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Enjoy this Quantum Human Session with Jonette Crowley

The Quantum Human | Multi-Dimensional Ascension with Jonette Crowley


Multi-dimensional Ascension: How it’s Happening NOW!

Experience the 12th Dimension—Transcendence, the transitional dimension between our linear world and breaking open to our fully embodied multi-dimensionality. Now the veils are thinning and we’re experiencing an upgrade of the ‘operating system’ of the 12th Dimension, which is ‘Grace.’

Jonette discusses what she sees happening in our bodies as we move into this period of ascension, and how we can prepare. She’ll channel MARK to give you a download of the 12th dimensional experience of Grace.

Jonette has been traveling to the higher dimensions…and taking people with her since 1989. Together with her guide MARK they have mapped the pathways of the quantum world so that you can easily follow, and with no prior experience you can easily go here too.

Enjoy this Quantum Human Special Offer

Special Offer: Walking Your Soul's Path. Live course!

Special Offer 1: Walking Your Soul's Path. Live course!



8 am PT | 9 am MT | 10 am CT | 11 am ET | 3pm GMT

Walking Your Soul’s Path
3-hour Live Webinar on zoom (also recorded)
Saturday, May 4, 9am-12noon MDT (17:00-20:00 CEST)

In these chaotic times it is especially important to be grounded in yourself.
What makes you unique?
How can you listen better to your own inner voice or spirit guide?
What does successful living feel like for you?

Walking Your Soul’s Path is about trusting yourself, and seeing what is around you with clear eyes. YOU are here on Earth for a reason.

Jonette Crowley, international author, spiritual teacher and founder of Soul Body Fusion® will guide you in processes to answer some of these question for yourself. An experience of Soul Body Fusion® will be part of our time together.

You’ll leave feeling more clear and energized, with a deeper connection to your own truth and knowing. Because when you Walk Your Soul’s Path you will experience the lightness and joy of being YOU!

  • Understand what it means to walk YOUR Soul’s path
  • Receive a Soul Body Fusion® to be grounded in yourself
  • Listen to your own inner voice
  • Release what isn’t you
  • Feel the lightness and joy of your Soul’s path!

About Jonette Crowley

Jonette is a channel and international best-selling author of The Eagle and the Condor and Soul Body Fusion®. As a mystic she has been ‘mapping’ the highest dimensions of consciousness since 1989. She has now been acknowledged as a ‘Grandmother’ in the native American tradition.

Special Offer 1: Walking Your Soul's Path. Live course!