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Vickie Dodd

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How to stay kind, sane and well in uncertain times

Our intention is that we can be a person of dignity and sanity during times of uncertainty, so that we may be of service to others instead of being ‘the problem’. I will introduce ways to cultivate our connection with that which is Greater. Included is a simple method of grounding into the Earth. We will be using our Voice as a means to heal and mend our nervous system.

In times of trauma, in times of fear and uncertainty, we need to be able to know how to connect and tether ourselves to a principle and form that is greater than us. How do we deal with our fears? What happens in our stomach, liver, jaw, breath when we are fearful, when we are angry with our situation? How can we utilize our voices and our nature to bring us home to sanity, to ease and well being? In this time together, our focus will be utilizing sound, grounding and expressing our concerns and using our sound and voice to be restored to sanity, connection and kindness.

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Special Offer: Resonance Meditations: A Restorative Journey

This mp3 download of the CD “Resonance Mediations” is a guide into our inner terrain. This mediation is designed to reveal pathways through the physical form, entering the in-between spaces of our sacred interior landscape. Evolutionary Sound master Vickie Dodd guides us into our physical terrain: the Skeletal and Nervous System, the Organs, and the Glandular System.

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MP3 download of Vickie Dodd’s CD recording
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About Vickie Dodd

Vickie Dodd is the Director of Sacred Sound Works. She has worked with sound/voice as a healing modality for over 50 years. She is an Aston Kinetic Practitioner, Bodyworker for over 40 years. She is an author, herbalist, nutritionist, poet and performer of sacred sound. Vickie teaches the Transformative nature of sound. She has created sound schools in the United States, Europe and Argentina.

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MP3 download of Vickie Dodd’s CD recording
$9.99 USD