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Specific sounds for healing the body and brainwave entrainment for expanding consciousness

Sound has been used in every culture on Earth for thousands of years for healing and advancing self-awareness and meditation: Tibetan Bowls, Chinese Meditation Gongs, Chant, OM, Mantra, and Shamanic Drumming to mention a few. Now it’s possible to use the latest advances in scientific imaging of the brain and nervous system to hone our use of sound for healing in ways never before possible. Using advanced imaging technologies we can view the Autonomic Nervous System, the Brain, and Brainwaves and influence these systems with sound waves produced with a precision never possible before.

We can now align modern sound tools and medical imaging technologies to create a “Star Trek” level of healing power built on the same foundation principles used by ancient cultures across the planet and NASA/JPL technologies – a new merging of the ancient and the modern – to explore new realms of high meditation states, enhance our human abilities and to heal our imbalances like never before.

Combining Vibrational frequency devices (Sound Tables and Sound Chairs) with advanced ways of entraining Brainwaves with sound, hyper-realistic 3-D processing, and “Primordial Sounds”, we can access places in consciousness and in the unconscious with a new level of precision that makes it possible to accelerate healing and expanding of consciousness like never before.

Hold on to your mind as we venture down new pathways of exploration into the mind, awareness, and healing with the most cutting-edge sound tools of the 21st century.

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The world’s first Default Mode Network brainwave entrainment soundtrack

Special Offer: BEYOND Soundtrack Download


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About this Special Offer

BEYOND Soundtrack Download

The Default Mode Network (DMN) was discovered by accident using fMRI imaging in 2001 and has remained on the cutting-edge of neuroscience ever since. It’s a new, unique, extremely slow brainwave frequency pulse that’s highly synchronized among four brain regions of the cortex and is associated with “Cosmic Consciousness” experiences in meditation and deeps associated with one’s sense of self both in space and time. A de-synchronized state of these four zones is linked to a number of neurological conditions: ADD, ADHD, Autism, Epilepsy, PTSD, Depression, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Using brainwave entrainment with headphones in the DMN range can make a significant change in these conditions and can also be used to advance a “Star Trek” level of meditation experience.


  • Cutting-edge entrainment to a new type of brainwave state.
  • An advanced meditation enhancement tool for personal awareness.
  • A new type of treatment for a number of neurological conditions.
  • A new, advanced technique for extreme de-stressing of the nervous system.

About Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

Dr. Thompson has worked with Deepak Chopra, has created many self-improvement tapes with Louise Hay, and has created sound programs for conferences with Bernie Siegel, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bru Joy, and Susan Jeffers. He has worked with NASA and JPL with plasma-wave audio recordings from Voyager I and II and researched their effects on the subconscious mind for healing and emotional release. His work has been part of research projects at the Neuro-Psychiatric Center at UCLA and has been researched at the Royal Ottawa Sleep Research Center in Canada, as well as multiple other companies who license his sounds to complement and empower their offering to society. His work was chosen to be part of the nationally funded CSCAT (Center for the Study of Complementary and Alternative Therapies) Program at Duke University and the University of Virginia in the 1990s. His audio programs have been and are used with patients before and after surgery and in various oncology/infusion departments and clinics. His patented Neuroacoustic/Vibroacoustic Sound Chair and Sound Table are used in medical and mental health clinics, wellness spas, professional and business offices, personal fitness clubs, and homes. He has played an active role in the Complementary-Alternative Medicine Research and Therapy Association at Scripps Hospital, San Diego, California. He continues to work with Fortune 500 and 100 Companies and other businesses as time permits.

Special Offer: BEYOND Soundtrack Download


2 Payment Option Available