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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Xi EarthStar Healer

The 144000 Dragon Timekeepers Awakening from Stasis with Xi Earthstar


The Awakening of the Dragon Leylines is key to Planetary Ascension because they create the carrier architecture for Christ Consciousness to proliferate and reclaim its throne as the Organizing Principle of Reality and Timelines on Earth. The Dragon Grid Activations 2023-2024 is preparing the Earth for the resurrection of Christ in the Earth’s Grids which will impact all of life on Earth.

Christ Consciousness is risen through the perfect balance and Union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. The great imbalance and conflict between these creation energies on Earth is an evil technology intended to keep Christ Consciousness from fully manifesting, thus locking humanity in a lower consciousness.

The Dragons are the DNA, architecture, memory, and Time Keepers of the Emerald Covenant, and act as memory banks, reservoirs, soul amplifiers, and cosmic protection for the 144000. Starseeds carry time-codes in our DNA which interact with the timeline creation capabilities of the Dragon Lines, and the activation codons which initiate the Awakening of the Dragons in Stasis.

Are you one of the 144000 starseeded timekeepers? Do you feel like a dragon in stasis waiting to be awakened to your highest power? Join us Quantum Conversation to jump-start your Dragon Awakening!

Enjoy this Special Offer

Special Offer: Womb Wealth Creation

Special Offer: Womb Wealth Creation


Divine Feminine Entrepreneurship & Creation Sexuality Course

Sacred Woman… It’s Time To Heal Your Money Wound

My Dear Sister… Money doesn’t change the World…
But Embodied, Creative, Devoted & Wealthy Women Do.

2024 is the year of the Wood (Emerald) Dragon, a cosmic energy of Prosperity & Creativity ready to Support You to breakthrough limiting beliefs, poverty vows & curses and change your Money Story Forever.

How would the Life of your Family, Community, Tribe & World improve if you, the Divine Mother Leader of your World, were fully and totally Resourced in Every Single Way? Loved, Cared For and Financially Free.

Are you ready to fully Open your Receiving Channels, and Embody the Emerald Wealth Codes of Mother Nature? Take back the Natural State & Birth Right of the Divine Feminine… Portal of Infinite Creativity…

For a Multi-Dimensional Sacred Woman like You, this is the Profound Level of Support & Knowledge You Need to get to the Next Level of your Success… Step Into My Womb Temple Dear Sister… Let’s Rise Together.

Imagine If…

…by the end of this Year…

  • … money was Never a Limitation to your Dreams & Planetary Service ever again…
  • … the future of your Children and Family is never a concern for you…
  • … you can purchase, steward & protect Sacred Land & build Healing Centers without financial limitations…
  • … you knew how to turn your Medicine, Creativity & Soul Gifts into a Thriving Ecosystem of Business with Ease & Pleasure…
  • … you had financial overflow to share with your friends and family, and invest in New Earth products, companies & new technologies that support Mother Earth’s Future…
  • … you liberated your Confidence, Self Worth & your Womb’s Infinite Creative Potential and now give Birth effortlessly and orgasmically to your Gifts, Dreams & Creations into Reality

All of this & More is Inevitable For You, Once You’ve healed your Money Wound & reclaimed your Infinite Dragon Womb Creation Power to create a life of ease, prosperity, meaning & purpose for your Family… It is not only your Birth Right, but how you’re Meant to Live…

5-Step Alchemical Process

The Most Multi-Dimensional Wealth Creation Course on Earth,
Based On Cosmic & Taoist Tantra Alchemy,
Curated for the Modern Sacred Woman on a Mission

Our Extraordinary 12-Week Curriculum

A Multi-Dimensional Quantum Womb Temple to Hold & ReBirth You Into Your
Highest Heaven on Earth Timeline of Love, Harmony, Wealth & Purpose!

February 10 ~ April 27, 2024
Live Saturdays 10am ~ 5pm EST

Week 1: Saturday, February 10th, 2024
10am – 1pm EST Masterclass: Money is a Goddess – Liberating Money from our Stories of Wounding & Limitation
3pm – 5pm EST Oracle Healing Ceremony: 
Purifying, Healing & Reprogramming Our Body’s Relationship to Money & Success
Wednesday February 14th @ 2pm EST: QnA & Group Coaching Call

Week 2: Saturday, February 17th, 2024
10am – 1pm EST Masterclass: Pleasure, Soul Power & Creation Sexuality
3pm – 5pm EST Oracle Healing Ceremony: Somatic Activation & Somatic Retrieval of Pleasure, Power & Creativity
Wednesday February 21st @ 2pm EST: QnA & Group Coaching Call

Week 3: Saturday, February 24th, 2024
10am – 1pm EST Masterclass: 
Breaking the Curses of Poverty & Slavery & Various Lightbody Distortions
3pm – 5pm EST Oracle Healing Ceremony: Bloodline & Lightbody Clearing of Curses, Implants, Poverty & Slavery
Wednesday February 28th @ 2pm EST: QnA & Group Coaching Call

Week 4: Saturday, March 2nd, 2024
10am – 1pm EST Masterclass: Wealth Consciousness: Creating, Holding & Amplifying Wealth Through Divine Feminine Embodiment
3pm – 5pm EST Oracle Healing Ceremony: Embodying the Mother Nature Frequencies of Wealth, Generosity & Overflow
Wednesday March 6th @ 2pm EST: QnA & Group Coaching Call

Week 5: Saturday, March 9th, 2024
10am – 1pm EST Masterclass: 
Initiating the Inner Dragon King & Inner Masculine Mastery
3pm – 5pm EST Oracle Healing Ceremony: Healing, Evolving & Throning the Inner King & Activating True Grail King Consciousness
Wednesday March 13th @ 2pm EST: QnA & Group Coaching Call

Week 6: Saturday, March 16th, 2024
10am – 1pm EST Masterclass: Initiating the Inner Tigress Queen  & Inner Feminine Mastery
3pm – 5pm EST Oracle Healing Ceremony: Healing, Evolving & Throning the Inner Queen & Activating True Grail Queen Consciousness

Week 7: Saturday, March 23rd, 2024
Integration Week

Week 8: Saturday, March 30th, 2024
7pm EST Masterclass Live from Bali: Eternal Yin-Yang Creation Mechanics: White Tiger Emerald Dragon Templar Transmission & Activation

Week 9: Saturday, April 6th, 2024
10am EST LIVE QnA & Group Coaching
& Integration Week

Week 10: Saturday, April 13th, 2024
10am – 1pm EST Masterclass: Curating Your Offer / Products Through Bio-Dynamic Entrepreneurship & Tree of Life Economic Principles
3pm – 5pm EST Oracle Healing Ceremony: Architecting the Lightbody of a Sacred Business & Vessel for God’s Mission
Wednesday April 17th @ 2pm EST: QnA & Group Coaching Call

Week 11: Saturday, April 20th, 2024
10am – 1pm EST Masterclass: Embodied Entrepreneurship, Sales, Marketing & Creating a Mission-Driven Business Plan
3pm – 5pm EST Oracle Healing Ceremony: Clearing Invisibility, Unworthiness & Imposter Syndrome & Sourcing Confidence from Competence & Integrity
Wednesday April 24th @ 2pm EST: QnA & Group Coaching Call

Week 12: Saturday, April 27th, 2024
10am – 1pm EST Masterclass: Riding the Technology Dragon – Technology Telepathy, Marketing Dragons & Using Social Media to Serve God & Learn My Content Creation Marketing Strategy
3pm – 5pm EST Oracle Activation: Architect a Plasma Lightbody for your Phone, Computer, and Other Tools & Devices, Energetically Align your Business, Social Media Accounts & Content Strategy
Monday April 29th @ 2pm EST: QnA & Group Coaching Call

About Xi EarthStar Healer

Xi EarthStar Healer is the founder of the EarthStar Academy, a MotherShip for the Starseed Mission on Earth. ESA Supports God’s Angels: the Starseeds, Indigos, Dreamweavers & Lightworkers, on our Mission to Return God’s Love to the Heart of All of Humanity.

Through the arts of prayer, oracle transmission, singing, writing, and multi-dimensional energy work, I am supporting humanity in reclaiming our Infinite Creativity through the Healing of our Multidimensional Lightbody & Creation Sexuality. She teaches you how to access your higher consciousness, walk-in Union with God, heal yourself on all levels, and lead a Miracle-Filled Life of Divine Purpose!

Special Offer: Womb Wealth Creation