With Usui Reiki Master & Intuitive Empath
Vandana Atara

Mastery Empowerment Course: Womb Chakra Cord Cleanse Program

For Clearing Old Stuff, Past Abuse, Shame Shadows & Healing Sexual Trauma

Mastery Empowerment Course: Womb Chakra Cord Cleanse Program


2 Payment Option Available

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Greetings Womb Chakra Goddess,

If you’ve been feeling blocked, stuck & your lust for life has been extinguished, join me to dissolve & detangle your energy from corded imprints, implants & draining attachments that leak your feminine vitality, creativity & sacred sensuality.

As energy sensitive empaths, we're wired to feel deeply. But this can leave us drained, riddled with self-doubt, and entangled in other people's problems. Imagine finally trusting your gut, radiating confidence, and having unshakeable boundaries.

Are you ready to?

Break free from the disease to caretake others & people please Unleash your powerful kundalini sensuality & creatrix energy Heal lifetimes of buried shame, abuse and sexual trauma Open & awaken your receiving pleasure chakra centers Overcome fear of emotional intimacy & low self-esteem Attract healthy relationships and safe romantic partnerships Feel Good Enough To Reparent & Channel Your Inner Child If You Can Relate & All Of This Resonates, I Invite You To Join Me In A Safe & Sacred Womb Container Community To Heal From:

Poor Relationship Boundaries With Friends & Lovers Emotionally Unavailable Or Neglectful Parenting Fear of your own dynamic &creative power Soul Loss, Energy Leaks & Womb Shame Mental, Phys8ical Or Emotional Overwhelm Kidney Pain, Hormonal Imbalance Or Adrenal Burnout Feeling Unsafe & Ungrounded In Your Physical Body Join me for a transformative 2-hour Solar Plexus Attunement:

Guided visualizations to release trapped emotions and karmic baggage Powerful journeying to awaken your inner healer and higher self Solar Plexus "spirit surgery" to melt away emotional armor and supercharge your resilience

Week 1 Itinerary:

  • How to tell if your 2nd chakra is blocked
  • Unravelling/Releasing chakra cords
  • Exercises to process unresolved trauma
  • Re-writing vows of shame, betrayal & self-sacrifice
  • A Full Body Chakra Cord Cleanse With Sekhmet & Bast
  • A Blue Star Goddess Isis Attunment For Freedom & Liberation

Week 2 Itinerary:

  • A Kundalini Goddess Activation To Flow Stuck Energy With Divine Mother
  • A Womb Annointment Light Treatment In The Temple Of Renewal & Regeneration
  • A Sexual Soul Retrieval Empowerment Process To Release & Heal Womb Trauma
  • A Goddess Isis Womb Chakra Light Bath Purification Soul Spa Session
  • An Ancient Egyptian Divine Feminine Reunion With The First Female Healer Doctors
  • A Feline, Lioness & Priestess Potency Frequency Attunement To Rebirth Your Inner Healer

What People Have To Say About Vandana

Aloha Vandana, I am so grateful for these meditations. They have literally been carrying me through the last month. I have listened to them probably 100 times! Blessings & Namaste

Lotus Dove

Vandana connections with everyone

This course came to me at the perfect time as I was feeling a calling to go deeper with my inner child. Vandana creates space of safety during each call. To allow you and your inner child’s feelings to be heard, felt and embraced. Vandana connections with everyone on the call to tailor the course for those that are attending. There have been many deep clearings for me during this course. I have also appreciated the learning to identify when I take certain actions or say certain things, where it is coming from my inner child or my adult self. I think it has also been an experience to learn to see your parents as their inner child, to foster the healing"

- Blessings


This is the kind of peace & joy I’ve been searching for all my life!

Wow, beloved Vandana! I love you & thank you for the galactic angelic abundance attunement program to heal the "not enough" programs of my inner child! I can't even find the words to describe the grace of this re-birthing experience… I allowed myself to trust my intuition and guidance to receive healing information & deeper understanding to help me move forward into my divine alignment. I have tried to make peace countless times with my mother and ancestors but needed to journey back to the moment of my birth to experience the ultimate transformational blessings! Every part of your soul journey was potent and valuable in so many places & spaces that I had to stop and do some healing writing & journaling to shift my thoughts & emotions into the most incredibly joyful experience! I have now rebirthed my old stories to create new beginnings. My inner child deserves this and more! This is the kind of peace & joy I’ve been searching for all my life!

Samantha T

Reiki Gratitude

"Hi Vandana, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the truly lovely course-thank you! I really enjoyed it, and learned new and interesting things and very useful things that I hadn't learned in my previous reiki course.

I'm really grateful for your inner earth star activations programs as well. They have been absolutely amazing & really fantastic! I have really enjoyed participating in them and they have really helped me in every way. I'm feeling much more aligned and happy as a result."

With Gratitude


Vandana's Voice & Presence Are So Calming!

Thank you for the accelerated light distance healing session! I could feel that the energy started to flow at least 20 minutes before the time we set up for our session and it is still flowing and working on me! It is a very powerful energy that is helping to move heavy/dense energy from my body.

I´ve always loved your loving, smoothing, nurturing & powerful energy! My being feels embraced by love just listening to your voice... it is so calming. I have many of your audios/activations since you started channeling the amazing Rich healing energies years ago... I keep "RICHING" all the time for powerful clearings!

Maria M., Spain

It's bringing me back to life

Dear Vandana, I wasn't sure if I qualified to join your latest Priestess Program but the night before I enrolled, I had a vivid dream of being in a temple and Isis, Thoth and Hathor were ministering to me. I was lying flat on a temple surface in the dream & I felt like I was being brought back to life, and this is what I feel the Priestess Program is doing for me. It's bringing me back to life and helping me remember who I am as a divine being, I feel this program is an opportunity to heal and tap into a new way of being and expression. Thank you, Vandana for creating a healing and nurturing space where ascension is facilitated. I love the Divine Beings being invited to help us be an expression of our highest self. There’s much love, hope & heart opening! Thank you!


About Vandana Atara Aura

Vandana was gifted her dharma name by Mother Amma – an awakened self-realized master teacher who embodies the spirit of Divine Mother. Since receiving her first darshan blessing in 2007, Amma’s Healing Hug has served to awaken & accelerate the opening & deepening of her intuitive gifts as a telepathic empath, angelic starseed & energy healer teacher.

She’s a divine channel, Usui Reiki Master, Inner Child Mentor, Buddhist Practitioner & Shamanic Soul Retrieval Facilitator whose greatest joy is supporting energy sensitive creative empaths to speak their truth, own their gifts & discover their unique soul purpose.

Vandana is most known for her soothing voice, compassionate presence & loving kindness she embodies when she holds a safe & sacred space for her clients & students.

Her healing workshops & channeled transmissions include ancestral medicine, reparenting the inner child, how to channel & trust your intuition & soul loss recovery with the tools of mindfulness, visualization & divine feminine energy medicine.

Vandana channels the energy of galactic doctors, spirit surgeons & star shamans as well as earth-based power animals, nature spirits & earth angels with etheric surgery, laser light surgery & integrative journeys to help others get unstuck, experience dramatic healing shifts & profound transformation.

She became a Reiki Master Teacher In 2007 at the Edgar Cayce Institute & Holds Multiple Certifications In Various Healing Modalities until she created her own in 2012 & named it Accelerated Light Healing.

Vandana has been a Nichiren Buddhist Practitioner since 2006 & attends the Rock Blossom Sangha based on the teachings of the venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn since 2021.

Every healing program is available LIVE, remotely or on zoom recorded replays in the Accelerated Light Healing Library to provide deep relaxation, embodied peace, mind/body balance & inner resilience.

“Smile Breathe And Go Slowly”
Thitch Nhat Hahn

Mastery Empowerment Course: Womb Chakra Cord Cleanse Program


2 Payment Option Available