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plus! Plant Music for Creating high vibrational environments

Here’s What You Get In this Special Upgrade Package for this retreat

Item 1: Video Downloads of  the Retreat Courses

Own & Download all the videos in this NEO Retreat and play on your own device. Video files will play offline so you can enjoy anytime. You also get access to an Online Viewing Portal if you prefer not to download. The timeless wisdom presented in these courses offer over 30 hours of information, tips, techniques for your Sound Healing Library. These will be available when the conference begins on Dec. 10th, 2021

ITEM 2: Audio Downloads of Retreat Courses

Audio is sometimes better when you want to Master the information as you listen again and receive new insights in your spiral of evolution. Each time you listen, you’ll hear something from a new, heightened perspective.  The masters teach us that if we wish to learn something, it’s best to listen at least 3 times.  Enjoy these audio downloads and unlock your consciousness to new levels. Plus – audio files do not take up as much digital space as video files, so these are handy if you wish to save space on your devices.

ITEM 3: Exclusive Bonuses not available anywhere else


Calibrate to Your Next Million Without the Wobble:

A Channeled Message from the Money Being to 7 Figure Spiritual Leaders

15-minute audio | Immediate Access
(Not available outside of the all-access pass.)

In this Channeled Message from the Money Being to 7-Figure Spiritual Leaders, you will…

  • Expand your capacity to HAVE your next million with ease and speed
  • Turn on the SUPERFLOW of your 7-Figure Spiritual Leader self
  • Be the invitation for money to pool and grow in your environment

Without the upper-limit, hot-potato, two-steps back dance of it coming in and going right out (unexpected expenses, low-profit in your biz cause you’re not calibrated to keep it).


​​The 6 Figure Conscious Leader:

Go from Best Kept Secret to Highly Sought After Leader.

66-page Ebook | Immediate Access

6 Figure Conscious Leader EbookScaling to 7 figures and beyond requires lifting the veils on visibility ceilings so your aligned clients can find you without safety patterning and tribal loyalty keeping you flying under the radar.

You’re here to SOAR and change the lives of thousands while receiving millions.

Originally designed to help 6 Figure Conscious Leaders bust through the top 8 illusion lies of separation consciousness.

These same pesky illusions also pop up like the game whack-a-mole on your journey to 7 figures.

So, let’s make sure you have a way to get them handled.

It’s chock-full of perception shifts, mantras, and playwork.

ITEM 4: Plant Music Remedy Streaming Audio Portal (15 + hours)  with downloads

A Collection of Plant Music Remedy offering streaming & downloadable audio programs with over 15 hours of music generated by the Plant Kingdom. You’ll get access to our streaming audio portal, where you can listen online, or download each of the songs and enjoy in your home. This music is high frequency and shares information from the Nature Realm.

Healing, Calming, Creative, Inspiring Music of Plants

High Frequency Music for Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Healing, Creative Projects.

The energetic signature of a plant is captured and turned into music using a MIDI synthesizer.

The result is truly healing, multi-dimensional music of the plants!

Stream or Download a Library of Plant Music
Listen to a Sample of a Douglas Fir in a forest located 8000+ ft on Green Mountain in Boulder, CO

In this Plant Music Package, you’ll enjoy lots of great goodies:

  • A Really Awesome Bundle of Plant Music. A collection of our most favorite and beloved music, this bundle includes a series of plant music in the 528hz Love Frequency, plus Plant Symphonies and Serenades for meditation, yoga, and creating high frequency environments . Including: Ho’oponopono Plant Music, Healing the Wounded Child Plant Music, and over 15 hours of High Vibrational Music.

Take a Musical, Healing, High Vibrational Journey with Plant Music.

ITEM 5: Find Your Heart-Centered Voice with Lauren Galey

The Voice of the Heart is the Voice of Love.

You’ll learn techniques to finding & expressing/speaking your Authentic Voice from the heart –  with love, compassion, strength, confidence and grace. This is a course for all New Earth Leaders!    In this online workshop, you’ll get personal assistance with your voice, speaking with love, and noticing how people respond to you differently when you speak with your Heart Tone.

In this 2 hour course,  you’ll learn how to: 

  • Find the resonance of your heart voice that you can use to speak to your family, loved ones, community or on a public platform

  • Use Toning & Chanting to open to your heart voice

  • Speak with Love, Compassion, Understanding

  • Identify where you are speaking from in your “normal” or current speaking voice

  • Shift your voice into your Heart center

Once you find the voice of your heart, you’ll have tremendous, impact on your words and the way you express yourself in love & compassion, with confidence, strength & grace.

  1. Notice Where You are Speaking From in the Body

  2. Toning Exercises to open to your Heart Tone

Learn to speak from your heart in a magnetizing voice.

Lauren is a former radio and television news anchor who found her voice working in Taipei, Taiwan at an early morning radio news show during Desert Storm in Iraq in 1991.  She’ll guide you into finding your own authentic voice, and expressing yourself in a powerful way that gets your truth expressed and heard.

Find Your Voice. Speak Your Heart.

ITEM 6: Create Your Passion Matrix Course with Lauren Galey

During this time of global crisis, we are being asked to step up in New Ways to support by creating new systems and solutions that are based in the Heart, for respect for All Life and Humanity. That’s where the Passion Matrix comes in.  You can create New Earth and be of service when you put your Passion Matrix into place. This is literally your own unique blueprint or inventory of everything that you love to do, plus all your skills and talents.  We’ll create this together in an upcoming webinar so you can see your own unique self begin to appear on paper!

Then we begin to weave the matrix that is a living entity and it will reveal how you can do what you love, be of service and create revenue streams that support you.

Learn how to create your own Passion Matrix based on doing what you love and creating revenue streams that support you!  In this course, you’ll tap into your greatest talents, skills and joys which helps you identify your action plan for you Service = based business!

ITEM 7: Money Games to Increase Wealth Consciousness with Lauren Galey

Money Games to Shift Your Vibration into Wealth Consciousness
(45 minutes)
Our energetic relationship to money is tied to many layers of outdated belief systems (BS) that no longer serves us. As Lightworkers stepping up in New Earth roles, you are here to receive the Freedom & Abundance Codes.
Learn how you can shift your money vibration with a few simple games that open your consciousness to the flow of money, giving and receiving, sharing with others by offering “Love bombs” to the unexpected.  The fun and easy exercises also deprogram you from lack consciousness.
You’ll also experience Plant Music of a blooming Cyclamen to help you remove subconscious belief systems (BS) about money and lack consciuosness.
Lauren coaches New Earth Leaders on the Passion Matrix and how you can create a self-sustaining service, product or organization by following your passion and joy.  

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