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Enjoy this Quantum Human Session with Carla Rose Kelly

The Quantum Human | Creating Abundance with Music Medicine with Carla Rose Kelly


In this discussion, we will examine what we have been taught as abundance and what true sustainable abundance really is. When we know the truth of creating our abundant life, then we can work towards creating it.
Historically, we have associated abundance with money and material goods. We were taught that by working hard, we will get money, and this will lead us to happiness. We are now awakening to understand this is totally backwards! If we want to create true, long-lasting abundance in our life, we need to do it differently.
The first thing to do is to define it differently in our belief system. If we look up abundance in Dictionary.com, abundance is described as an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity of supply. I describe abundance as a state of being, where everything is perfect as it is. We’ll discuss what this really means, and why it is important. I will give you empowering tips on how to start living a sustainable, abundant life!

Enjoy this Quantum Human Special Offer

Special Offer: Option 1: Music Medicine Healing Session $155

Special Offer 1: Option 1: Music Medicine Healing Session $155


An online Music Medicine healing session: one hour of music medicine specially created to help you let go of limiting beliefs, emotions and pains that are no longer serving you. You’ll lie comfortably on a couch in your own home while music is created for your soul and what it needs in that moment. This could include keyboard, vocals, drum, rain sticks, chimes, shakers, Solfeggio SACRED SCALE® Harp or flutes, tuning forks etc..

gain clarity in the brain
let go of stress, tensions, pains, anxieties, depression
healing at a deep cellular level to create balance, health and wellness
peaceful and tranquil
profound spiritual experiences

Special Offer: Option 2: Personal Abundance Code

Option 2: Personal Abundance Code


Everyone has their own unique way of attracting abundance into their life.  It’s important to know what you must do in order to attract an abundant life. When your life purpose is known, and your gifts and talents are activated, you naturally attract favourable opportunities, that create abundance on all levels-love, peace, joy, trust, faith, money and prosperity.  It is all encoded in your natal chart.

If you’d like to start attracting your abundant life, send me your full legal name, exact time (hour and minute) of birth, indicating am/p.m. and day, month and year of birth,  including city and country where you live now.

I will meet with you personally online to go over your abundance code and go over any questions you may have.  You’ll also receive a written copy of your personal Abundance Code via email.

About Carla Rose Kelly

Carla Rose Kelly is an 8-time Global Music Award winning composer and performer in the Healing, Meditation, Music Medicine, Ambient and Lullaby categories.

Her education includes 3 post-secondary degrees, and a Masters in the Healing Arts. During her 25 years teaching piano and theory at Royal Conservatory of Music, she became involved in Music & Medicine research in 2007. She presently has 4 published research papers with the ISQRMM and ISME. She has had the privilege of speaking internationally about her research in Music as Medicine, hosting workshops and classes in Japan, England, Norway, Canada and across the USA.

She holds 4 patents in Canada, USA and Japan, inventing the first new healing instruments with the Solfeggio SACRED SCALE® including her methodology to heal. She teaches Music Medicine internationally. This patented Music Medicine program bridges the latest research across multi-disciplinary fields in the Science of Sound with Spirituality, Music & Medicine, Psychology, Neuro-science, Math, Neurobiology, and Neurotheology. It encompasses a beautiful connection of how profoundly powerful music can be for healing.

Carla Rose Kelly is playwright, co-composer and producer of the 2018 musical, Let the Music Come Alive. It is a new Canadian musical telling the tale of how a young girl uses music to help her father’s heart heal. This musical hosts three Global Music Award winning songs: I’m Alone, 2018 for new Musical Theater Music, Angels for Male Vocals by her son, Calvin Kelly, co-composer of the musical, and her composition, Peace for Healing Music.

In 2020, she published her first book, Down & Dirty Emotional Healing, which is available on her website music-medicine.ca. This book outlines a simple 3 step program that anyone can use to help heal and master their emotions using the free Music Medicine she offers.

She developed a baby music program based on the research on how music affects health, called L’il Musicians Club. It hosts new nursery rhymes that she wrote specifically to empower the developing brain.

Her passion is healing, teaching and empowering others about the miraculous powers within music to overcome emotional, physical and spiritual ailments that can help us towards our full potential.

Global Music Award winner 2019 for Peace: Healing/Meditation Music;
2021 for Letting Go: Healing/Meditation Music;
2021 for Covid Music Medicine: Ambient Music;
2022 for Loved & Blessed Lullaby: Lullaby
2022 for Winds of Change: Meditation Music
2022 for Love You Baby Lullaby: Music Medicine
2023 for Safe to Be Me Meditation: Meditation Music
2023 for I am Safe: Meditation Music

Option 1: Music Medicine Healing Session $155


Option 2: Personal Abundance Code