not do more than 1 per week in order to integrate the activations and energetic downloads involved with the processes taught in each module before moving onto the next one. The modules are the following :

  • Module 1 : Cellular Transmutation : Calibrating our Inner Light to Universal Intelligence
  • Module 2 : Purging the Plexus and Building the Psychic Brain​
  • Module 3 : Activating the Golden White Waves to Expand the Heart and Awaken theThymus
  • Module 4 : Expanding the Crown Chakra and Activating the Multidimensional Chakra
  • Module 5 : Grounding our 5D Multidimensionality : Harmonizing the Mental Body Chakras

With this series of teachings, meditations and powerful activations, you will practice intentionally expanding your consciousness to receive and absorb high frequency particles assisting our Ascension into the 5 th Dimension (and beyond!)

More specifically, you will learn:

  • To connect to and amplify the reception doorways (9 in the physical body and 13 in the energetic bodies) that allow you to receive and absorb these high frequency Ascension Particles
  • To discover and absorb the 7 types of Ascension Particles : Pranic, Solar, Celestial Crystalline, Terrestrial Crystalline, Adamantine, Orion and 6th Dimensional
  • How each of these Ascension Particles come to us and the particular role they play in upgrading our cellular structures and transmuting our energy bodies into their next phase of evolution
  • About the great Quantum Leap we are experiencing right now, the powerful transitioning from 3D solar plexus living to 5D heart-centered living
  • To better understand the upgrades to our psychic intelligence we are receiving as we learn to interact with and navigate within the 4th and 5th dimensional bands of consciousness
  • To receive downloads and discernments refining your ability to distinguish between the heart, mind and cellular intelligence, allowing Source and Universal Intelligence to directly speak to your cells and move through different dimensional realities fluidly.
  • The importance of cultivating serene states in order for your body and nervous system to flow with the Earth’s shifting hertz frequency and relax enough to gracefully allow the healing to happen
  • How to strengthen your triple heart connection and experience what true love feels and acts like

By the end of this series of meditations and activations, you will feel all these particles and their effects circulating within you, which will help you speed up the transmutation of the energetic systems we have been working with for a long time that are no longer adequate to the level of frequency we can absorb and embody. Since these are recordings and not live calls, you can ​integrate this work at a pace that is right for you on your journey towards greater and greater spiritual self mastery.

Special Offer: Quantum Human Special Offer Bundle

Both Multi Dimensional Deharmonization Method and Ascension Particles Activation

Quantum Human Special Offer Bundle


About Julie Claire

Julie Claire is a Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Energy Harmonizer that offers mystical teachings and tools of transcendence to Souls that are waking up and seeking guidance on their spiritual journey. Over the past 22 years, she has bridged the gap between intellect and intuition by anchoring them deep into the body and converging these 3 ways of knowing into a powerful healing methodology she calls ‘Multi-Dimensional Harmonization’. She offers Spiritual Mentorship Programs focused on teaching energy tools to develop psychic abilities, activate spiritual powers, fine-tune intuition and upgrade energetic structures.  Her deepest passion and ultimate pleasure is to be a Guide and Companion to those who hear the call and are ready to expand out of limited mind and into limitless Soul and ground their Essence so we can all stand as Pillars of Embodied Light and fully participate to The Great Work of Our Times: our Ascension into the 5th Dimension.

Multi Dimensional Deharmonization Method


Ascension Particles Activation


Quantum Human Special Offer Bundle