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Enjoy this Quantum Human Session with Jewels Arnes

The Quantum Human | Evolution Gene Code with Jewel Arnes


What is the NEXT in Human Evolution? Did you know there is no Biological reason we age? The quantum field of the human body is the most complex organized organic system there is. This coherent energy field has the capability to exist beyond the programmed system (the matrix), which stores and maintains information on a cellular level. When the DNA is activated, the separation between a programmed reality and the frequency of Source begins to dissolve. DNA distortion creates a programmed experience of the body and mind. It continuously and automatically monitors, informs and manages our reality. When we awaken the Quantum Body, we remember we are multidimensional; that the body is multidimensional. The stamina and stability of the human energy field determine the health of the body. In the frequency of 963, the human energy field becomes the expression of the frequency of 963, moving beyond time and space.
Now, with solid scientific evidence, Dr. Bruce Lipton tapped into a life changing revolution. It is proven cells operate and communicate through observation of conscious communication. Mind and Matter create reality. This is still a limitation of what is true. What happens when consciousness meets the frequency of Source stored in the DNA? We become the Intelligence of Source as the body.
Quantum physics is based on a new paradigm of an “observed” reality. Observation of even the quantum field is still an illusion of a programmed reality. When we turn on the transcribed intelligence of DMT, 963, we can attune our consciousness to DNA intelligence held beyond observation and distortion. It takes determination and discipline to hold consciousness in a frequency beyond the identity of a programmed reality, but we are proving it is not only possible, but it is shifting how the cells operate! In just ten months, I took my telomere age from 37 years old to 19 years old. How? I began activating my DNA with DMT codes, 963 frequency. Specifically by using Scalar 33 ORMUS, DMT Coding and the BioQuantum Particle Accelerator. My physical body raised in frequency.

We are only on the cutting edge of what is possible, but I am all in. The intelligence awakening within me drives me to become the NEXT in Human Evolution. Do you feel the Drive? The AWAKENING of the Quantum Body? Listen to the intelligence awakening within you. It has something to say. You are the most advanced organic technology there is. Are you living the truth of your potential or in a reality that keeps you looping in the distortion created through a programmed experience of the body and mind?

Enjoy this Quantum Human Special Offer

Special Offer: BioQuantum Online Retreat

Special Offer 1: BioQuantum Online Retreat


Join Jewels for this one-of-a-kind Virtual Retreat.

For 3 days you will Activate DMT and explore the intelligence stored in your DNA. As the frequency of DMT is released from your DNA and Pineal Gland, you will begin to learn to master different levels of consciousness held in the intelligence stored there. To track your journey, you will work with an intention and then witness the MAGIC unfold! This retreat is for anyone ready to AMPLIFY their Personal Power, Shift their life into the Quantum Field and Activate the Quantum Body

Experience! March 10th 2:00-3:30pm EST

✨Become aware of how you view the limitations of your own body and break through looping systems.

✨ Learn to turn on 100% of the energetic synapses to expand beyond limiting beliefs or the automatic behaviors that create the experience of the body in the old paradigm.

✨ Awaken to your highest potential both consciously and physically by expanding beyond the state of consciousness you are currently creating from.

✨ Shift from the old Paradigm of the cells function and begin to hold an intelligence as frequency waves, allowing the body to shift out of disease and deterioration.

✨ Turn off epigenetic codes and move into a state of extreme performance in the expression of frequencies held in the DNA.

✨ Shift DNA distortion to express frequency waves beyond agreements held in dense repeated patterns or primal looping systems of the body.

✨ Learn to use DNA intelligence to amplify performance and potential of the body.  This upgrades energetic waves or synapses of the body to hold frequencies above the state of consciousness you are in.

✨ Become the master of an intelligence outside the programming of physical and energetic responses of the old paradigm of the human experience.

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Special Offer: Becoming BioQuantum Foundations Course

Becoming BioQuantum Foundations Course


Experience the frequency of the Quantum Body and boost physical and cognitive performance. Up-level your energy to optimize your life!

Your DNA holds an intelligence that has the ability to access specific information beyond programming. 8 module on demand course

In this Course:

  • You will learn a heightened awareness and a systematic series of tools that will assist you in upleveling your frequency when you notice that you drop in vibration or get stuck in a looping cycle, thought or program.
  • Up-level your energy to optimize your workout, focus time, and overall wellbeing while strengthening your guidance system to create your best life!
  • Learn what the chemical body is and how to master emotion, drive, creativity, and optimize your experience of what it is to be human.
    Experience DMT™ activations that shift cellular function into higher spin rates or frequencies, allowing the body to shift out of the Timeline of Aging.
  • Become aware of how you view the limitations of your body, mind and spirit to activate an intelligence that brings you to the next level of human evolution.
  • Maximize perspective and hold consciousness in higher frequencies (DMT) so you can start to live your life beyond the programmed body and mind.
  • Maximize cognitive function and move beyond the limitations of the subconscious mind.
  • Open to clear communication with your inner knowing or guidance system and cut out all the chatter to create your best life.
  • Learn to actively participate in DMT™ Intelligence, what is it saying and how do you use it to create a Quantum Experience.

About Jewel Arnes

Founder/Creator of Eternal Gold Beauty, DECU & OMcodes

Jewels started her walk with spirit at the age of 16 when she had a chance encounter with a woman that saw her gift as a “seer” Through the synergy of connecting with her soul family, she was revealed a method to transform cellular intelligence. With over 30 years in Vibrational Healing and multiple accreditations, Jewels’ developed her Super Power of Tracing energy patterns to find the beliefs or programs that keep us in the cycle of aging and disease. She Created DECU Cellular Readings, OMcodes and EvoStar Technology as a pathway to shifting from molecular to light. These cutting edge methods lead us to finding the true power of becoming the New Human!

Developing a delivery system for people to receive the elements that are advancing the DNA, Jewels started her journey into creating outside molecular structure. This then evolved into a revolutionary method to not only supporting cells to move beyond limiting beliefs, but give people the power to heal themselves. Wanting to bring about ground breaking changes in cellular intelligence, Jewels focuses on creating the NEW Human by teaching her Step by Step methods, to those who feel the calling to enhance the human experience.

Jewels fully stepped into the co-creation with her Divine when she heard the message, Break the God Cod, Divine intelligence is held in your DNA. At that moment, the Jewels felt free. She moved through many trials and errors as she found herself reimaging what it is to be human. It didn’t take long for Jewels to tap into creating with Source through abstract frequency. In this space Jewels created a platform that is changing what it means to be human. She finds that unity, oneness and uplifting others is the pathway to creating a NEW Earth. As the platform evolves all who choose to be a part of this beautiful collaboration tap into a frequency that is undeniable! Unity in creation, the pathway to a New Earth is truly magical! Jewels is dedicated to bringing in the energy sequences needed to raise the frequency of the human experience one cell at a Time.

Special Offer 1: BioQuantum Online Retreat


Becoming BioQuantum Foundations Course