With Folk Musicians
Emily Potter and Jason Brown


Lightworker Musicians have been feeling held back. When other lightworkers are waving banners and saying, “The time for action is now!” we are receiving the intuitive hit to “Wait” and “Be still”. The pain of not fulfilling our purpose is excruciating, but any plans we make to take action crumble.

Our intuition whispers that lightworker musicians are vibrational wayshowers leading humanity into the fifth dimension. Yes!! Oh, how we long to really get out there and fulfill our calling! For some, the waiting time has gone on for so long that they wonder if the Universe has forgotten about them.

I get it. I have experienced all this too. There is no greater pain I have ever known than to feel like I’m not making a difference for humanity.

This introduction course offers relief. I will illuminate two powerful reasons why our lightworker musicians have been guided to wait and be still during this significant awakening moment in history. More so, this conversation might be the catalyst that leads to GO time.

Very very excited,
Emily Potter and Jason Brown

Offer 1: Your Soul’s Purpose is More Powerful Than Your Bills

Length: 5 Hours


This mini-course is a powerful first step in learning Fifth Dimensional Money Alchemy. You will learn tools to cross over from 3D to 5D money so your soul’s purpose can thrive in Earth’s current financial system with greater ease.

The 3D monetary system is designed to imprison us. But there is a way out.

What you’ll get:

  • If you’re not ready to invest in the full 5D Money Alchemy Course but you want to take a step forward, this mini-course is for you.
  • You will learn the top 3 changes to raise your vibration around money
  • You will start living in the fifth dimension by making money miracles your habit

You are here on purpose.  This offering is non-refundable. 

Value of Program $500

Special Offer: $57

Online Course Videos – 5 hours

Offer 2: Create An Online Ceremony concert That Brings Income

Length: 25 minutes


Musicians! You will receive step-by-step homework assignments, an instructional video, and pdf document presentation. You will come away with a solid, consistent, and professional product to offer.


  1. If you have lots of great songs but don’t know how to weave them together into a meaningful product that brings true change for your audience, this course is for you.
  2. You will receive monetary exchanges for your online concerts because your new approach brings fresh inspiration to your audience
  3. You will receive step by step instructions with a video and pdf document presentation
  4. You will build a music fan base who LOVES you because you have a solid, personal, connective, consistent, and professional product to offer

Value of Program $277

Special Offer: $77

Online Course Videos and Instructional Step by Step pdf

Offer 3: Fifth Dimensional Money Alchemy

Length: 2 Hours
(Plus Offers 1 & 2) 

What is Fifth Dimensional Money Alchemy?                   

You will recieve 10 powerful money tools from the fifth dimension.     


HURRAY! You are learning to navigate all financial devastations with greater ease. This includes debt collectors, house foreclosure, getting sued, unpaid bills, expensive life-threatening diseases, etc. 5D Money Alchemy is trailblazing inner work in 5D consciousness territory. Money catastrophes lose their power over you, and you enjoy living your soul’s purpose with deep fulfillment.


-You feel content living in the current 3D monetary system. (A 3D model is defined as giving your time and energy to a job, which then rewards you with money.)


-How to be a full-time lightworker musician without the constant worry around money

-How to navigate through financial devastations without breaking a sweat

-How to bridge your music-medicine from the 3D to a higher 5D consciousness

For musicians interested in my 8 week online mentorship course, your investment today can go toward your deposit for mentorship. Just ask. 

You are here on purpose. All options are non-refundable.

Special Offer: $297

Online Presentation Course

Offer 4: The Lightworker Musician’s Mentorship Program plus Offer 3

Length: 7 Hours


Create a professional music medicine career from start to finish. I walk you step by step in how to create your product and then find your ideal audiences on tour locally, nationally, and even internationally. Your product brings you real income because you are 1) learning 5D Money Alchemy and 2) your audiences are experiencing life-changing healing medicine at your performances.

You are receiving the full 8 week online mentorship course.  Musicians receive tools and resources in:

  • How to create even 10 songs into a fulfilling online presence and a traveling tour
  • Specifically identify your music medicine and how to reach your vibrationally-matched audiences to offer healing
  • How to create a meaningful product that brings real income because you are creating true change in their lives 

This is a self-directed online course.  We trust that you are here on purpose and you will be fully satisfied. This offering is non-refundable.

Value of Program $1500

Special Offer $997

Online Presentation Course 3 and Online Presentation Course 4
Plus Everything on this page

Offer 1: Your Soul's Purpose is More Powerful Than Your Bills


Offer 2: Create An Online Ceremony Concert That Brings Income


Offer 3: Fifth Dimensional Money Alchemy


Offer 4: The Lightworker Musician's Mentorship Program plus Offer 3


What People Have To Say About Emily & Jason

“I started out wanting to be a musician for years. I came across Emily and her videos really resonated with me and I decided to move forward. I was not in a financial situation where I could afford it. But there was this knowing that this was someone who could help me on my journey, so I followed through with that. And now I can’t even put into words how grateful I am that I got to work with Emily.” -Sarah Songbird, Musician

“This has been the single greatest investment in myself. And I’ve spent a lot of time doing soul work…which all led to THIS. My experience of this has been continually transformational.” -Betsy Greene Schaefer, Musician

“I just finished the course, so cool! I really resonate with it. Can’t wait to do my homework. I just have to organize and present it well! Thanks so much Emily for helping us actualize our potential!” -Ben Calvert, Musician

“Omg Emily. I have been taking so many risks and leap of faiths over the last 3 months and a lot of that has been deeply influenced by your power tools. “Whatever it takes” has changed me forever.” -Lucie Lynch, Musician

“I noticed that as I began to lean into the principles in the course that after a couple weeks my money concerns all but dropped away.” -Ko Hara Lan, Musician

About Emily Potter and Jason Brown

Folk musicians Emily Potter and Jason Brown are a guitar and piano duo living in the countryside outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Their music ceremony empowers their audience so that they feel inspired to make bold changes to live their true soul’s purpose in the spirit of celebration. As mentors, they empower lightworker musicians with powerful tools to fulfill their service to humanity without self-limitations or money as a barrier.

Offer 1: Your Soul's Purpose is More Powerful Than Your Bills


Offer 2: Create An Online Ceremony Concert That Brings Income


Offer 3: Fifth Dimensional Money Alchemy


Offer 4: The Lightworker Musician's Mentorship Program plus Offer 3