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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Emmaray Kumara

Magic & Mystery within Gaia’s Living Library with Emmaray Kumara


Have you ever heard the term the Living Library? It is a place where we can go and learn the greatest wisdom of the Universe and even Multiverses. One such place is Gaia/Mother Earth and the Realms of Nature. Gaia is a schoolhouse, a living library where we learn through direct experiences.

Mother Nature holds all f the clues to the magic of Creation and her Realms are our partners in recognizing them and remembering how to play, to create in this great microcosm of the vast macrocosm of Creation. She, the Living Library, is filled with Divine Magic and the answers to the mystery of how to create such Joy and Beauty in our lives.

How do you/we explore the Divine Mysteries within the Living Library and find, cocreate with the Divine Magic, also known as Illumined Truth?
Within my talk on NEO Quantum Conversations, we will begin this exploration, opening the doors to your inquisitiveness and to find the answers to Life’s greatest mysteries that are often right before you just waiting to be noticed.

As we open the door to these Divine Mysteries and Truth, we open the door to our True Divine Nature and the evolution that we all came to cocreate here so very long ago through Divine Unity, Love and Light. It is time to continue our evolution of Cocreative Mastery. I invite you to join me on this journey. Namaste.

Enjoy this Special Offer

Special Offer 1: Gaia's Living Library: Seek the Wisdom ~ Find the Magic

Special Offer 1: Gaia's Living Library: Seek the Wisdom ~ Find the Magic


Downloadable Replay Now Available

Blessings to all! The intention of my offer 1 is to assist you in slowing down the pace of your life by opening the book of Nature which is Gaia’s Living Library. There are a finite number of patterns and shapes that make up all forms in the Cosmos, and the way they are put together creates magical vibrations and frequencies of expression that we experience in the seen and unseen realities.

You/everyone co-creates with these energies to create your outer reality through which you and your Soul/Spirit learn wisdom for your evolution and to assist you in being of Service to Life overall.

You will have three guides during this program: myself, a wolfdog spirit named Ishnahnay (Bright Morning Star) and a Overlighting Deva named Opal.  Together we will introduce you to the Living Library through deeper sensory awareness and hopefully inspire your curiosity to explore the Living Library more and more deeply.

Item 1: A combination of meditations and teaching audio/video to assist participants in learning about cosmic patterns, sacred geometry, the doctrine of signatures through digital guided tours of nature. Topics will include:

  • Connecting with Consciousness
  • Colors as Clues
  • Patterns of Purpose
  • As Above, so Below (macrocosm, microcosm)
  • Learning to Read Nature’s Pages

Item 2: Webinar group support and sharing.  Expanding sensory awareness. Guided discussions of the Living Library through photographs and life experiences. Dependent upon the group size(s), participants will be welcomed to share photographs for discussion and learning.


The focus of this class is The Living Library within you.

  • Rainbow frequencies with your multibody system.
  • Doctrine of Signatures and the body connection
  • Music of the Higher Spheres
  • Your Body Deva/Elemental’s role in creating with the Living Library
  • Masterful guidance into the awareness of who and what in the Living Library wishes to assist/cocreate with you to fulfill your Divine Purpose and Joy of living.
  • Expansion of your interdimensional senses to create/enhance your Divine partnership with Mother Nature & the Living Library.
  • Greater awareness of what the Cosmic patterns mean to you individually and collaboratively with others.
  • Restoration of your Joy and Wonder of Nature and the amazing Divine Magic held within her.

Special Offer: Personal Session plus Option 1

Personal session where I assist you to journey more deeply into your sensory awareness, your creative pathways of choice including loving you free of any barriers to this Divine exploration and Co-creative process that are ready to be cleared.

Special Offer 2: Personal Session plus Option 1


About Emmaray Kumara

Emmaray Kumara is known primarily as a multidimensional bridge between Heaven and Mother Earth (Gaia); humanity & Nature, serving as a Light Warrior/Weaver and bringer of Truth to the Earth from the realms of Unity, Love and Light. Emmaray is founder and CEO of The Nature Whisperer and active member of the Bless All Life Council. She presents her services on Earth through her gifts as an interspecies & interdimensional communicator, teacher/trainer, writer/author, photographer, Divine alchemist, conscious communication/co-creation facilitator and holistic healer for all kingdoms of Life. “I am a walk-in and I came here 20 years ago to help others, one of whom might be you, to remember so much of what has been forgotten. In Gratitude I Am to be of such Divine Service to Life.” Namaste ~ Emmaray

Special Offer 1: Gaia's Living Library: Seek the Wisdom ~ Find the Magic


Special Offer 2: Personal Session plus Option 1