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Brian Besco

Mastery Empowerment Course: Transcending the Matrix-Beyond Duality

Holding higher spaces than we have ever gone before, this workshop is for those who are ready to align with Soul-level transformations, to transcend the limits of Duality. The work shared comes from the newest processes we have been doing with ourselves and with clients. This tangible, high-level consciousness work is available to anyone who can stay present and follow the field in which Brian will hold and guide you in.

In this class Brian shares High-Level intel and teachings on:

  • Shift mis-creations of lifetimes, which were born out of the Duality Matrix.

  • Learn to use your higher Essence to Harmonize everything within your creation.

  • Release Programs that no longer serve, such as addictions, and the Program of Suffering.

  • Become a creator and emitter of Light, from the Heart and from your physical cells.

All These Options at Your Finger Tips

Special Offer: Transcending the Matrix-Beyond Duality

Holding the field of Neutrality. The newly discovered Quantum Heart Activation. Clearing mis-creations and the Cosmic Sun Activation. Stepping deeper into releasing Soul-level programs that no longer serve. Transforming trauma throughout your entire being. Clearing beliefs and emotions that no longer serve. Step into the Mastery of using your Essence to Harmonize Creation.

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Transcending the Matrix-Beyond Duality
$100 USD


About Brian Besco

Brian is a Master Builder of higher-dimensional energy tools, and whose work is based in this new paradigm of heart-based consciousness. The guided journeys he offers are simple yet tangibly powerful, as Brian masterfully holds space for your Soul to bring through the most beneficial Activations and Attunements for heart-based conscious creation.