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With Writer, Speaker, Scientist, and Teacher
Tena Cacic, Ph.D.

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Learn about victim roles & patterns that cost you peace and prevent you from having HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS & HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. Find out the exact reason why you sabotage yourself and accidentally keep yourself stuck from experiencing NEW EARTH REALITY. Discover what keeps you stuck in VICTIM MENTALITY, CLEAR it and jump into a New Earth Reality.

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Package A-Magical Relationship Secrets & Healthy Boundaries


Break Free From Victim Mentality and Jump Into New Earth Reality

8 Modules plus 2 bonus Modules

Plus Ebook in PDF

Package A: Magical Relationship Secrets & Healthy Boundaries


2 Payment Option Available

The POWERFUL Anti-Dote For the VICTIM PATTERNS That Prevent You From Speaking Your Truth, Standing For Yourself and Jumping into New Earth Reality Rooted in Love, Unity Consciousness, Collaboration, Sovereignty, and Freedom!

Choose to Integrate Your Victim Shadows So You can Raise Your Frequency and Install Supportive LOVE Programs Now!

    • Learn about victim roles & patterns that cost you peace and prevent you from having HEALTHY BOUNDARIES
    • Find out the exact reason why you sabotage yourself and accidentally keep yourself stuck from experiencing NEW EARTH REALITY
    • Discover what keeps you stuck in UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS and CLEAR it
    • Become aware of how numbing your feelings prevent you from jumping into a new reality and what to do instead

This 8 Module Learning & Clearing Course can totally turn EVERYTHING around for YOU!

You will be able to EXPERIENCE FREEDOM OF THE NEW EARTH REALITY on a Regular Basis!

Package A

Magical Relationships

  • Module 1: Drama Game-Victim Consciousness
  • Module 2: Clearing the Victim Role
  • Module 3: Clearing the Abuser Role
  • Module 4: Clearing the Savior Role

Healthy Boundaries

  • Module 1: Clearing Helpful Child Shadow
  • Module 2: Clearing Hurtful Child Shadow
  • Module 3: Clearing Helpless Child Shadow
  • Module 4: Clearing Dysfunctional Adult Shadow

Bonus 1: Acceleration to the New Paradigm
Bonus 2: Mother-Daughter (Children) Trauma Healing Mp3

Package B-3 Live Group Calls


Plus Bonus Zoom

Plus Package A

Package B: 3 Live Group Calls

  • Plus Package A

2 Payment Option Available

Topic: New Earth Reality

Mar 18, 2022
8am PT / 9am MT / 10am CT / 11am ET / 3pm GMT

Apr 1, 2022
8am PT / 9am MT / 10am CT / 11am ET / 3pm GMT

Apr 15, 2022
8am PT / 9am MT / 10am CT / 11am ET / 3pm GMT

BONUS-Apr 29, 2022 05:00 PM
8am PT / 9am MT / 10am CT / 11am ET / 3pm GMT

Live Group 75 min Activation & Trigger Release Session Call – Live calls give you the possibility to receive personal mini 1-1 clearing live. If you cannot participate live, you can write Tena an email (tena@tenacacic.com), she will address your issue on the call and tailor the group energy clearing process according to your needs.

Package C-New Earth Reality Total Transformation


40 Minute one-one Trigger Release Session

Plus Packages A & B

Package C: New Earth Reality Transformation

  • Plus Package A & B

2 Payment Option Available

In 1-1 clearings we use self-directed compassion, Compassion Key brought by Edward Mannix, Spiritual Acceleration by Bonnie Serratore, and occasionally non-personal awareness.

1. step: think about the issue/topic that cause the highest intensity in you. Be in your body and feel it. What is the level of intensity? 0 equals no intensity at all 10 equals the highest intensity.

2. set an intention for the 1-1 session and connecting to the light

3. step: clearing – we start with self-directed compassion: you focus on your heart centre and solar plexus and you repeat Tena’s words in exact order.

It is important to emphasise that you are the one who is sending compassion to the wounded part of yourself, so it is important that you say compassion phrases in 3rd person, by using the word you. Example: I am so sorry you forgot that you have the power to heal yourself. I am so sorry you forgot that you are a divine being…

What happens during the spiritual acceleration clearing? During the spiritual acceleration clearing Source through Tena removes frequencies from your energy field that is not you: the most thoughts, emotions, conclusions, frequencies, interferences that you carry in your body are not you.

Just keep in mind that underneath all the interferences and frequencies that include entities, other people’s emotions in you, frequencies that you carry from past incarnations, beliefs and conclusions, traumas and shocks, implants then contracts, vows, agreements, black magic, voodoo, witchcraft, dark stuff, is Your True Divine Light that we call The Creator/Source incarnated, your Divine Self. That is what you’re really trying to bring forth and just to be that Authentic Self.

About Tena Cacic, Ph.D.

Tena Cacic, Ph.D., a writer, speaker, scientist and teacher in love with vibrational communication, has a remarkable story. Before the intensive journey into the deepest corners of darkness, Tena mainly lived happily and in love with life. However, challenges started when she met her husband. That relationship showed her the mother’s pain of losing a three-day-old baby. It taught her the rage of a wife whose husband gambles and the heartbreak of a woman whose beloved man almost dies mentally ill. In just seven years, among other things, Tena journeyed to a hell of helplessness, fighting to save her disabled daughter. Finally, the essential sentence dad told a five-year-old girl in Lybia when she imagined a balloon, which magically appeared, led her from the ninth circle of hell to a blessed life in heaven on earth. She proved what her father said was true: “You only have to wish; it comes true.”

A PhD in communication blended with innate intuition helped Tena find solutions for extremely intensive emotional intensities. She explored and tested numerous personal development techniques, protocols, and modalities to find the three most effective. Furthermore, Tena explored many scientific theoretical approaches to clarify inner and outer worlds. She (re)discovered and learned that humanity is in transition from victim/scarcity/separation/materialistic to sovereign/abundance/unity/integral-vibrational paradigm.

Today Tena, who lives with her husband (same one) and two children in Croatia, continues to research vibrational communication and explore business and education in the integral-vibrational paradigm. In addition, she creates educational and vibrational clearing programs in English and Croatian language followed by presentations and workshops at international conferences.

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