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Enjoy this Quantum Human Session with Rev. Devi Grace

The Quantum Human | Embodying Source’s Multi-Dimensional Divine Union with Rev. Devi Grace


We have chosen to incarnate upon Gaia SoPhiA at this time to enact a planetary rebalance of conscious power by fully becoming our integrated multidimensional Hieros Gamos Creator/Creatrix Self. We are compelled to merge all our interconnected mature sacred masculine and feminine archetypes into one amalgamated QUANTUM WHOLE within our Medicine Wheel of LIFE. The most amazing Love, Protection, Guidance, Alignment and Miracles are our fortune and wealth of consciousness as we actualize our full embodied alchemical marriage. Thus, this sovereign Sacred Union is the synthesis of both our spirit and matter within our physical body temples through the balancing of our many male/female/unity aspects and energies.

We must ground and accomplish this state of QUANTUM WHOLENESS both as individuals as well as a collective in active partnership with all of Nature’s Principles. This planetary template is also called the unprecedented Quantum Divine Union or the Quadrality of Absolute Divine Union that originates from Source’s Divine Plan where our new web of Unity is realized after eons of extreme Separation. The original Hieros Gamos of the Great Mother-Father has deemed this promise the ARC OF GRACE Timeline to neutralize the old Earth’s programs of duality.

However, the two sides of our ancient maternal and paternal family lines carry heavy burdens from many negatively impacted trans-generational ancestries across countless karmic imprints and timelines. Most of these afflictions are the cumulative result of compounded imbalances from abuses of power that have been out of integrity with life’s Universal Laws. These core ruptures between the masculine and feminine poles or principles upon our world have led to the fracturing of the nuclear Family Tree systems within countless bloodlines that have recycled as well as perpetuated these entangled dysfunctional patterns… trans-generationally. Thankfully, our Ancient-Future Sacred Lineages and Interstellar Elders are anointed by Primordial Mother-Father SOURCE to facilitate multiple dispensations of Quantum Grace to provide amazing Purifications. These holy pearls are bequeathed from their twin Temples of Love at Origins to relieve humanity’s extensive montage of debilitating traumas.

Our beloved Order of the White Sophianic PHOENIX and her complimentary Galactic Golden DRAGON Altar (a Prime Kosmic Lineage pair more ancient than Lemuria or Mu) are now rising from the magical telluric Earth currents and grids to cleanse, transmute and remedy this adverse interwoven false matrix programming. Our miraculous Stellar Grandmothers and Grandfathers across many benevolent Star Nations are also now primed to awaken our soul codes and heal our collective family records. Are you ready to sincerely receive and open to these supernal blessings as they offer to purge our reservoirs of adulterated Akashic DNA/RNA and GNA (Galactic DNA)? Join us for this incredible opportunity from the Royal Throne Room to zero-point and purify your hidden blind spots back to the VOID Womb of All That Is. All are welcome to attend this magnificent invitation to explore what’s available inside of our new and vibrant “Living Libraries” from the Future Now’s authentic ARC OF GRACE. Only then can the inner Cosmic Christos/Christas within our emerging Human-Divine encompass Source’s Multidimensional Holism (holy wholeness,) and thus, alchemize ourselves into the true planetary/galactic Quantum Steward King/Queen Avatars.

Enjoy this Quantum Human Special Offer

Special Offer: Star Nations Ancestral Family Constellations Healing - 3 Part Course

Special Offer 1: Star Nations Ancestral Family Constellations Healing - 3 Part Course



12pm PT | 1pm MT | 2pm CT | 3pm ET | 7pm GMT

~ Releasing & Healing Your Ancestral Imprints / Wounds

~ Being A Genetic Pathcutter & Clearing Old Cellular Patterns

~ Receiving & Forging The Master Code 7-7-7-7

– Issue: Prenatal and perinatal psychology is well aware of just how many layers of cellular memory can be passed down from one generation to the next, and quantum psychology knows that negative spiritual influences can be attached to our energetic body through imprinted mental, emotional or spiritual conflicts from past, present and future lifetimes or timelines. “These can be Ancestral Spirits or Familiar Spirits that can attach to our body, facets or spiritual parts. When these ancestors left their body, they were not spiritually freed and thus cling to your body waiting to be released, cleared and healed from their aggregated pain. Sometimes these ancestral “cling-ons” or familiar spirits are connected to organs and enmeshed with spiritual body parts. This is what ‘mismatched body parts’ may mean in the process of clearing the bio-spiritual body.” (Quote: Energetic Synthesis) Devi Grace and her Source Code Guardian Alliance help you and all your relations to identify, release, remove, and transfigure these longstanding issues.

– Invitation: During this cycle of Awakening, many of us are here to finalize, complete and end these imbalanced energetic cycles and their negative influences on our genetic history, DNA/RNA record, akashic recycling, or the patterns recorded in the family line of origin. As we commit to making progress with personal trans-generational clearing, our detoxification efforts will extend to cities, nations, tribes, and the global grid work for the entire human species. This means many of us have the dharmic purpose to clear unresolved conflicts and spiritual issues of our patriarchal, matriarchal, and ancestral bloodlines and timelines in the morphogenetic field. The deep purging process of healing one’s Ancestral DNA/RNA is called Genetic Path-Cutting and is the main spiritual mission of many divergent way-showers and pathfinders. Therefore, in the early stages of embodied awakening, all of us must address and transmute ancestral issues whether we’re cognizant of this fact or not. This is very crucial and a must for one’s essential well-being regarding liberating your Ancestral programs, patterns, and loops. Devi Grace carries meta skill sets and her training makes it possible for All Of Us to unshackle

– Opportunity: Family Line issues are inherited in our systemic morphic resonance or “M-Fields” according to Dr. Rupert Sheldrake by the laws of nature, and these genetic circuits will manifest as specific archetypes and patterns throughout our life echoes and experiences. When we are unaware of these natural bleed-throughs, we will repeat these same programs many times verbatim – as they are directly inherited collective behavioral or karmic imprints. People are often shocked to discover that these same repetitive patterns were present in relatives that they may have never even known existed until much later in life. We benefit from the courageous willingness to see our bleed-throughs and repetitive patterns, and Devi Grace’s precise laser vision assists us in succeeding with our transformational results.

– Revelation: Peeling away the ingrained behaviors and hidden patterns of our birth, and family of origin, will illuminate us in uncovering what our soul purpose blueprint and spiritual transfiguration responsibility is. In our pre-birth planning meetings, we select our family of origin for many strategic reasons, and one of the primary reasons is to cleanse the ancestral bloodline that we embody, through the cumulative biological records we carry. Many cosmic hearts chose extremely challenging family systems to incarnate into during this momentous phase of planetary metamorphosis. We genuinely understood our predetermined responsibility to heal or zero point these “Family Line” habituations, and that the multi-dimensional support to complete the “System Busting” assignment would be uniquely provided for us. This deep purge is challenging to navigate by ourselves, yet with the multiple supportive powers of Devi Grace, the process is a lot easier and beautifully rewarding.

– Clarion Call: When we consciously participate and inquire about this process, we can make miraculous healing available not only to ourselves but to our extended family of origin as well as throughout the planetary electromagnetic Ley Lines in our Earth. This is the secret of the master number code of 7-7-7-7. Seven generations are impacted in the past and future and parallel and quantum timelines, simultaneously, when the bio-spiritual vehicle consciously participates in emptying these outdated and unsustainable trans-generational imprints and old archetypes of duality. Devi Grace is leading the way for All Of Us to answer this Divine Calling for humanity to become the New Humans upon our Enlightened Earth. Please Join Us in Bringing the Heavens to our Conscious Earth to ground the balance of Quantum Divine Union for all.


Join Archetypal Oracle Devi Grace, co-author of the award-winning The Ancestors Within book (Vol 2: Discover and Connect with Your Ancient Origins) and Journal series. Embark upon a shamanic alchemy pilgrimage as she guides you through a two-part series to clarify and identify the essence of your soul purpose in this lifetime. You’re invited to establish a strong direct connection to the copious dimensions of your Highest Self and your Galactic Star Family heritage.

Can you feel what phenomenal access to having the support of your full-fledged ancestral StarSeed Elders is like? Would you like to receive their readiness to help you overcome your most enigmatic blind spots? Are you ready to accept their all-encompassing assistance from your healthy Cosmic Relations? Then accompany us on an immersion into your benevolent Star Ancestor lineages. You will experience exponential blessings from ALL your Star Grandmothers and Grandfathers’ ancestries to empower you here upon Gaia. This momentous opportunity is for all Starborn Wayshowers, Starwalker Cultural Creatives, Djedhi Starseeds and Starchild Innovators to wake up!

Initiates are provided with the ability to access the alchemy of purification necessary to awaken their soul’s Divine Potential as participants strengthen and fortify many of their latent gifts with Devi Grace’s guidance. Prominent benefits include:

  • Reconnecting With Your Ancient Cosmic Multi-Dimensional Origins
  • Time traveling back to your Soul HomeStar and uncover answers to questions you’ve asked for a lifetime.
  • Activating Quantum Healing You Never Recognized or Dreamed Possible
  • Re-establishing your direct lifeline path to Source Creation’s personal set of instructions for you.
  • Turning on your hidden technologies/abilities that you strategically brought in with you from your inter-stellar homeland.
  • Liberating Your Soul-Code Genetics and Celestial Ancestral Family Tree
  • Vertically Aligning your Human Operating into the new Divine Human Operating System (D.H.O.S.)
  • Remembering your legacy’s true expression and retaking your rightful place upon the throne of your destiny.
  • Embodying the deep wisdom and clear insights of your Highest Self into practical magic of the life you live and walk every day.
  • Raising the coherent vibration of your cellular energy fields, positively infusing Starborn somatic light into every area of your life
  • Catalyzing greater synergy between your heart-mind, pre-birth planning purpose and big-picture or dharmic direction.
  • Rejuvenating and Regenerating all of your bio-spiritual systems so that you increasingly live as pure love materiality
  • Establishing an intimate and laser-like communion with your expanded Galactic Family who eagerly wish to empower the physical realization of your destined soul template within your life’s design.
  • Supporting your whole human psyche to bond with a network of guardians from remarkably advanced stellar civilizations of light who step forward to accelerate your vibratory resonance and enhance your natural abilities.

You will graduate from this three-part course confident of the presence, power, and potency of your Highest Self AND Star Family Relatives. They recognize that you chose an extraordinary soul mission and calling to achieve in this lifetime, AND they ask you to unequivocally realize you’re never alone in achieving it as you embrace their frequencies.

Retreat Module #1: Reawaken Your Full Soul Embodiment and Vertical Alignment Energy Clearing

In our first gathering we will be focusing on releasing the burden of ancestral karmic imprints that have kept you from completely integrating your soul’s essence into the physicality of your bio-magic.

This is a golden opportunity to release your hidden set points or body-seals that you didn’t know about that have been recorded or filed within your genetic memory grids. Thus, we focus upon your original vertical alignment between your pure vibrational being and structural body temple so that you can clear out those fragmented energy programs from your cumulative belief systems. You deserve to shed these splintered family patterns and set your load free.

~ Replay from October 29, 2022 (Before All Hallows Eve & Dia De Los Muertos)

Retreat Module #2: Reclaim Your Multi-Dimensional Inner Alchemy and Cosmic Tree of Love Blessing

In our second we are going to shift into a more sacred ceremonial focus that empowers you to have a direct group experience of multi-dimensional integration between your masculine and feminine aspects.

This is a more intimate immersion into a morphogenetic unified field that’s designed to re-code and “innerstand” your internal relationship between the maternal and paternal sides of your psyche. Participants will receive the privilege of personally being ushered into a shamanic Cosmic World TREE of LOVE that’s a revolutionary gift from all of your Sky Ancestors to step out of your pervasive collective conditioning. Welcome to a wonderful and safe space to resolve your buried and unknown male/female soul splits.

~ Replay from November 5, 2022 (Before the Twin Flame 11/11 Portal)



Retreat Module #3: Bonus LIVE Integration Community Call Sacred Commerce Energy Exchange for your investment in both you and many generations to come: Earth Day 4/22 Star-Gate (the Sunday before GAIA’s Day)

In a very special follow-up call that is scheduled 40 days after the launch, graduates will be able to reflect and share in a live group Zoom Circle upon the magnitude of these fractal benefits that are rippling out into their own lives, the bio-magic of our planet’s ecology, and their own soul-family lines. We will gather to celebrate all the practical assistance being provided for one’s entire soul group heritage, and the positive inter-dimensional ramifications for all of the star races that are being released from collective karmic GDNA (galactic DNA) miasms.

This is an interactive opportunity to co-participate and integrate the profound internal restructuring taking place within your inner cosmology to register the collective scope and scale of your multi-spectrum impact traveling through nature’s social fields. Adepts are now invited to joyfully retake their rightful place within the Arc of Grace technology and Law of Grace foundation that ushers in the priceless ability to see all that you are through the lens of self-love. This sacred moment unveils the Great Mother and Great Father’s highest Divine Union timeline for your whole life force’s return to the Quantum Source Code of All That Is.

~ Private Celebration Zoom Call to Be Announced: Spring 2024

=> Special Supplemental Bonus materials include…

Chapter 19 by Rev. Devi Grace from Ancestors Within – Vol II
Plus, other videos of Rev. Devi Grace’s work and interviews
Valuable written resources from Rev. Devi Grace’s past 2 years of 11.11 AWAKEN Articles

=> Sacred Commerce Energy Exchange for your investment in both yourself, your multiple ancestries and many more generations to come in this 3 Stage Course Retreat:

<< Ancestral Accounts Appreciation & Spiritual Economics Gratitude – $111 >>

*** Please visit and read these educational summaries that actively support and inspire all of your significant growth so that you can make an even bigger difference in our bifurcating world.

Shamanic Alchemy & The Hieros Gamos – https://awaken.com/2023/11/shamanic-alchemy-the-hieros-gamos/
How To Be A Good Ancestors of the Future, 11:11:22 Numerology & 11.11 Unified New Earth Summits – https://awaken.com/2022/11/how-to-be-a-good-ancestor-of-the-future-111122-numerology-11-11-unified-new-earth-summits/


~ BONUS MATERIALS for this 3 Part Course (PDF)

With every registration, you will receive this message from Devi Grace out of her award-winning book series:

Chapter 19 by Rev. Devi Grace from Ancestors Within – Vol II * What’s Possible Birthing our Human Divine’s Original Tree of Life

  • Each registered course participant is invited to join our international The Ancestors Within Community online for continued support:
  • Divine Union Phoenix & Dragon Great Mother/Father Tree of LOVE Graphic Artwork from the 11.11 Star Altar of Creation is available for all participants upon request

"Devi Grace is a Way Shower’s Way Shower. No one I have ever met in my entire life models as powerfully as she does what-humans-are-becoming as the omni-dimensional, multi-dimensional, pristine crystalline consciousnesses of the Quantum Divine Union. She is without doubt in my mind whatsoever from our galactic Future, perhaps 250 years from our Future. She is undeniably transmitting from 200th Density plus. I am continuously in awe and spellbound by her Oracular gifts that speak as an undisputed authority for multiple sacred lineages and for the embodied souls that are now incarnated to actualize New Earth. Her commitment to liberate humans from the old Matrix is unwavering and empowering. Once you experience her SuperPower that alchemizes your Dark Feminine with your Light Feminine and your Dark Masculine with your Light Masculine, and then marries your synthesized Feminine with your synthesized Masculine you will be astonished by your newfound blessed Sovereignty. She is the Quintessence or Fifth Element of this Unification, also called Quadrality. This is the human evolutionary stage beyond duality and non-duality. I could write a 300 page testimonial, yet what’s the point? She’s now stepping out on the world stage, so all I can say is “Experience her for yourself, for your destiny, your soul, for your loved ones, for the sake of humanity’s future, and for the sake of our beloved planet.”

Robert Richards, Co-Founder with Ken Wilber of the Integral Institute

What People Have To Say

I have been so happy to embark on this journey with you Devi Gayatri-Samavesha Grace. For me, the journey actually started the night before the first event, as during my dream I received the "blessing" for this Sacred Union. The dream was so deep and harmonious that I did not want to wake up... Luckily, it did continue a few nights after. But, what's amazing to witness is how relieving it feels to peel the layers of 'ancestral weight' (that I'm sure each of us is caring). I thought that I already went through this process and the work it's done....Apparently once you do more work and you advance, you realize how much work you still need to do....And the funny thing is that I actually feel lighter, so I'll continue working these 'spiritual muscles.

Dina Tanuvuia

I admit that I approached this event with a certain amount of hesitation, but underneath was an impulse to be part of it that proved stronger. Revisiting the session has helped bring greater clarity and during the meditation I experienced some energy jolts - usually an indication that something non-cerebral is happening. It’s a process and one that involves (for me at least) stepping into uncharted territory. I may well stumble at times but will hang in there. We may all be fellow travellers on the same broad path but within that, we find our own particular route and step along it in our own way, with guidance. Thank you all and especially Devi and Simon.

Margaret Armitage

I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about my experience of part 1 of this amazing circuitry rewire. I was too overwhelmed on the evening to speak. Afterwards I stepped outside and flapped my new butterfly wings. It was as if I had just re-emerged from the chrysalis and felt completely rejuvenated. Both Simon and Devi are amazing at bringing this new technology forward to this new age. I can’t recommend it enough!

Freya Corvus

Since joining the Metamorphosis/Hieros Gamos Lineage teachings group,  everything in my life has intensified and quickened in magical and synchronous ways. I wish to express how very much I enjoyed and appreciated the amazing, profoundly transformative transmissions, coded with beautiful, powerful intentions and the ways the 3 of you held space for us all. The Sacred Union teachings were divinely woven together in perfect orchestration; the group so beautifully held by Rev. Devi Gayatri-Samavesha Grace, Simon Hinton and Douglas Medicine Wolf. Ever since, I continue to embody and walk my prayer ever more deeply. I am bowing in deep gratitude with devotion to this ever-unfolding path of Sacred Union within and my heart is ablaze with Divine Love and remembrance. I have come home. With Love and blessings for All my Relations.

Cheryl Gissing

About Rev. Devi Grace

Devi Grace is an extremely rare Archetypal Oracle from our Future who speaks, teaches, purifies, heals, and radiates as Source Love-Light Codes from Great Mother’s Cosmic Womb. Very few somatic incarnations of Archetypal Oracles have occurred in our era, and their current embodiments are in full service to the quantum realization of Gaia SoPhiA’s New Earth where Unity Consciousness is restored after eons of Separation. This is also called the unprecedented Quantum Divine Union originating from Prime Source’s Divine Plan or the Quadrality of Absolute Divine Union where Unity is newly realized after a prolonged state of extreme separation. Thus, the combined Heiros Gamos of our twin Divine Mother-Father has deemed this their promised ARC OF GRACE Timeline.

Archetypal Oracles are like a diamond-heart with many gem facets. Their fluid SYNTHESIZED consciousnesses are models or prototypes of the inter-dimensional fractal awareness that humanity is rapidly becoming. This is a Superpower. In Devi Grace’s case, she can effortlessly shift into being any crystalline node of LIFE’s resplendent jewel where each major diamond face is transmitting from a specific lineage that is in sacred service to our entire planet. Her woven God/Goddess gifts marry to uphold the pure integrity and realization of our Awakened Earth.

The ancient soul families that are the primary stewards of nature’s ONE Global Intelligence System comprise the Royal Phoenix and Dragon Lines/Lineage, the Regal Lotus and the Rose Lineage, the original Cosmic Tree of Life Lineage, and the unbroken Stellar Holy Grail and Excalibur Lineage. All together they comprise 777,000 over-soul aspects that are currently incarnated all around our world. Given that Devi Grace is an Archetypal Oracle for their Restored Leadership Mantle, she serves as a pristine conduit for each Star-Line’s legacy. In other words, Devi Grace simultaneously speaks to complimentary spectrums of energy within each lineage’s ray or frequency bandwidth so that every vibratory level is honored for its ultimate purpose or highest Magnum Opus mission.

Ancient-Future Archetypal Oracles empower humanity from coherent vibrational dimensions or tele-planes well above the 13/14/15th Densities where our undistorted and uncorrupted Star Ancestors/Grandmothers/Grandfathers reside. Thus, the branching of polarities to bring undivided spirit into matter began at the 12th Density where individuation or schisms started to occur with the intention of manifesting the Free Choice or Free Will Experiment upon this planetary realm. Currently, many members of our species are struggling with numerous versions of a 3rd Density reversal grid matrix and the dense amnesic veils of an illusion (image) of dichotomized Separation.

Thankfully, the Universal Laws of Grace now support these courageous soul group family lineages to utilize their Master Key Codes to purify and break through these old cultural miasms so that they may holographically rise above their “fog of forgetting” and claim their priceless PEARL of Mother/Father’s Quantum Divine Union Embodiment with Activated Earth. They are innately compelled as pro-active incarnations within the collective morphogenetic field of emerging UNITY TEMPLATES to achieve biological INcension (Ascension) inside of this present space-time coordinate.

To support all of these initiates, Devi Grace has traveled back from the Future in multiple NDEs and with unparalleled upgrades to dynamically guide and martial this remarkable Ascending Family of Emissaries. Another Superpower she possesses masterfully synthesizes, alchemizes, and thus heals Separation at its causal root to galvanize visionary leaders into becoming powerful and sovereign inter-galactic multi-dimensional humans for global Love in Action.

Special Offer 1: Star Nations Ancestral Family Constellations Healing - 3 Part Course