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Enjoy this Quantum Human Session with Zeenat Lakdawala

The Quantum Human | Light Language Abundance: Goddess Laxmi’s Quantum Journey with Zeenat Lakdawala

MORE Healing, MORE Wealth, MORE Financial Freedom!


Money is energy; it’s not just a physical currency—it’s a dynamic energy that responds and expands to our thoughts, feelings, and vibrations. Like a river seeking its course, money resonates with the high vibration of pure love. To tap into this frequency, you need to raise your vibration and take action to climb up. MONEY loves action, and it will respond to you.

In my years of working with people to release their MONEY BLOCK, I have identified some common blocks that hinder connection with the abundant flow of money:

Fear of Scarcity: This fear convinces us that there isn’t enough or won’t be enough, leading to hoarding behaviours and a belief in the need to work tirelessly to retain what we have.

Guilt Surrounding Spending: Despite possessing resources, the fear of scarcity often leads to guilt when investing in present needs, fueled by anxieties about future lack.

Grief and Loss: The pain of loss creates a void devoid of joy, hindering our ability to receive and enjoy abundance. Even in moments of opportunity, guilt may prevent us from indulging further.

Reluctance to Receive: A reluctance to receive, even simple compliments, stems from a deeper issue of self-worth and blocks our capacity to attract abundance.

Lack of Self-Love and Self-Acceptance: Prioritizing others over ourselves impedes the flow of abundance. How can we give to others if we don’t first give to ourselves?

Ingratitude: Expressing gratitude is key to amplifying our abundance. A simple “thank you” carries immense power, signalling our openness to receive more from the universe.

If you resonate with any of these blocks, you may vibrate at a lower frequency, hindering your ability to ask, receive, and retain financial abundance.

But what if I told you that the universe has provided powerful tools to attract abundance into your life. You can unlock these tools, allowing the universal laws to work in harmony with us, attracting the energy that brings more money into our lives. Understanding the power behind money is essential to align with the flow of financial abundance easily.

I invite you to experience Financial Transformation with the Power of the Light Language Goddess Laxmi More Money Grid. this handcrafted sentient grid has the most super powerful, highest frequency that has been downloaded with the energies of Goddess Laxmi in the form of Light Language codes and instructions. This powerful energy has been placed on a unique sacred geometry (this sacred geometry does not exist anywhere on our earth right now). The energy opens up doors of possibilities as it activates your DNA to help you in the manifestation and creation of more opportunities and more money. DNA stores all genetic instructions and information that create and maintain your physical body to survive. Its primary function is to read emotions, mental projections and beliefs through which the subconscious is formed.

The active DNA works as a path to move from the state of fear of scarcity, distrust, guilt, grief/loss, reluctant to receive, and ingratitude, which is a 3D expression, to move to Self-love and acceptance, being able to receive, to trust, which is 5D. Once you open yourself up to receiving, your Health and well-being too will improve!

When you need to move forward, the first and foremost thing to be done is to say ‘YES’. The Universe loves the sound of this word.

Enjoy this Quantum Human Special Offer

Special Offer: Package A- Allow your Money DNA to Heal and Expand - $197

Special Offer 1: Package A- Allow your Money DNA to Heal and Expand - $197


Item 1: 4 Powerful Money Booster Manifestations – Releasing & Clearing
Item 2: 2 Powerful Money Booster Manifestations – Receiving
Item 3: Interactive Sharing & Receiving Facebook Support Group

Item 1: Releasing and Clearing – The Light Language More Money MP3s, allow your willingness to embrace change and take inspired action to create a powerful synergy that can transform your financial reality. Embrace the magic of this transformative journey and step into a new realm of abundance and prosperity.

Number of MP3s – 3
The Light Language codes and instructions embedded within these powerful MP3s are designed to facilitate the expansion of your DNA, clearing away outdated programming that no longer serves you. The codes go through a deep energetic level to identify and release blocks to both giving and receiving, paving the way for expansion, growth and increased abundance in areas such as health, wealth, and overall well-being.

Further, you are being prepared for a shift from a lower vibrational 3D consciousness to a higher vibrational 5D consciousness as these codes work to activate and align your energy field with the frequencies of higher consciousness, assisting you in stepping into a new level of expanded awareness and receptivity.

Embrace and enjoy the transformational power of these Light Language Mp3s in your journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment, unlocking new limitless levels of potential, abundance and prosperity in your life.

Track 1 – Grounding – Root Chakra with guidance from Mother Gaia and Divine energies
– Feel safe, secure, and connected to attract more money
– Heightened awareness and connectedness

Track 2 – Fear – Root Chakra
We are born with the fear – of falling and loud sounds; all other fears are untrue. The Light Language to Release Fear intends to release untrue fear. Money often leads to stress and anxiety and could make people feel powerless or out of control.
– Identify and heal traumas and fears that block financial abundance
– Reduce stress, anxiety, and worry about money
– Improve confidence, self-esteem, and decision-making

Track 3 – Self Sabotage
– Gain control over who you are and take responsibility for your choices and actions-
– Let go of the fear of failure and doubt that may have been holding you back
– Create a positive shift towards receiving with ease, including attracting more money into your life

Item 3 – Power to Receiving and Creation MP3 – the intention is to work towards more money by shifting of energies
Track 1 – Self Acceptance
Self-acceptance is a powerful tool in attracting more money into your life. When you fully accept and love yourself, you create a positive vibration that aligns with abundance and prosperity. This Light Language MP3 is designed to help you shift your mindset and energy towards self-acceptance, clearing any blocks hindering your financial success.
– Embrace the truth that you are enough, just as you are, and inherently deserving of love and acceptance
– Connect with the divine essence within you, recognising your true nature as a divine being
– Release fear, guilt, and disappointment that may have been blocking your self-acceptance process
– Activate the process of moving forward with self-acceptance, embracing your uniqueness, and living authentically

Track 2 – Self-Love
Self-love is the foundation of a healthy and fulfilling life. This Light Language MP3 is a powerful tool to assist you in developing a positive relationship with yourself, fostering self-acceptance, self-care, and self-compassion.
– Learn to be kind and gentle with yourself, treating yourself with the love and compassion you deserve
– Cultivate a sense of complete self-gratitude and harmony, recognising your worthiness and embracing your uniqueness
– Be guided into a space of absolute peace, allowing you to experience tranquility and calmness within

Track 3 – Opening Heart to Receiving
Experience a sense of connectedness with yourself and the world at large, fostering a greater understanding of your place in the universe
– Embrace your worthiness and open your heart to receive all that you deserve
– Feel empowered and confident in your ability to manifest your desires, as you align with the energies of abundance and prosperity
– Experience calmness and clarity, allowing you to make aligned decisions and take inspired actions towards your goals
– Begin receiving with ease, as you release any blocks or limitations that may have been hindering your ability to receive

Item 4: Facebook Private Group – A support through your journey
When you join the program, you will gain access to an exclusive private community on Facebook. In this community, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with me and other like-minded individuals who share the same goal of improving their wealth and abundance. You’ll receive valuable insights, support, and a sense of togetherness to empower you to move forward.

I will be actively engaged in the group, answering questions, providing impromptu energy work based on the group’s energy, and sharing laughter, encouragement, and honest feedback. In addition, I strongly encourage you to share your successes, no matter how small, within the group. You can post happy and encouraging pictures and inspiring quotes and celebrate achievements. This contributes to a positive and uplifting environment where everyone can celebrate each other’s wins and inspire one another on the path towards financial abundance.

When you work with me and the program, you will:
-Unlock the transformative power of the Light Language Laxmi Money Grid
– Activate and reprogram your DNA to the frequency of Money
– Experience the profound Shifts through the potent Light Language Transmissions
– Herald your money energy by clearing and releasing blockages through live calls

Throughout our journey, we’ll uncover the stuckness that may be holding you back from receiving the abundance you deserve.

So, are you ready to harness this power and co-create the desired reality?

Special Offer: Package B - Say YES To More Money With Ease - $297

Package B - Say YES To More Money With Ease - $297


Item 1 – Light Language Goddess Laxmi Money Grid
Item 2 – Three (3) – Group Calls – Live Transmission
Item 3 – Three (3) Light Language Remote Transmission

Item 1: Handmade World First Light Language Laxmi More Money Grid
YES to More!!! I have enjoyed making this beautiful, powerful Goddess Laxmi Money Grid.
Each facet of the powerful Light Language More Money Grid is designed to elevate your vibration, aligning you with the frequency of money and abundance. When placed in your home or workplace, the grid continuously removes blocks and transmutes stagnant and negative energies.
The Laxmi More Money Grid attracts people, opportunities, and programs essential for your growth and receptivity and amplifies any other money or abundance program you are currently working with!

In some cases, people may tend to shy away from visibility or being heard, but with the powerful effects of Light Language, you will start to see tangible results. When these opportunities arise, it’s crucial and

All you need to say is YES to MORE, as money loves to see action being taken.
When you say ‘YES’, the Universe responds to your intention and supports your forward momentum. Embrace the power of this transformative tool and watch as your life unfolds with newfound abundance and possibilities.

Opening yourself up to receiving can positively impact your health and well-being and eliminate fears or concerns about money or your current situation. The Light Language Sacred Geometry Laxmi More Money Grid as downloaded to Receiving:
-The flow of Money – Expect Money with Ease
-Unexpected Money
-Receiving of Gifts
-Opens Up New Dimension in Your Receiving
-Brings in Balance
-Calmness & Clarity
-Healthier Relationships

Item 2 – Three (3) – Group Calls – Live Transmission

Dates – May 15, 22, and 30, 2024

Time – 9:30 AM EST (Eastern USA) 8:30 AM CT (Central USA) 7:30 AM MT (Mountain USA) 6:30 AM PT (Pacific USA) 2:30 PM UK (London) 3:30 PM CET (European) 7:00 PM IST (India)

The package includes Three (3) Group Calls to optimise and create EVEN MORE FLOW through abundance. Your Light Language Laxmi Money Grid will continue to upgrade throughout EVERY session, bringing you closer to the 5D framework! These Live Group Calls are Powerful High-Frequency Transmissions with the Goddess Laxmi, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and the Galactic Beings to assist and support you to keep raising your vibration to make choices from the highest plane and answer any questions that may come up during the program, plus these calls will help you to clear issues if you feel you’re mainly stuck with your finances.

Each 45-minute LIVE Group Session will be conducted using the InstantTeleseminar platform, and you’ll have access to the call replay immediately after the session.

During these Three (3) Group Sessions, your energy will optimise and create EVEN MORE FLOW towards abundance and well-being! With each successive call, you will move closer to the 5D framework.

These Three (3) group calls will include:
-Understand the reason for your stuckness or lack of more money
-Release and clear energetic blocks such as fears, grief, guilt, and limiting beliefs
-Additional Light Language clearing or mediation will be done based on group energies
-Harnessing the collective energies of the group and making a difference in YOUR life! You will also become a part of the energy powerhouse to provide support and strength to others, even if it means that you are not actively doing any interaction! YOUR ENERGY VIBRATION WILL SOAR!!!
-Gain insights and tools to shift your energy field and align with a higher vibration.
-Will give self-work in alignment with what would be required to move forward

During this meditation, you can expect deep relaxation and a heightened sense of awareness as you are guided to scan your body and
-Release energetic blocks related to money and abundance
-Raise your vibration and shift your energetic state
-Create space for higher frequencies of abundance and prosperity
-Clear issues and blocks hindering financial progress
-Empower you to make choices from a higher plane of consciousness
-Manifest more money and create the life you desire.

Call 2 – HEALING THE ROOT CHAKRA to Release Fear, Insecurity and Instability around More Money with Light Language.
This transformative work can bring relief and relaxation and restore balance, helping you move forward with greater confidence and stability in various aspects of your life. You can expect:
-Targeted clearing of energetic blockages
-Relief from fear and instability
-Emotional healing and balance
-Grounded financial journey
-Increased trust and confidence in manifesting financial abundance.

Call 3 – Light Language Transmission for RELEASING THE BLOCKS in the Heart & Throat Chakra that curb relationship with Money regarding Asking.
The Light Language call for releasing blocks in the Heart & Throat Chakra related to asking and money is a powerful energy-based practice for transforming and healing your relationship with money.
-Deep clearing of energetic blockages in the Heart & Throat Chakra
-Enhanced ability to ask for what you need in relation to money
-Improved communication and expression around financial matters
-Healing of past wounds and traumas related to money and asking
-Increased confidence and self-worth in expressing your financial needs
-Receive and be at ease when you receive support
-Greater alignment with abundance and a healthy relationship with money

Item 4: Three Remote Energetic Booster Transmissions

The Three Light Language downloads of 15-20 minutes will be done energetically (remotely) based on the group’s energies and needs. The energy that comes through these will work at your cellular level and upgrade it to bring in higher intelligence and conscious awareness.

Dates – May 14, 21, and 29, 2024

Time – 9:30 AM EST (Eastern USA) 8:30 AM CT (Central USA) 7:30 AM MT (Mountain USA) 6:30 AM PT (Pacific USA) 2:30 PM UK (London) 3:30 PM CET (European) 7:00 PM IST (India)

Note: These are not calls. The dates/times are when the healing energy is being transmitted.

To map the date and time for your respective country/timezone, please refer to https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

Post the session, you may
-Feel Energized and Charged with a Desire to take MORE action!
-Be driven to look at decluttering of mind and things around you
-Feel heaviness and a need to sleep… which will be sound sleep
-Urge to use the restroom more frequently
-Tingling and Pulsating Energy
-Desire to Rest and or Take a Break
-Instructions for Receiving the Transmissions:

Choose a Quiet Space for Comfort & Have a Glass of Water Nearby (this can be in your office, home, garden, park… wherever you are most comfortable)
-Be open to the Divine and the Light Beings
-The download is based on the Group Energies… be open to Receiving
-This transmission will bring in the Required Codes and Instructions needed for your Higher Self
-You can receive the download anywhere; there is no particular ritual to follow; just be comfortable and relaxed!
-Please do not drive during this transmission.

About Zeenat Lakdawala

A Spiritual Artist, Energy Healer, and Creator of the World’s First Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids, Zeenat Lakdawala, is the Creator & Founder of SoulSearch®; she is an inspirational pioneer devoted to helping people reach their highest potential.

Through powerful tools such as Light Language Grids and Coasters & SoulSearch Sounds®, Zeenat provides a path for core healing that can help manifest good health, wealth, and abundance in life – financially and through improved relationships with oneself and others.

As a multi- and inter-dimensional energy conduit, she works with clients to assist them in moving from a lower to a higher vibration. Zeenat works with supreme consciousness from where she receives information from various Higher Dimensional Beings that assist her in bringing the most benevolent Language of Light in the forms of “Codes, Instructions, and Sacred Blueprints.

Package A- Allow your Money DNA to Heal and Expand - $197


Package B - Say YES To More Money With Ease - $297