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Special Upgrade Offer to Own this Series from NEO Retreat: Co-Creating New Earth

If you’d like to own and download these courses,
we’ve created a Limited Special Offer with 2 options that contain some high vibrational bonuses. 

Listen & Watch anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device.
plus! Plant Music for Creating high vibrational environments

Here’s What You Get In the Option 1 Upgrade Package for this retreat

ITEM 1: Chara’s Special Offer

Collaboration with Earth: Support & Strategies for Your Reverent, Regenerative Service

7-week e-course consisting of pdf Guidebook and 4 videos. 2 live Q&A sessions (recorded in case you cannot attend live) will occur in March and April.

Do you feel called to help people and our planet enter a new era of flourishing together?

Enroll in Collaboration with Earth: Support and Strategies for Your Reverent, Regenerative Service to learn how to create sustainable and regenerative actions that nourish you, other people, and life on our planet.

This course is for you if:

  • You yearn to contribute to regeneration of the natural world and human well-being.
  • You believe we can co-create justice and well-being for all life, but you’re unsure how to proceed.
  • You wonder how your sense of calling can translate into practical actions.
  • You want to feel whole and supported as you offer your contribution to the world’s flourishing.

Join Collaboration with Earth to gain support and new tools as you discover your next-level clarity and craft your joyful contribution.

In this course, you will learn how to establish Reverent Relationship with nature. You will also learn how to cultivate Reverent Relationship with yourself, because your own inner guidance is your most sacred authority.

Reverent Relationship with yourself and nature’s beings is your path to crafting a Regenerative Vision of your Soulful, Sovereign, Supported Service.

We’re ready to outgrow the model of the exhausted, self-sacrificing activist. It’s possible to feel nourished, grounded, supported, and continually energized as you make your contribution to well-being for people and planet. Collaboration with Earth is regenerative for you AND the natural world. This is living and creating in a state of Soulful Sovereignty and Support.

  • This course mentors you in collaborating with the natural world to nurture regeneration for yourself and all life on Earth.
  • The course is for you if you want to deepen your connection with the natural world and allow that connection to guide your contributions to well-being for people and planet.
  • The course is for you if you are already engaged in regeneration for Earth and humanity but you feel a higher level of contribution is trying to emerge through you.
  • The course is also very much for you if you aren’t yet sure what your contribution is, but you are yearning to identify it, embody it, and bring it to life.

As Soulful, Sovereign beings, we honor our callings to serve while nurturing ourselves and all life.

The course is designed for you who feel intimidated by your sense of a tremendous calling, unsure what your calling is, or burnt out by contributions you’ve already made.

In the model of Collaboration with Earth offered in this course, your contributions not only nurture the world, but nurture yourself.

Your own well-being is part of what you tend through Collaboration with Earth. Our work now must be based not on the model of the activist-martyr-savior who is self-sacrificing, but on the model of Soulful Sovereignty and Support.

Benefits you receive from the course

  • Encouragement, witnessing of your passion and sense of calling, and a supportive structure that helps you discern, integrate, and plan your Regenerative Contribution.

  • Support in believing that we’re entering a new era of regeneration on planet Earth, and you can contribute.

  • Awareness of how to offer your skills, talents, and wisdom as people + planet heal together.

  • Experience in how to collaborate with spirit guides, nature, and Earth herself. You can learn how to be a healing presence while feeling grounded and whole.

  • Practices for transferring your ideas from the vision stage into physical reality.

  • Tools for regularly assessing and celebrating your contributions.

ITEM 2: Plant Music Bundle

A Collection of Plant Music Remedy offering streaming & downloadable audio programs with over 15 hours of music generated by the Plant Kingdom. You’ll get access to our streaming audio portal, where you can listen online, or download each of the songs and enjoy in your home. This music is high frequency and shares information from the Nature Realm.

Healing, Calming, Creative, Inspiring Music of Plants

High Frequency Music for Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Healing, Creative Projects.

The energetic signature of a plant is captured and turned into music using a MIDI synthesizer.

The result is truly healing, multi-dimensional music of the plants!

Stream or Download a Library of Plant Music
Listen to a Sample of a Douglas Fir in a forest located 8000+ ft on Green Mountain in Boulder, CO

In this Plant Music Package, you’ll enjoy lots of great goodies:

  • A Really Awesome Bundle of Plant Music. A collection of our most favorite and beloved music, this bundle includes a series of plant music in the 528hz Love Frequency, plus Plant Symphonies and Serenades for meditation, yoga, and creating high frequency environments . Including: Ho’oponopono Plant Music, Healing the Wounded Child Plant Music, and over 15 hours of High Vibrational Music.

Take a Musical, Healing, High Vibrational Journey with Plant Music.

ITEM 3: Lauren’s Authentic Voice

Lauren Galey

Mastery Empowerment Class: Higher Self Connection Meditation with Orchid Plant Music

Enjoy a meditation to connect with your Higher Self.  This meditation is supported with the Lemurian Orchid Plant Music to put you into a relaxed space to open to the frequency of YOU.  This is a meditation to use anytime you wish to get a message from your Higher Self, ask a question to your Higher Self, or feel the essence of your Higher Self. Get ready with a journal and pen, because you’ll want to write down anything that comes up for you in the meditation.  This is a supportive and powerful tool to use in your New Earth Creations during this year of 222.

Mastery Empowerment Class: Find Your Authentic Voice 

You’ll learn techniques to finding & expressing/speaking your Authentic Voice from the heart –  with love, compassion, strength, confidence and grace. This is a course for all New Earth Leaders!    In this online workshop, you’ll get personal assistance with your voice, speaking with love, and noticing how people respond to you differently when you speak with your Heart Tone.

ITEM 4: Audio & Video Downloads of the NEO Retreat: Co-Creating New Earth

Enjoy the programs in the NEO Retreat: Co-Creating New Earth again at any time, by downloading the audio and/or video versions. 

Audio is sometimes better when you want to Master the information as you listen again and receive new insights in your spiral of evolution. Each time you listen, you’ll hear something from a new, heightened perspective.  The masters teach us that if we wish to learn something, it’s best to listen at least 3 times.  Enjoy these audio downloads and unlock your consciousness to new levels. Plus – audio files do not take up as much digital space as video files, so these are handy if you wish to save space on your devices.

NEO Retreat Upgrade Package for NEO Retreat: Co-Creating New Earth


Advanced Masters Collection + Option 1


Here’s What You Get In the Option 2 Upgrade Package for this retreat.

The Advanced Masters Collection plus Option 1

ITEM 1: Mastery Empowerment Courses – Advanced Masters Collection

Digital Downloads audio & video

Featuring multiple courses by each of our favorite Wayshowers of the Light: 

Sandra Walter (4 programs)- Unity Meditation, Crystalline DNA, New Earth Now, Golden Race DNA Activations (value $132)

Lisa Transcendence Brown –  (4 programs) – Higher Self Messages, 11-11-11 Gateway, New Earth Realities, Actualizing New Earth Realtiies (value $132)

Anrita Melchizedek –   (3 sessions) Reading and Activating the 12D Multidimensional Layers of Light, Activating Multidimensional Light Bodies (value $66)

Judy Cali – (7 sessions)  Max the Crystal Skull, Golden Awakening Series, Golden Ascension Series ($227 value)

Dorian Light – (3 sessions) Step into Infinite Possibilities, Original Cause Clearing, Surrender to Divine Neutrality ($99 value)

Gene Ang –  (6 sessions) Arcturian Dream & Sleep Yoga Level 1 & 2 ($144 value)

ITEM 2: Digital Download of 12 Online Healing Retreats

Digital Downloads in MP3 and/or video

Featuring 2 hours sessions (at least)….with:

Sandra Walter – Mastering Crystalline DNA ($33 reg)

Lisa Transcendence Brown – Awakening the Key Codes within You ($33 reg)

Anrita Melchizedek – 11-11 Gateways Codes of Divine Love ($33 reg)

Meg Benedicte – Stargates, Ascension & Timelines ($33 reg)

Julie Umpleby –  Aligning with the New Planetary Human ($33 reg)

SanRa – Lemurian Harmony Waves ($33 reg)

Dorian Light – Psychic Energetics Breaking Poverty Consciousness ($33 reg)

Elizabeth Wood – The 12th Dimensional Body ($33 reg)

Alicia Power – Creator Being Light Intelligence Upgrade ($33 reg)

Gene Ang – The Solar Logos Transmissions ($97 reg)

PLUS BONUS Online Healing Retreat: with Judy  Cali & Lauren Galey ($97 reg)

NEO Retreat Upgrade Package for NEO Retreat: Co-Creating New Earth


Advanced Masters Collection + Option 1

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