Join Vandana Atara Aura
in this Energy Medicine Attunement with 5 Egyptian Goddesses

If you enjoyed this experience, here’s a Special Invitation from Vandana:

I am honored to play with you again on another magical, mystical & multi-dimensional divine feminine empowerment soul mastery journey!

To make your 3D transition to a kinder, peaceful & joyful 5D reality, I have designed a brand new at home healing program to vibrationally serve, support, empower & inspire you to intuitively & intelligently manifest your highest ascension compassionate timeline!

All you have to do is be willing to receive divine light codes, feminine energy medicine & compassionate mothering in the world womb of loving Meta Kindness.

To choose peace amidst chaos, please lie back & lean into the accelerated light codes, mantras & frequencies daily, nightly or in divine dream time.

Special Offer:  Wise Woman Intuitive Energy Medicine Program with Vandana

My Soul Role As An Ascension Teacher, Cosmic Creatrix, Divine Channel, Intuitive Healer & Soul Supporter Is An Honor & Privilege That I Never Take For Granted!

To Help All Sentient Beings Become Happy, At Peace & Free In All Realities Can Only Take Place With Each Souls Readiness & Willingness To Heal.

Everyone Deserves To Feel Loved, Heard, Helped & Whole Especially Now More Than Ever Before In This Pre-Ascension Global & Pandemic Crisis.

So Many Of Us Are Suffering From Symptoms Of Isolation, Depression & Daily Anxiety In This Timeline Of Intensity & Uncertainty.

If You Are An Energy Sensitive Telepathic Empath Like Me, You May Be Feeling The Density & Heaviness Escalating To Clear Space For Us To Return To The Arms Of The Goddess & Relax Into The Space Of Unshakeable Peace, Ease & Grace No Matter What Chaos Surrounds Us.

As A Medical Reiki Master, Teacher & Soul Supporter, I Am Here To Help You Sustain Your Composure, Balance & The Psychological Stability Of Grounded Equanimity Undisturbed By Exposure To The Current State Of Collective Fear, Stress & Instability.

Instead Of Over-Reacting, Denying Or Pretending To Outside Forces We Cannot Control, We Can Choose To Respond With Loving Kindness, Benevolence & Compassion For Ourselves & All Sentient Souls.

Divine Feminine Medicine Is An Ancient, Gentle, Safe & Intuitive Form Of Energy Medicine That Aligns You With Divine Mother, Sophia, Mary, Tara & All Forms Of The Mothers Of All Medicine Buddhas.

In This Brand New Holy Heart Offering, I Invite You To Sit Back, Lie Down & Divinely Digest Your Life Experience So You Can Rise Above & Move Beyond Pandemic Spiritual Illness, Soul Sickness & Patriarchal Imbalance.

To Guide Your Higher Self, Soul Bodies & Goddess Light Back Into Your Body To Heal From Soul Loss, Energy Leaks & Emotional Suffering, I Invite You To Assimilate & Integrate Your Fractured Soul To Become Whole Even If You Don’t Know What Tomorrow May Bring.

They Say In Buddhist Traditions, Even Though Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering Is An Option.

To Make This Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval Process Easier To Experience Lasting Change & Daily Peace, I Am Honored To Offer You A Special Opportunity To Heal At Home & Become Your Own Inner Shaman, Priestess & Goddess.

As You Heal From The Disempowering Trauma From Old 3D Patriarchal Realities, A More Gentle, Nurturing & Divine Feminine Mothering Medicine Is Now Available To Treat You With Cosmic Compassionate Loving Care That Will:

To Unravel & Disentangle You From Old Earth Disempowering Imprints, Implants & Attachments & Galactivate Your 5D Intuitive Healing Abilities, I’ve Created 3 Ways To Experience Divine Feminine Empowering Medicine To Create Balance Instead Of Illness.

In This Pandemic Timeline, It’s So Important To Stay Connected Instead Of Isolated So You Retrieve A Greater Sense Of Confidence, Courage & Fierce Feminine Fearlessness.

To Become Your Own Intergalactic Doctor, Celestial Shaman, Wise Wo-Man & Divine Feminine Intuitive Physician, All That Is Required Is To Deeply Listen To Your Own Inner Soul Whispers That Always Speak With You, Guide You & Protect You To Help You Feel Whole, Holy & Wholesome As A Multi-Dimensional Magical Soul.

In Order To Help You Get Used To Your New Meditation Medicine Of Inner Reflection & Self-Compassion, All You Have To Do Is Cultivate The Willingness To Practice The Ancient Art Of Radical Self-Acceptance.

Please Create Some Time To Sit With Me & Sink Into The Calmness Of Inner Stillness With Divine Deities, Doula Re-Birthers, Goddess Mothers & Blessing Giver Bodhisattvas.

Package A Includes:

  • Wise Woman Intuitive Energy Medicine

Package A


2 Payment Option Available

Package A – Wise Woman Intuitive Energy Medicine Program

In This Divine Feminine Medicine Program, All You Have To Do Is Lie Back, Say YES & Energetically Digest The Divine Light Empowerment Prescription To Help You Heal & Mend The Ascension Symptoms Physical, Mental & Emotional Imbalance Caused By Early Soul Loss, Spiritual Illness & Suppressed Stress.

To Experience A Full Soul Recovery From Pandemic Sickness That Makes You Feel Scared, Weak Or Vulnerable, Simply Set Strong & Clear Intention To Trust The Divine Doctors Are With You & Over-Light You With 24/7 Round The Clock Compassionate Comfort & Calming Intervention To Retrieve Your Vital Life Force Energy In All Lifetimes, Timelines, Galaxies & Realities Where You May Have Given Your Personal Powers Away.

Each Galactivation Transmission Recording Guides You Through A Multi-Sensory Journey To Awaken To Your Soul Truth, Divinity & Original Identity To Break Free Of False Realities That Made You Have To Hide To Survive.

You May Listen Before Bedtime Or Anytime You Are Ready To Sit Back, Reflect & Receive Divine Feminine Grounding & Calming Energy Medicine.

Please Find 10 Of My All Time Favorite Encoded Frequency Light Infusions That You May Watch Or Listen To Help You Unravel Yourself From Less Than Kind Inner & Outer Dense Debris, Difficult Memories & Negative Karmic Energies That May Feel Stuck To You, Don’t Belong To You & Can Sabotage You.

Take An Elevating & Expanding Floating Frequency Soul Journey Without Leaving Your Body In Your Own Womb Pod & Soul Spa Sanctuary To Help You Sleep Better, Feel Safer & Recover From Insomnia, Phobias & Overwhelm As You’re Bathed, Baptized & Blessed In Christed Light & Holy Waters That Exist Outside Of This Reality.  –  104 Minutes

Receive A Melchizedek Synthesis Ray Attunement You Float & Soak In Golden Light To Clear Your Night Time Space As You Are Guided To Your Own Inner Temple Of Rest, Respite & Soul Recovery With Vibrational Shakti Divine Feminine Remedies To Relieve You Of Empathic Restlessness, Unworthiness & Hyper-vigilance.  –  139 Minutes

Start Your Day By Awakening To A Morning Chakra Balancing Sound Healing Journey To Set The Tone To Harmonize & Bless Your Day With Vibrant Energy, Vitality & Creativity To Help You Soothe, Calm & De-Adrenalize Your Emotional Nervous System & Naturally Attract Higher Vibrational Miraculous Possibilities.  –  18 Minutes

Receive Green Tara’s Life Saving Womb Medicine To Attune You To The Feminine Medicine Of Courage, Confidence & Self-Compassion With Solfeggio Sound Healing Frequencies, Light Codes & Mothering Nurturing Re-Birthing Protection Intervention Session To Unleash Your Inner Goddess.  –  90 Minutes

Visit The Mother Kuan Yin’s Temple Of Mercy, Forgiveness & Compassion In Holy Fire Ceremonial Ritual To Re-Awaken Your Lotus Heart To Its Original Frequency Of Emotional Intelligence, Benevolence & Loving Kindness. Burn & Cast Away Poisonous Cords, spells, Vows & Contracts In The Violet Flame Of Purification, Transmutation & Miraculous Intervention.  –  93 Minutes

Take A Solar Light Infused Inner Journey To Star Sirius, Venus & Arcturus To Melt Emotional Numbness, Frozen Tension & Heavy Armor That Block Your Light, Hide Your Gifts & Diminish Your Brilliance, Radiance & True Identity. Journey With Me To Increase Your Radiance With Liquid Gold To Heal & Seal Energy Leaks, Tears, Rips & Holes In Your Dantien, Hara & Womb Chakra.  –  104 Minutes

Lie Back, Breathe & Sink Into The Inner Stillness In This Inter-Galactic Soul Retrieval Etheric Acupuncture Mind/Body Process With Star Shamans, Spirit Surgeons & Galactic Kachinas That Help You Recover Your Shiny Soul Pieces While You Deeply Rest, Digest & Gently Process All You’ve Been Through So You Can Finally Let Go Of Foreign Energies & Unwanted Entities That Do Not Serve Or Support You.  –  111 Minutes

Meet the Universal Mothers who created the 144 light portals on the Earth to heal your divine feminine & divine masculine wounds & evolve into 5D reality as a divine human-huwoman. During this holy healing transmission you will experience what it looks & feels like to live in your heart, master your gifts & womanifest your dreams, visions & desires.
These Enlightened Lady Masters have re-emerged to activate the portals of sacred feminine re-emergence to accelerate the divine union & sacred healing of female & male light workers on the planet.

Awaken & activate your personal powers, creative flows & courageous heart to receive their empowerment blessings to embody the courage, clarity & confidence as an ascending master of 5D reality! –  102 Minutes

The return of the sacred feminine paves the way for the full return of Divine Mother to usher in the golden age of oneness, unity & community.
You will experience a mystic rose activation to resurrect your inner Priestess & Inner Goddess who help you tend to your inner garden of soul sovereignty, majesty & mastery!
This cosmic call is a wake up call to clear human fear, struggle & trauma that disconnect you from embodying the awakened heart of the Magdalene Flame.
Experience The Mystical Magdalene Flame to illuminate, radiate & activate your heart flame to unpack density, doubt & debris from the imprisonment of duality!  –  89 Minutes

Take A Break From The Current 3D Density & Soul Travel With Me To Galactic Healing Pharmacies To Experience Life Saving Leumerian Healing Technology & Raise Your Frequency With Laser Light Clarity, Vitality & 5D New Earth Creativity. Allow Your Leumerian Ancestors To De-Cord & Detach Your From Timeline Trauma So You Can Feel Safe & Supported In A Kinder & Friendlier New Earth Reality.  –  142Minutes

Package B Includes:

Wise Woman Intuitive Energy Medicine Program

  • A 30 Minute Goddess Isis Empowerment 1 on 1 Session
  • Plus Package A

Package B


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1: Play With Vandana & Experience A Goddess Isis Empowerment Soul Reading Session In The Zoom Soul Spa Sanctuary Womb Re-Birthing Room.

Travel with me privately & confidentially to advanced healing galaxies in this sacred healing opportunity to sit with me in the warm womb re-birthing treatment room.

In this safe & sacred space of grace, you will be able to let go dense stress & drink in light codes & star remedies customized specifically for you by the First Female Physicians, Priestess Protectors, Holy Herbalists, Ancestral Grandmother  Elders To Awaken & Activate Your Authentic Beauty, Purity & Galactivate Your Divine DNA & Divine Human Light Body!

I invite you to unlock, unpack & unravel soul trauma that has ever impacted, affected or disturbed you in this 30 minute “Letting Go” Etheric Acupuncture Divine Detox Session.

Sit back, Lie Down & Lean Into A Multi-Dimensional Timeless Technology From Divine Feminine Celestial Doctors To Attune To Unlock Disempowering Density, Debris & Toxic Poisons In This 30 Minute Etheric Acupuncture Technology With The Mothers Of All  Miraculous Medicine Buddhas From All Dimensions & Holy Healing Traditions.

Come Play With Me In The Inner Temples, Shrines & Ashrams Of Lady Ascended Masters, Goddess Tara, Kuan Yin & The Divine Feminine Intervention Team.

Receive Galactic Doctoring & Multi-Dimensional Arcturian Medication In The Great White Lodge Of Shambhala To Calm Your Nervous System, Boost Your Spiritual Immunity & Activate Your Ascension Vibration In The Golden Age Of Ascension 2020!

Vandana’s Special Offer Includes Other Worldly Mystical & Magical Healing Modalities Like:

  • Infra-Red Color Therapy
  • Sirian blue & Ultra Violet light technology
  • Heat Remedies, Wound Care & Laser Therapies
  • Etheric Acupuncture to Release Blocked Energy

Experience Gentle & Safe Emotional Release To Treat Your:

  • Mind/Body Nervousness, Anxiety & Symptoms Of PTSD
  • Empathic Stress Stored In Your Solar Plexus, Throat Chakra & Burnt Out Adrenals
  • Heart Walls, Body Armor & Free Floating Anxiety
  • Low Self-Esteem, Distorted Body Image & Over-Active Limbic System

Your Parasympathetic Nervous System Will Be Re-Wired & Restored to RE-SET your molecular structure on a sub-atomic level to include inherited patterns & programs that keep you stuck in endless stress, struggle & suffering.

To conclude your session, you will be introduced to a divine healing guide so you may receive continuous healing, insights & information to complement & supplement your 3D medical care.

Meet with Vandana by phone, Skype or in the Zoom room.

Package C Includes:

Wise Woman Intuitive Energy Medicine Program

For Fierce Fearlessness, Courageous Confidence & New Earth Aquarian Age Consciousness

  • A 3 Week Triple Goddess Wise Woman Medicine Galactivation Program
  • A 5 Week Shambhala Temple Priestess Training Program
  • Plus Packages A & B

Package C


2 Payment Option Available

ITEM 1: 3 Week Shambhala Temple Priestess Training Program

I’m honored to invite you to the most relevant modern day wise woman feminine intuitive energy medicine program!

This Is Your Golden Opportunity To Meet & Merge With 3 Different Divine Female Healer Physicians Who You Can Call Upon To Access 5D Unlimited And Inclusive Mind & Body Compassionate Health Care.

Each Master Healer Goddess, Doula, Priestess, Medicine Woman & Compassionate Bodhisattva Treats Your Chakra Energy Imbalance With A Different Flavor Of Kind & Nurturing Intuitive Healing Medicine To Heal The Root Of Your Spiritual Illness, Soul Sickness & Divinely Inherited Feminine Womb Shame.

I’ve Channeled This Much Needed Practical Yet Magical Energy Medicine So You Can Become Your Own Inner Doctor, Healer, Doula & Medium To More Deeply Connect With The Wisdom Of Your Own Body Temple By Simply Listening, Becoming Still & Trusting Your Inner Intuition From The Space & Grace Of A Calm, Clear & Divine Mind.

If You Are Always Healing, Giving & Caring For Others, This Program Will Help You:

  • Prevent Eventual Burn-Out As A Caretaker & Caregiver
  • Create A Daily Self-Care Ritual To Re-Fuel Your Natural Energy & Vitality
  • Improve Your Present Health Of Health By Making Better Self-Care Choices
  • Become Your Own Wise Woman Healer, Doctor & Advocate
  • Trust Your Intuitive Gifts & Self-Healing Abilities As Your Own Body’s Spirit Guide
  • Practice The Art Of Presence, Stillness, Emptiness & Meditative Mindfulness
  • Heal Patriarchal Co-Dependency & Re-Claiming Your Sovereign State Of Independence
  • Harmonize Your Yin/Yang Giving & Receivingness To Create A Sense Of Wholeness & Balance
  • Galactivate Your Divine Feminine Intuitive Ability With Greater Spiritual Discernment
  • Activate Your Own Inner Pharmacy With Elixirs & Remedies To Trust Your Creative Visions

In This 3 Part Triple Goddess Mentoring Program, You Will Be Fed & Nourished With Refreshing, Restorative & Rejuvenative Compassionate Feminine Medicine From 3 Moon Priestess Traditions Who Help You Transmute Disempowering Toxic Poisons Into Life Affirming Self-Empowering Healing Medicine.


Week 1

In This 2 Hour Divine Doctoring Trance-Mission, Will Meet, Merge & Receive Shape-Shifting White Witch Creatrix Moon Medicine From The Cosmic Cauldron In The Inner Earth Pharmacy & Agarthan Apothecary Of The Heart Of Shambhala.

You Will Drink In The Grounding & Fertile Rich Red Earthy Medicine With The Ancient Welsh Goddess Cerredwin Better Known As A Doula, Prophetess & Power Protectectress Of Herbalogy & Astrology.

Here You Can Receive A Customized Prescription To Heal Your Thoughts & Emotions With Brews, Teas, Plants, Roots & Holistic Herbal Floral Life Saving Remedies From Lady Cerredwin, Earth Walker Mother Ancestor Grandmothers & Shamanic Curanderas Who Assist Her.

Week 2

In This 2 Hour Divine Doctoring Trance-Mission, You Will Be Attuned To The Cooling, Calming & Clearing Ancient Egyptian Kemetic Priestess Medicine In The Temples Of The The Isis Blue Moon Goddess.

Here You Will Receive Celestial Silver Blue Sirian Star To Release You From Galactic & Earth Based Contracts & Agreements That Caused You To Fight, Fear & Over-React So You Can Relax, Rest & Digest In Your Own Inner Temple Where You Will Learn How To Connect To High Priestess Isis With Her 9 Healing Symbols & Shape Shifting Magical Alchemy.

Week 3

You Will Meet, Merge & Receive Mantras, Yantras, Mandalas, Amulets & Talismans With Tantric Karmic Purification Priestess Moon Medicine.

In This 2 Hour Divine Doctoring Trance-Mission, You Will Meet & Merge With The Tibetan Forest Goddess Ritro Loma Gyonma, Mother Of All Medicine Buddhas & The Holder Of Herbal Life Saving Earth Remedies That Heal Plagues & Pandemics & Remove Contagious Infectious Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Disease. Receive Her Divine Doctoring Zamatog Medicine As She Bathes You With Solar & Lunar Nectar Medicine & Clothes You In Roses, Rainbows & Rubies Made Of Star Light.

Receive The Cosmic Cures Held In The Womb Of Agartha & the Heart Of Shambhalla to overcome your deepest doubts, shadow shame & greatest fears so you can become your own inner doctor, midwife & new earth sovereign sorceress.

This program includes:

  • Three 2 Hour Feminine Medicine Accelerated Light Doctoring Sessions as MP4 and MP3
  • 30 Printable PDF Instruction Manuals
  • Unlimited Email Support To Empower Your New Earth Ascension Process
  • Unlimited Email Support To Empower Your New Earth Ascension Process

Item 2: Shambhala Temple Priestess Training Program

Greetings New Earth Activator, Awakener & Co-Creator,

I’m excited to invite you to join me for a brand new divinely inspired 5 Week Galactic Priestess Empowerment Program to prepare you to feel comfortable & confident as a crystal clear channel, New Earth Creatrix & Goddess Galactivator Awakener in this ever changing & evolving accelerated light timeline!

Your soul role (if you choose to accept it:) is to share your gifts, be of service, expand consciousness, raise the Gaiasphere vibration & restore your holy immortal Neshama Soul.

This course is divinely designed for those of you who are ready, willing & able to make a difference, create positive change & help relieve “old earth school” suffering, you have successfully completed your soul mission!

Learn how to safely soul travel without leaving your physical body to ascend as a whole, holy & complete galactic human light body.

Pop into your own hearts merkaba, womb stargate & welcoming mothership to re-unite with your Leumerian Family Of Light so you can heal your original mother wound, incarnations of feminine dis-empowerment & past patriarchal injustice in the thrones, chambers & ascension seat of empowered self-expression & graceful communication.

This Priestess Training Program balances, harmonizes & empowers divine feminine wounds & sacred masculine disempowerment & be re-birthed & re-parented by your original soul family on earth, underground & from the stars!

Your 5D Guides, Teachers & Inter-Galactic Helping Spirits watch over, protect & over-light you with ancient ascension information, education & immediate intervention to walk in beauty, integrity & authenticity on a higher earth timeline where you get to be truly free & embody your true identity.

Your Temple Masters desire to attune & train you to a higher dimensional post-earth education graduation that includes a masters degree from advanced healing traditions in divine dimensions to co-exist peacefully & gracefully in all realities.

Allow me to magically escort you to Himalayan Ashrams, Mystical Mountains & Multi-Dimensional Mystery Schools To:

  • Raise Your Earth Vibration Beyond Your Wildest Imagination
  • Instantly connect to your Neshama Soul through ancient & galactic codes of light
  • Meditate & Communicate with your ancestral temple workers, mentors & teachers
  • Recover faster with infra-red color therapy & ultra violet laser light technology
  • Shimmer, Shine & Strengthen your chakras, aura & electromagnetic field
  • Have instant access to the Telosian, Agarthan & Leumerian temple of ascension earth medicine
  • Open, read & review your soul records earth history & biography in your soul records library
  • Receive a brand new spirit helper & 5D deva to re-birth & re-parent your innocent inner child
  • Reclaim Your Alchemical Mastery, Goddess Frequency & Your Leumerian Priestess Potency
  • Spend quality time in the Temples Of Illumination, Resurrection & Ascension Purification
  • Bathe in fountains of eternal youth, pure potential & crystal lakes of immortality
  • Galactivate your multi-dimensional divinely perfected 5D rainbow light body
  • Remember the magic you’ve forgotten in Lake Titicaca & The Inner Light City of Machu Picchu
  • Re-unite with your first nation’s ancestors, galactic Kachinas & Cosmic Curanderas Shamanistas

When Your Soul Says YES because you crave & desire to safely soul travel to your highest destiny, you will experience the magic, medicine & miracles from lifetimes in Mu, Atlantis, Egypt & Leumeria.

Come Play In The Center Of The Heart Of Leumeria, Mystical Mt. Meru & The Center Of The Earth To Retrieve:

  • Your wish fulfilling gemstones from King Solomon, Akbar & Goddess Kisshoten
  • Your 3 Sacred Treasures Of Valor, Wisdom & Compassionate Benevolence
  • Your Sanskrit Mantra & Yantra Safeguarded In Agartha & Written In The Stars
  • Your Sword, Mirror & Mani Lotus Jewels For Inter-Dimensional Protection & Inner Reflection
  • Your original light language from your homes in star Sirius, Arcturus & Venus
  • Your galactic gifts of prophecy, telepathy & transmutational divine alchemy
  • Your hidden & long forgotten creativity, soul sovereignty & eternal mastery
  • Your soul scriptures, sutras & malas containing your soul spark & creatrix energy
  • Your advanced avatartic, buddhic & christed ability to transmute poison into medicine
  • Your 84, 00 rays of Joy to radiate, illuminate & alleviate all poverty, duality & suffering
  • Your soul elixir of enlightenment, eternity & alchemy to reclaim your royal might & majesty

Come take refuge in your Shambhala Soul Sanctuary where your Temple Master Trainers, Educators & Teachers Await You To Help You Re-Write, Co-Create & Illustrate A New Book Of Life!

The remedies, recipes & anti-bodies are found in the heart of Leumeria, Agartha & Shambhala!

In This 5 Week Galactivation Awakening, Divine Visitation & Ascension Intervention, You Will Be Divinely Escorted To The Inner Realms, Healing Chambers & Temples The Atomic Accelerated Ascension Chair To Be Seated In Your Throne Of Glory To Embody The State Of Divine Ecstasy You Experienced So Many Moons Ago!

As a special bonus, you will also experience the lost energy medicine from inner cities & lost civilizations from your indigenous light family with God & Goddess Meru from Machu Picchu!

Experience devotional rituals, spiritual practices & inter-galactic energy processes to reclaim your:

  • Priestess Potency
  • Manifestation Mastery
  • Strength, Endurance & Resiliency
  • Life Force Energy & Vibrant Vitality
  • Courage, Confidence & Clarity
  • Creativity, Tenacity & Positivity

Come Play On Holy Ground, Fertile Soil & Sacred Soul Sanctuaries To Return Home & Feel Safe, Comfortable & Beautiful Worshiping Your Own Beloved & Blessed Body Temple!

This program includes:

  • Five 2 Hour Shambhala Temple Priestess Sessions as MP4 and MP3
  • 48 Printable PDF Instruction Manuals
  • Unlimited Email Support To Empower Your New Earth Ascension Process

What People Have To Say About Vandana

I highly recommend Vandana’s Accelerated Light Healing Frequencies programs

I just participated in ‘Shambhala Earth Star Inter-dimensional Soul Retrieval’. Vandana has exceeded all my hopes for this amazing class. Before starting I was so down with everything that effects my life in a negative way. But I decided to enjoy the class and open myself to receive.

Vandana took us on an extended tour of Agartha, Telos, and Shambhala with their Ascended Masters not only to heal our chakras and clear outdated programs, but more importantly to access our Akashic Records.

I’ve always been a bit leery of accessing these records because those in the astral plane have been falsified. Our special master Mikos guided and protected us during our realms of discovery. I desperately needed to explore my true Akashic Records deeply to free myself.

I felt so peaceful and relaxed during the class. And afterwards I felt hope that one day our world with all her inhabitants will be healed and that I play an important role in this process. I highly recommend Vandana’s Accelerated Light Healing Frequencies programs especially this timely and uplifting class which I will listen to again.

Katherine, NY

I highly recommend Vandana’s Accelerated Light Healing Frequencies programs

I just participated in ‘Shambhala Earth Star Inter-dimensional Soul Retrieval’. Vandana has exceeded all my hopes for this amazing class. Before starting I was so down with everything that effects my life in a negative way. But I decided to enjoy the class and open myself to receive.

Vandana took us on an extended tour of Agartha, Telos, and Shambhala with their Ascended Masters not only to heal our chakras and clear outdated programs, but more importantly to access our Akashic Records.

I’ve always been a bit leery of accessing these records because those in the astral plane have been falsified. Our special master Mikos guided and protected us during our realms of discovery. I desperately needed to explore my true Akashic Records deeply to free myself.

I felt so peaceful and relaxed during the class. And afterwards I felt hope that one day our world with all her inhabitants will be healed and that I play an important role in this process. I highly recommend Vandana’s Accelerated Light Healing Frequencies programs especially this timely and uplifting class which I will listen to again.

Pierre Dubois, NYC

“Thank you for your teachings, channelings and sharing your joy with me!”

Thank you for your teachings, channelings and sharing your joy with me! My empath aspect has got stronger and hopefully with more discernment.

I have thoroughly and grace-filledly enjoyed level 2 and have learned so much 🙏

– Blessings

Julie, Perth

“I am so inspired by all that you are doing”

“Darling Vandana, Thank you for everything ❤

It is an absolute blessing to connect with you and play with you in the stars!!⭐⭐⭐

I am eternally grateful for you and these magical galactic light healing courses that came to me as answers to my wishes! I am so inspired by all that you are doing to contribute towards a healing of our world and am incredibly grateful for your magnificent Light, which illuminates the way for others!


“I really don’t know how to put this all into words”

“I just wanted to share with you a truly heartwarming experience I had this morning regarding the healing techniques I have been using with my mom. Not going into too much detail, she had to get a tooth removed and the bone scraped out, there was an abscess and infection that was so bad they said it could of spread to her brain. I took her in yesterday for the procedure, a couple days before the procedure and the day of, I had been calling in Dr. Lorphan, the Amas, healing teams and worked also with the Arcturian Golden keys. I checked on her this morning to see how she was feeling she told me she felt like she had negative psychic debris sucked out of her, energetically a lot was removed, she said she felt that the work I did was working in co-creation with her and it worked. Really her feedback was so heartwarming – she said felt incredible, I guess I am amazed as well because everything she described would have to be experienced.  She is hardly in any pain and doesn’t feel she needs the pain medicine they prescribed her, aside from a little soreness she said she feels great! I really don’t know how to put this all into words, I had no expectations. I am so grateful to you, this class and the Inter-Galactic Healing Teams in the stars”


About Vandana Atara Aura

Vandana was gifted her dharma name by Mother Amma – an awakened self-realized master teacher who embodies the spirit of Divine Mother. Since receiving her first darshan blessing in 2007, Amma’s Healing Hug has served to awaken & accelerate the opening & deepening of her intuitive gifts as a telepathic empath, angelic starseed & energy healer teacher.

She’s a divine channel, Usui Reiki Master, Inner Child Mentor, Buddhist Practitioner & Shamanic Soul Retrieval Facilitator whose greatest joy is supporting energy sensitive creative empaths to speak their truth, own their gifts & discover their unique soul purpose.

Vandana is most known for her soothing voice, compassionate presence & loving kindness she embodies when she holds a safe & sacred space for her clients & students.

Her healing workshops & channeled transmissions include ancestral medicine, reparenting the inner child, how to channel & trust your intuition & soul loss recovery with the tools of mindfulness, visualization & divine feminine energy medicine.

Vandana channels the energy of galactic doctors, spirit surgeons & star shamans as well as earth-based power animals, nature spirits & earth angels with etheric surgery, laser light surgery & integrative journeys to help others get unstuck, experience dramatic healing shifts & profound transformation.

She became a Reiki Master Teacher In 2007 at the Edgar Cayce Institute & Holds Multiple Certifications In Various Healing Modalities until she created her own in 2012 & named it Accelerated Light Healing.

Vandana has been a Nichiren Buddhist Practitioner since 2006 & attends the Rock Blossom Sangha based on the teachings of the venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn since 2021.

Every healing program is available LIVE, remotely or on zoom recorded replays in the Accelerated Light Healing Library to provide deep relaxation, embodied peace, mind/body balance & inner resilience.

“Smile Breathe And Go Slowly”
Thitch Nhat Hahn

Package A


2 Payment Option Available

Package B


2 Payment Option Available

Package C


2 Payment Option Available