With Guardian/Gridkeeper and Language of Light Activator & Catalyst
Yukia Azorah Sandara 

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Beloved Family, WELCOME!

Delve deeply into an adventure, an exploration of the Quantum YOU, as the Holographic Self – unites with your Core Self, the Quantum Unified field of All there Is on Earth. The Golden Key gifted is to Unite with Soul family and actively Co-create synergies, projects, Communities, and Playgrounds together.

We are inviting YOU to a  journey of CONNECTION AND REMEMBRANCE!

You will be able to work on your own with all the pre-recorded material you will receive upfront by purchasing this product, in your OWN TIME, following the guidelines in the main document. No QA’s will be provided if you work at your own pace.

The Unify Activation Series

The Golden Key gifted in this energy will assist YOU to Unite within, with your Soul family and actively Co-create synergies, projects, Communities, and Playgrounds together

Special Offer #1 Includes:

The Unify Activation Series

11 Week Program – work at your own pace

Activations, Meditations, and Soul Teachings  + Visionary Art Printed Code for each week
A Multi-media workbook with activating graphics, MP3s & videos

Special Offer 1: The Unify Activation Series


2 Payment Option Available

This package contains:

  • An 11 Week Programme of Soul Topics in video format:
  • Activations, Meditations, and Soul Teachings  + Visionary Art Printed Code for each week to work with during the program.
  • You will also get a few articles under certain topics and weeks on the multimedia workbook PLUS  3 x FREE E-BOOKS!

The 11 key focus areas of this Activation Series are:

  • Dismantling Imprints & Overlays
  • Alchemy of Fire
  • Transfiguration
  • The Age of Union
  • Expanding Perception
  • Zero Point Self
  • Resonance

  • Coherence

  • Fusion

  • Transcendence Space/Time
  • Unify

Unify Course Series Guideline to work with the Material

During this time :

You will be able to work on your own with all the pre-recorded material you will receive upfront with a clear guideline per week with the following:


These 12D  DNA/RNA light tuning frequencies, root cause Quantum accelerator attunements & Light of the Creator Sound vibrations will assist you to collapse, erase and un-create, internal programming, beliefs, values still stuck in the old templates of separation which are an integral part of Unity Consciousness.



These transmissions will assist to rewrite the Light Body template as your Portal within opens and activates an elevated awareness of your Cosmic Consciousness Mastery in the rebirthing of Soul Tribes and community. Consciousness actions in whatever area of skillset, gift, and talent/you are bringing forth to build/add synergies too are welcomed to the Group.

Example: Soul Transfiguration – Magdalene Activation in 432Hz


Guidance and experiential support technologies to assist You to innerstand and navigate through the different stages of your multi-dimensional Light body templates, its integration/embodiment, and Unification within an area of skillset, gift, and talent/you are bringing forth to build and co-create with the Community.

Example: Council of Light Sirius B – Ascension of Core Self

Some of the topics:

  • Dismantling Global misalignments and constructs
  • Dismantling & Transmuting collective Imprints and Overlays
  • Transfiguring genetic and Bloodline ancestral lineage
  • The nature of the Soul/Body
  • Creation of new Holographic Realities – Harmonic Resonance practices
  • Opening Stargate holographic new realities
  • Preparing for Contact Star Family
  • Bilocation understanding
  • Teleportation understanding
  • Portal and Stargate activation
  • Embodiment of Star Ship into a physical vessel, connecting to Star family.
  • Key upgrades re: immortality encodements from within the “Quantum Field, the radiance of the Eagle” re: Eternal Nature of the Human expression and experience.

Holographic Light Frequency Visionary Codes

Downloadable and printable

These will assist to anchor all relevant tonal expressions as per your Co-Creator intentions at DNA/RNA and cellular memory circuitry by allowing the full receipt of Infinite Quantum Knowingness from all anxiotonal Filament’s now fully switched on to Star, Sun’s and Interplanetary wisdom forgotten into Remembrance within all kingdoms.

PLUS You’ll also recieve 3 e Books:

eBook – The Great Remembering Gift to Life

Chapter I of my book that is in Progress.

Introduction: It is a Day out of Time today and we have been gifted with the presence of two luminous One’s; Pachamama (Gaia), the Cosmic Child within the inspired Source of All things, the radiance of the Eagle. Trinity in this gathering brings the equilibrium of unities into Oneness.

Among the sparkling golden beautiful red rocks, the Love, the Sunshine and sacred ceremony shower us gently with the music from the Spheres…

Pachamama (Mother GAIA) smiles and the Cosmic Child dances to the tune of an old song played Long time ago in the Land of LEMURIA.

In the flow of embracing the Great Remembering, the elements unfold its own tapestry of Love and Light around us from the Heart of All things and the dialogue begins between Patchamama and the Golden Child…

eBook – The Architecture & Technology of  The Soul/Body

Profound detail and clarity on this topic have been activated in this EBOOK, highlighting the Soul MAKEUP within the physical structure of the Human Body, with its potential and possibilities for regeneration.


The contents within this ebook have been experienced and lived through my own expression in integrating the Christ light body of Light. They will shed clarity and assist others to activate it and Integrate it into their own Core Self.

Special Offer #2 Includes:

Two Online Group Sessions about the Unify Activation Series 

Enjoy 2 webinar meeting with Yukia and a small group.  These sessions will be scheduled periodically, and you’ll be notified of the dates. You will recieve the recording if you can’t join live.  These sessions allow you direct contact with Yukia so you can ask your questions about the material as it relates to your own experience.  These are integration sessions that benefit your home-study.

Special Offer 2: Two 40 Minute Group Sessions


2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer 1: The Unify Activation Series


2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer 2: Two 40 Minute Group Sessions


2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer 3: Both Offer 1 & 2


2 Payment Option Available

What people are saying about Yukia

“UNIFY Course is a Magnet that you called in for yourself to fully bring you home into your Goldprint – Fresh, Clean and of Your Purpose. You are beautifully held, lovingly honored in this Sacred Container by Yukia In UNIFY Course, you UNIFY All That You Are, as Yukia states “all aspects” free of “old programs, overlays within self, in the dismantling and collapsing of them.” All That You Are in the Living is then welcomed home into your new earth Presence Presenced. Fresh, Natural, Stepped Up, Lit, Circuits ON, Voicing, Singing, Writing, Abundant, Creating You.

What is Unique about UNIFY Course container with Yukia Azorah Sandara is that it is Lived. Specifically, each course module in self study progresses into living it, the Free and Fresh, Stepped Up into JOY, at Full Peace, Lit Natural State with One’s Circuits Turned to ON!!! UNIFY amplifies the Ability of each to be of the Tonality Expressions of their Gifts lit in the whole of the OneField. By Raising Oneself as Presence, in their True Nature, one helps the Whole Joyfully. UNIFY Course Modules created by Yukia, brings each participant into Renewal and Union of Self lived and Presenced. New earth living is set free in the UNIFY Course, each creating expressions of their True Lit Nature.

The UNIFY Course with Yukia on NEO is organized into 11 weeks of manageable and encoded Stepped Up Modules. These are tuned to 12D+ RNA DNA supportive encoded frequency to transmute and transform each as Active Co-Creators of this new earth of their Purpose. The Modules include Quantum Sound Transmissions and Activations. The Modules also include Sonic Sound Meditation Journeys. These Sound Sharings appear in the form of 28 Video Links fully encoded to uplift each participant directly as if they were sung to live!!!! These are powerful, transformative Light Codes of both Sound Transmission and Light Code heArt images. There are also in the 11 week UNIFY Course of Value, 13 Immersive Quantum and/or Sonic Light Codes drawn digitally to become one with visually. These 13 Fresh Light Codes are Downloadable and Printable. Many of these are of the new Fresh Lumeria and Emerald Earth Light Code support that have Showed Up to be Lived and Presenced. In the UNIFY Course Package, included as a Bonus, are 3 ebooks that divinely open up Truth of our living in this Universe and Cosmos titled: (ebook 1) Soul Technology & Great Remembering, (ebook 2) Metaphysical Coupling (answers the clear truth about relationships) and (ebook 3) Amplifying & Expanding Your Perceptual Field.

I am Thankful Yukia has created the well organized UNIFY Course. Am Thankful to Gather in a course of Clarity about the Union of Self. UNIFY Course brings forward Activated Light Language sung by most by the end of the course, Activations within, Gifts expressed and Inner Authority gently commanded in the Inner Standing that we may All live a life of our True Lit Nature!

Sunshine Houlilan

The Unifying Consciousness program is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or done before.  The activations, meditations, visuals, codes, and learning pieces are certainly on another level.  Yukia has a unique way of creating that seems to bypass the conscious mind and activate one on a soul, cellular level.  If you’re are looking to go deeper within and without, to take things to another level, this program will not disappoint.

Nicola Henderson

In a determined way I have been devoted and dedicated to my Ascension process for 8 years. I have followed the best Ascension Guides, Amplifying Heart Resonance and Activating DNA. I have been very very pleased with my success.

However, about 4 months ago I realized that my connection with Galactic , Multidimensional and Universal energies was lacking. I prayed, ” My intention is to create miracles where I gain much greater access and connection to higher dimensional beings and realities.”

One week later Yukia Sandara’s Unify Class was yhe answer to my prayers. . When I create this level of Synchronicity I make sure I bow with great respect and gratitude to the Creator for Yukia is a Gift from the Divine. She is the highest level Ascension Guide.

Unify Class goes beyond what I knew to be possible. In a finely orchestrated manner she uses Language of Light, Singing, Toning, Music, Transmissions and her own Created exquisite Artwork.

Yukia will challenge you in a way that you need to be challenged if you are to elevate to these higher Ascension levels. Devotion, dedication, and repetition are crucial for success. If you get in her wake, she will lead you out of the 3D density to adventure and wonder filled with Joy, Love (of course),Freedom and Truth..

Bliss Sunnara

About Yukia Azorah Sandara

Yukia Azorah Sandara is an Ascension Multidimensional empowerment mentor who has dedicated her life for the past 35 years to assist humanity in this great planetary shift. She is a harmonic sound catalyst, a Guardian, Grid keeper, and Gatekeeper working with the Planetary Soul of the Planet globally, and the evolution of consciousness, a Divine voice alchemist, a Light language master coder, and a Visionary Light code artist.

She assists humanity with her combined skillset and tools in awakening, expanding, and amplifying higher states of consciousness, catalysing their own Remembrance and knowingness, connecting to their family of Light, to their highest ascended versions of themselves, their Truth, gifts, skillsets, path, Essence and own Light, integrating/embodying their multidimensionality into an earthed, grounded Human experience within the Unified Quantum Field, that she calls “The radiance of the Eagle.” In this place of full harmonic Resonance, there is Communion, Unity, and a coherent Heart pulse – a beautiful wave of Love – unique to the Human collective expression in our Planet. Learn more about Yukia Azorah Sandara at yukiasandara.com

Special Offer 1: The Unify Activation Series


2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer 2: Two 40 Minute Group Sessions


2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer 3: Both Offer 1 & 2


2 Payment Option Available