Life Changing Training With Spirit Communicator
Alicia Power

A Collective Upgrade From Creator Beings

A landmark light infusion to move ourselves and humanity forward

1.5hr video workshop, spirit journey, and core soul healing

Master Healer and Spirit Mentor Alicia Power guides us in a journey home to a place of supreme light – far above and beyond where most spirit beings normally have access.

In this rarified light sanctuary of acceleration and soul forgiveness, we – and humanity, heal. Exponentially.

For over 30 years, Alicia has been an envoy of Senior Creator Beings who have chosen to interact with humanity directly, and who upgrade the consciousness of those who choose to partake in these high light incubators.

In this potent session, enjoy being a conduit for potent accelerating light as it is infused into the human collective field. This is an important galvanizing moment in our personal and collective soul history. It is a moment that has been foretold and has been planned.

Do you have a request where you know shadow is holding a global reality in place that is causing pain and distress? In this channeled workshop, you have an opportunity to work closely with competent high authority Beings of light – who know how to shift that. 

Option: A Collective Upgrade From Creator Beings


What People Have To Say About Alicia

Alicia, you (and your spirit tutors) just continue to blow my mind! Seriously, I think, what more can she say? And yet, a sentence later I find myself feeling like I’m in that scene in The Matrix where I’ve just taken the blue pill 🙂 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. To hear that every moment is a training is SUCH a relief. It has purpose. And allows me to take a breath by observing the game rather than getting caught up in it. I really can’t express how grateful I am to have found this truth and yet I’ve barely begun. Thank you

Moyan X
I just wanted to share that last night’s healing with Alicia Power was amazing! I woke up and went outside today with so much more love for all strangers. My heart is even more open, my fears are gone and I feel a huge block has been cleared for me. Wow! I’m so grateful. Whatever these Light beings and Creator Beings did was phenomenal. And even though it was high level stuff, I feel grounded after the experience, and more functionally human. It felt like I was a soul child being summoned on an excursion with my soul family who took care of me and returned me more nourished. Much love and content in my heart. Thank you!

About Alicia Power

Master Energy Healer and Spirit Telepath, Alicia Power has been trained by Creator Level Spirit Being Mentors for 30 years. These intense decades of soul training have built partnerships at extremely senior levels of spirit. This has resulted in her having ‘spirit authority’ to activate fast change to a person’s soul direction, soul wound history, and spiritual leadership.

These decades of senior spirit partnerships have given Alicia a forensic knowledge of auric techniques, and an intimate awareness of the speed with which senior authority spirit mentors TEACH and evolve a soul under their care.

Alicia is a regular guest on consciousness tele-summits, and she has authored over eleven popular transformational courses. Her YouTube channel has had over 1 million views and her Twitter feed is followed by over 50,000 people. Her monthly live streaming broadcast allows her to offer live training transmissions from her CEO Spirit Tutors, where participants receive soul clarity, fear release and empowerment training.

Option: A Collective Upgrade From Creator Beings