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Join us at the frontier of natural Brain Health Sciences to ponder a natural and compassionate approach to rebuilding brains!

Special Offer: Holistic Brain Health Assessment

Special Offer Includes:

Get an Intuitive Reading from a Neuroscientist

Special Offer: Holistic Brain Health Assessment


2 Payment Option Available

About this Special Offer

Holistic Brain Health Assessment

  • Do you struggle with things that used to be easy?
  • Are you concerned because you have parents with dementia?
  • Do you have a brain injury or chronic health condition?

Then it’s time to find out what is going on in your brain!

Dr. Tina uses a Neuroscience meets ancient wisdom approach to help clients identify and release the root causes of what they are struggling with.

She combines her knowledge gained from decades of studying brain diseases with applied kinesiology to identify underlying causes that interfere with health. She uses a method from energy medicine called the Body Code to identify and release imbalances and vibrational medicine for detoxification and repair.

In the Taste of a Holistic Brain Health Assessment:

She will assess the following:

  •  Inflammation:
    On a scale from 0 to 10, how inflamed is your brain?
    Do you have pockets of inflammation? If so how many?
  • Blood flow:
    When circuits in your brain need blood, do they get what they need?
    Do you have any clots?
    Breaks or leaks?
    Are you missing vasculature?
  • Accumulations:
    Do you have any of the deposits associated with neurodegenerative diseases? We will assess plaques, tangles, Lewy Bodies, prions, advanced glycation end products (AGEs).
    If so, on a scale from 0 to 10, how bad is the problem?
  • Nutrients:
    Do you normally get the nutrients you need for optimal brain functioning?
    What nutrients are you in need of?

Valued at $367. For attendees of the Sound Research Conference, special pricing: $167.

Extra bonus: Buyers will get a special discount off of a Holistic Brain Health session package to address issues uncovered.


Hope for a better future. Learn more about Dr. Tina’s powerful new approach to addressing brain health and get a clearer sense of what is possible!

  • Ease of mind. We have plenty to worry about. Let’s let go of your health concerns so that you can focus on achieving your goals!
  • Empowerment! Knowledge is power! Take this important step to taking charge of your brain health!
  • A healthier, easier, and happier future! Everything is easier with the right tools. And your brain is the most important tool that you have!
  • Live the life you’ve always wanted! A healthy brain is essential to manifesting what you want!

About Dr. Tina Huang

Tina Huang has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and is a Holistic Brain Health Practitioner. She uses her knowledge of biological and social sciences, and alternative medicine to identify and address root causes with the Body Code, and Vibrational Medicine.

Special Offer: Holistic Brain Health Assessment


2 Payment Option Available