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The Wisdom in Utilizing Boundary

Energetic boundary supports our health. Because sound healing is porous there is a possibility that the energy of the healer and the client can blend and become entangled. Though some healers choose to work this way, I teach and recommend another way of working that is highly effective and gentle on the nervous and energetic systems of both the healer and the client.

I call my process, Vocal Sound Healing™. I teach this method of using the human voice to respond to the needs of the body for the Globe Institute, in private sessions, in sponsored workshops, and for conferences. I often integrate Shamanism, Integrative Kabballistic Healing™, Psychic healing, and Native American and Buddhist practices when I am working with clients and when I teach a class.

Healers are sensitive. Knowing how to manage your own energy is a profound tool. We are living in a vibrant and chaotic world. Learning about your boundary and the boundary of your client is beneficial for a sound healing, and for self -care. I am currently teaching a series of classes for self-healing and integration called the Five Worlds that explores five paradigms of healing.

About Lisa Rafel

Lisa Rafel, Expert teacher in Vocal Sound Healing™ & energy healing; Award-winning book, clinically tested music, SAFE IN THE ARMS OF LOVE, promoting best birthing w/ Gary Malkin & David Surrenda, PhD; Playwright; Multiple healing recordings; Creator FIVE WORLDS teaching; NOW IS THE TIME, song/video about the pollution crisis.

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