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Special Upgrade Offer to Own this Series

for the Solstice Celebration

If you’d like to own and download these courses,
we’ve created a Limited Special Offer with some high vibrational bonuses. 

Enjoy a 2 minute Aquatic Journey with Dolphins as you peruse this offer
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 Own & Download all of the Activations & Meditations in this Retreat:

Listen & Watch anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device.
plus! Plant Music for Creating high vibrational environments

Here’s What You Get In this Special Upgrade Package of Soul Shine 2020/2021

Item 1: Audio & Video Downloads of Soul Shine Activations & Meditations

Own & Download all Soul Shine Activations & Meditations.  Individual Audio, Music &  Videos in this event can be downloaded to play on your own device. Files will play offline so you can enjoy anytime. Add this to your Metaphysical Library and enjoy these anywhere, at anytime, with anyone.

ITEM 2: Online Access to Viewing Portal to Watch on Any Device

A super easy, user-friendly, online video portal that allows you to watch each episode at your own leisure. This is great for those who don’t want to load up personal devices with large video downloads.  

ITEM 3: Plant Music Remedy Streaming Audio Portal (15 + hours)  with downloads

A Collection of Plant Music Remedy offering streaming & downloadable audio programs with over 15 hours of music generated by the Plant Kingdom. You’ll get access to our streaming audio portal, where you can listen online, or download each of the songs and enjoy in your home. This music is high frequency and shares information from the Nature Realm.

Healing, Calming, Creative, Inspiring Music of Plants

High Frequency Music for Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Healing, Creative Projects.

The energetic signature of a plant is captured and turned into music using a MIDI synthesizer.

The result is truly healing, multi-dimensional music of the plants!

Stream or Download a Library of Plant Music
Listen to a Sample of a Douglas Fir in a forest located 8000+ ft on Green Mountain in Boulder, CO

In this Plant Music Package, you’ll enjoy lots of great goodies:

  • A Really Awesome Bundle of Plant Music. A collection of our most favorite and beloved music, this bundle includes a series of plant music in the 528hz Love Frequency, plus Plant Symphonies and Serenades for meditation, yoga, and creating high frequency environments . Including: Ho’oponopono Plant Music, Healing the Wounded Child Plant Music, and over 15 hours of High Vibrational Music.

Take a Musical, Healing, High Vibrational Journey with Plant Music.

ITEM 4:   Mastery Empowerment Courses on Crystalline DNA Upgrades (12)

Enjoy 12 Mastery Empowerment Courses on Crystalline DNA Upgrades featuring New Earth Wayshowers.  These empowering courses are available in a viewing portal with audio downloads so you can enjoy from any device at anytime.  These events were broadcast over the June Solstice 2020.

Featuring these titles

ITEM 5:   Higher Self Connections Retreat (15 Courses)

Enjoy 15 Mastery Empowerment Courses on Crystalline DNA Upgrades featuring New Earth Wayshowers.  These empowering courses are available in a viewing portal with audio downloads so you can enjoy from any device at anytime.  These events were broadcast over the June Solstice 2020.

ITEM 6:  Solfeggio Tones Healing Sound Spa

Solfeggio Tones Sound Healing Spa 

60 minutes

This audio healing spa offers all 9 solfeggio tones played for 33 seconds, rotating for 60 minutes. This audio can be enjoyed in normal, low or silent volume.

ITEM 7: Laurie Reyon – Coronavirus Whale Healing & Immunity Shield

Mastery Empowerment Course: Coronavirus Whale Healing & Immunity Sheild

Video & Audio download

Whales Work Wonders!

What if you knew you did not have to go to battle with the Corona Virus?

What if there was a way to live peacefully now, without fear, knowing that the Corona Virus has NO POWER over you?

Experience a Personal Healing and Create a SHIELD OF LIGHT & IMMUNITY.

The Whales are the Elders of this Planet and they are our Galactic Ancestors. They are Stewards for Humanity and they have both permission from Source and the ability to disable the Corona Virus and help you Create a Shield of Light and Immunity. They are seeking to connect with you now, offering you the opportunity to receive at the highest level.

The Whales ask everyone to go within to your heart to remember your connection to the Ancient Whale Family. We are all connected, and they are truly a part of your Star Family, incarnating on the Earth eons before humanity arrived. They have the ability to assist Humanity with core level healing, and they are here offering a specific Energy Light Medicine Transformational Healing Alignment.

The Corona Virus is here, and the fear of contracting this disease has gone around the world very quickly. The Great Whales have shared with me that they would like to offer a Healing and Alignment session for everyone who is interested in creating a Shield of Light and Immunity to the Corona Virus.

Offer From The Whales

The Whales are offering a Sacred Healing and Alignment Session where they will create a Sacred Energy Field around you, placing you in a Golden Orb of Light that will function as a Shield of Light regarding the Corona Virus.

They can also heal those of you that have contracted the virus and move you into a higher vibrational place, where the virus is disabled and non- functional.

ITEM 8: Solstice-Aquarian Conjunction Global Activations with Meg Benedicte

Solstice-Aquarian Conjunction Global Activations with Meg Benedicte

Monday, December 21, 2020

12pm PT / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET / 8pm GMT

Join Meg Benedicte and Manette Mays with Light Bearers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world for the Solstice-Aquarian Conjunction Global Activations on Monday, December 21st at 12:00pm Pacific Standard Time.  All Activations are recorded and available for Replay at the Event URL.

The Solstice occurs on 12:21 – the day that 12 and 21 are mirror opposites bringing all into union, into balance, into Oneness! 12 is a sacred symbol, a universal ascension code that signifies attainment of 12th dimensional Christed Divinity. The Solstice occurs when the sun ‘stands still’ between light and dark. It is the balance point of all creation.

It only happens once a year, when the Solstice Gateway opens a direct path to the Great Central Sun, located at 27 degrees Sagittarius.…it opens a Cosmic Portal to zero point energy at the galactic center. It is also the day the Sun enters Capricorn, an earth sign, initiating a change in seasons.

Just hours before the Solstice is the much-anticipated Great Conjunction when Jupiter and Saturn move into 0° Aquarius on December 21, 2020. It takes approximately 2000 years to transition into a new astrological age – lasting 200-300 years to gradually shift fully into the new cycle. Entering the Age of Aquarius has life-altering affects, emphasizing humanitarian values, intellectual reason, the internet and innovation. The Solstice Gateway acts like a powerful threshold, a frequency breakthrough (like a sonic boom) that catapults us in a new direction, or timeline, or paradigm. The Aquarian Era has arrived!

We are transmitters and receivers of light. As the gateway opens, our bioelectric field attunes to the ascension codes embedded in the light infusion. When we travel to the galactic center and connect to the crystal stargate of Source, we are paving the pathway home to Creator.

Prepare to quantum leap to the next level of your Soul’s Ascension Plan! The planetary shift is accelerating into 5th Dimension as the old Time Matrix dissolves. Are you ready to jump into the next phase of your personal Ascension?  Travel to the Great Central Sun and step into the Crystal Stargate with Starseeds all around the world, as Meg channels Metatron’s sacred geometry Activations. Tapping into the ancient knowledge of Zep Tepi Mystery Schools and Quantum Access™ modality, Meg will guide you through the steps to open your Portal to the Quantum Field.

ITEM 9: Find Your Authentic Voice & The Tone of Your Heart with Lauren Galey

Find Your Authentic Voice – The Tone of Your Heart with Lauren Galey

Video & Audio Download

This 2.5 hour course will teach you how to find your own Heart Resonance in your throat chakra, so you can speak with the Calm Love of your own Heart Tone. This course contains examples of how you can physically feel the resonance of your voice, and listen for when you leave the heart resonance and speak from the head.    The Voice of Your Heart Resononance is one that is heard by others, it is calming and soothing.  And in this workshop, you’ll discover your own Authentic Voice.  Lauren Galey is a voice coach, voiceover artist, and podcast host who works with clients in finding their authentic, rich, resonant voice.   She is a former television and radio news reporter who’s experience in the industry can assist you in your New Earth Mission!

$33 Value

ITEM 10: A bundle of Mastery Empowerment Courses

Enjoy 10 additional Mastery Empowerment Courses with our collection of Spiritual Teachers and Wayshowers.  These are 2 hours each and come in audio and video downloads.  Featuring Judy Cali, Anrita Melchizedek, Ana Estrada, Meg Benedicte, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, and more. Each item in the course scroller below is included.  $330 Value

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NEO Retreat Upgrade Package
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