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Navigating the transition out of duality and into unity consciousness is easier if you work from a place of inclusion. Inclusion of all the components of the collective ascension that are taking place across the globe, including the activation of the planetary crystalline architecture and Lightbody, magnetic shifts within the planet, the physical changes that are occurring within your own body and the remembrance of hidden and forgotten aspects of your soul essence.

Get ready for an immersion of Light, which works with all of the components of the ascension, to align you with the Triwave energies anchoring for humanity. Exiting the old paradigm and magnetic matrix requires embodying balanced higher frequencies of the Divine Mother and Divine Father energies, both within your own Lightbody and your physical body. This creates the circuitry for connection into the Triwave, which opens your capacity for higher states of consciousness.

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The ascension process continues to unfold, bringing deeper levels of awareness around the magnitude of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental transformation that is required to step beyond the polarity/duality matrix we are currently operating within.

Your body is KEY in the ascension process.  Every organ, gland, neural pathway, bone, etc. is in the process of transforming.  The biological component of ascension is every bit as important as any conscious act or intention.

Our angelic blueprint was originally designed to function multidimensionally, providing the conduit to reconnect into the organic multiverse..  This is why activating your Lightbody is the precursor to shifting into crystalline form/body, out of carbon based physicality.  The Lightbody blueprint informs the physical elements of your body to change at the biological level.

Although this is a collective ascension, it is still an inside job, as we build the bridge for humanity to follow into higher states of consciousness.

Special Offer Includes:

Transition Into Unity/Triwave Consciousness

Transition Into Unity/Triwave Consciousness


2 Payment Option Available

This package of Quantum Activations supports your biology, while rebuilding and activating your Organic Lightbody and Architecture, building a pathway back into higher states of consciousness.

Working with the White, Platinum, Blue, Pink and Green Diamond Sun Codes, the Emerald, Aqua, Amethyst and Gold liquid fire codes, Order of the Phoenix, the Blue Melchizedek, Crystal Kingdom and so much more, this series supports every level of your Being.

Recoding the Nervous System for Triwave Interface

This activation re-codes your nervous system to anchor more fully into the Triwave magnetics.

With beautiful gold/pink codes coming in from your high heart, your nervous system is re-coded to shift your foundation from the old binary into the triwave of unity consciousness,

Working with Gaia’s emerald flame energy, the notes of the song to “sing us home” were swirled through your nervous system and into your feet to assist with anchoring the new magnetics with every step you take.

A beautiful experience both physically and emotionally as we continue to move into higher frequencies of Light.

Full Merge with Crystalline Core of Gaia

As Gaia continues to awaken, more information is available from her crystalline core, which is her Emerald Dragon High Heart. This activation allows you to fully merge with the crystalline core, verses anchoring or tapping into it, for the first time.

This infusion of Light information upgrades your personal earth star into a crystalline emerald format allowing more direct communication from the emerging triwave ley lines and grid systems

Your High Heart mechanism receives a recalibration to facilitate the influx of information and Light codes. preparing your systems to move/operate beyond 360 degrees, into higher levels of multidimensionality. The nervous system and mitochondria also receive additional support and healing.

Embodying a Higher Frequency of the Divine Mother Principles of Light

Moving into higher states of Being, this activation combined incredible Light infusions from the crystalline core of Gaia, along with Diamond Sun Codes to activate a deeper embodiment of truth.

Working with the emerald, aqua, amethyst and gold liquid fire Light from Gaia’s heart, a deep purification of the liver, kidneys, spleen, gallbladder and intestines is initiated. The Diamond Sun Codes begin the next level awakening of the pineal.

Embodying Lost Melchizedek Aspects

As we continue the ascension process, more and more clears and becomes available to bring back into wholeness.

During this activation, the Order of the Phoenix, Melchizedek, and Crystal Kingdom aspects all assisted as we integrated encodements from personal information templates, as well as Diamond Sun and Gaia codes of Light.

The nervous system received another upgrade to facilitate this new level of frequency, as did the eyes and inner ear mechanisms.

Anchoring a new level of sovereignty, this activation opens up your gifts and memories to the next level.

The Father Principle Discs & White Diamond Sun Codes

A part of the Father principle architecture, consisting of 15 horizontal discs, were activated within your Lightbody structures. This 15:15 architecture works with the Mother principle 13:13 architecture within your ascension vehicle of Light or Lightbody.

Light blueprints coming from the core of Earth/Tara/Gaia purged distorted memories, encodements and blueprints within your matrix to prepare for higher levels of truth to be embodied.

A massive Pineal/Pituitary Activation commenced as access to higher Light information continues to become available. Higher Blue Flame Melchizedek aspects (soul fragments) began to integrate, as distorted grids continue to unlock.

Finally, White Diamond Elohei Sun Codes were infused as they danced upon the horizontal father principle discs within your fields. This is one powerful activation!

Unraveling From The Construct of Linear Time

This activation prepares your body for the next phase of the ascension process. Linear time, which we experience in the binary system, is shifting. Within the new Triwave magnetics, time doesn’t exist and/or is not experienced in the same way. It is another step towards living multidimensionally.

Working with White, Platinum, Blue, Pink and Green Diamond Codes of Light, a “inventory” of your fields is done and adjustments are made within your own personal clock shield. The clock shields are more about alignment than time.

In addition, a group “snapshot” was taken as a representation of the collective, to enable higher levels of assistance from our Pleadian and Arcturian counterparts and the Green Mantis Magnetic specialists.

Another level of clearing was facilitated around your root/base or foundational energies to assist you with shifting out of 3D time and into quantum time.  This will enable a further shift in perception at this level of consciousness. This includes helping to release “lower” emotional hooks and triggers.

About Raquel Spencer

Raquel Spencer is a Catalyst for becoming Your Quantum Self. She specializes in activating the dormant mind/body pathways and multidimensional cellular codes of Light which assist you with remembering your Divine Sovereign Essence and Quantum Self. Raquel’s work accelerates your Multidimensional Awakening bringing you to the cutting edge of consciousness and the ascension.

Transition Into Unity/Triwave Consciousness


2 Payment Option Available