With Emmy Award-winning Composer, Public Speaker and Music/Health Innovator
Gary Malkin

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Cultivating Heart-Centered Mindfulness Through the Power of Music

Research has shown that of all the senses, hearing is among the first to arrive in utero and the last to go before we die. This suggests that sound-based immersive modalities could offer us accelerated pathways to our essential vibratory nature, resulting in highly coherent states of consciousness, also known as stillness. When this stillness is fully integrated, we can harness the universal language of human emotion – music – to become more consistently aligned with our heart, gut and soul intelligences, in balanced coordination with our minds. This multi-dimensional mindfulness doesn’t only result in greater aliveness, compassion, and inner peace; it also creates the conditions in which research shows that our mitochondria can regenerate and lead to optimal wellness.

Spacious music and sound strategies can upgrade your overall vibrational experience by moving you toward a greater balance between doing and being (as well as thinking and feeling) that can help you to be more conscious, creative, compassionate and connected to flow. When you upgrade your personal frequency to states of embodied coherence, you’ll be taking a quantum leap towards your highest potential.

Join Gary Malkin in an exploration of how music can be created and integrated to awaken your core emotions, release grief, accept what is, and be more fully present, capacities that will lead to a more meaningful, authentic, and fulfilling life.

In this powerful training with Gary, you will discover:

  • Offers ways to deepen and enhance your contemplative practice

  • Strengthens the capacity for deep listening, both within and to others

  • Inspires states of vulnerability and emotional accessibility, for greater balance between being and doing

  • Reduces stress and restores inner capacities for resilience

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Special Offer: Wisdom of the World Wellness Bonus Gift Package

This gift package will give you a sampler of examples of the music award-winning composer Gary Malkin has created specifically designed to catalyze states of coherence, inner peace, homeostasis, and alignment with the Unified Field. Tracks with authentic spoken wisdom by the world’s visionaries, music for heart-centered mindfulness and sacred environments, and music to open the heart so that authentic vulnerability and emotional fluidity could be experienced.

“Ring the bells that still could ring, There is no perfect offering, There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. Leonard Cohen

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About Gary Malkin

Gary Malkin is a Emmy Award-winning composer, public speaker and music/health innovator who advocates music and sound strategies as catalysts for health, wellness, and a connection to what matters most. He is dedicated to redefining music’s role in healthcare, with particular focus on developing listening tools to support patients, care providers, and families who are traversing the significant transitions of life. He’s also dedicated to creating peaceful and productive work environments through ambient strategies that generate sonic fields of “heart-centered mindfulness”.

His globally acclaimed palliative classic, Graceful Passages, co-created with award-winning creative team Michael and Doris Stillwater, has touched a million people worldwide, offering psycho-spiritual support for anyone engaged in all phases of the end-of-life processes. Their co-created Care for the Journey caregiver renewal resources have been endorsed by healthcare systems nationwide.

Gary co-authored listening resources such as Safe in the Arms of Love, designed to strengthen the bond between parents and newborns. With his collaborators, Lisa Rafel and David Surrenda, Ph.D., he is creating a social impact musical, Can You Hear Me Baby. Gary received a Best Soundtrack from the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for the documentary, Thrive I, seen by nearly 100 million people. He’s just completed scoring the sequel to Thrive II, released in Fall 2020. He has presented at places such as Google, Stanford Health, Houston Methodist Hospital, & Kaiser Permanente, and is frequently asked to present to health, corporate, and life-affirming communities globally.

Gary’s was featured many times on the national PBS TV series, Healing Quest, and is often a guest on talk shows and webinars promoting a deeper understanding of the power of music for wellness. Gary’s work is featured on accelerated stress reduction platforms such as RejuvenationStations.com as well as the new mobile app, TimeOut2Thrive.com. serving healthcare providers during the pandemic and beyond.

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