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With Founder of “Journey to Healing”
Linda Johns

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Step into the Frequency of the Divine Matrix

We are all on a spiritual journey consciously or unconsciously to release the conditioning and collective belief systems that limit our spirit’s ability to shine brightly. As we free ourselves from the old illusions of fear, the feeling of lack, beliefs of being “not enough”, we uncover so many other mind traps.

It is then that we start to re-claim the parts and pieces of ourselves that have been dormant, quiet, and stashed away. In doing so, we are giving ourselves permission to step into a higher frequency of our true light.

There is a saying that everything in the universe is Frequency. Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

Join me as we look at the frequencies of our emotions and chemical interactions within our daily lives and how we can learn to bridge the consciousness of the mind into the sacredness of the Divine heart.

Within our sacred heart space, we step into the inner circle of the Divine Crystalline Matrix. This Divine Matrix is multidimensional and holds the original knowledge and blueprints of creation. Anytime we need help, guidance, or healing, we can drop into our sacred heart space and bring our awareness into the Inner circle of this Divine Crystalline Matrix and merge into oneness with the frequency of Divine intelligence and become the multidimensional expression of our Divine Star Light.

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Offer 1: The Divine Crystalline Matrix

Activation Art and 5 Meditations

Offer 1: The Divine Crystalline Matrix Activation Art and 5 Meditations


2 Payment Option Available

The Divine Crystalline Matrix was created as Activation Art. This holds the remembrance of oneness throughout time, space, and dimensions. This helps to bring that high frequency and energy into your own personal space.

The Activation Art can be used as a meditation board to gaze upon or even merge into it. The Divine Crystalline Matrix can be used as a healing grid, or it can also become part of your sacred altar that connection to “All That Is”.

A description of The Divine Crystalline Matrix:

Walk through multiple layers, as the Matrix is full of symbolism, sacred geometry and higher frequencies using color and light. All of these may be used while activating divine wisdom, knowledge, and healing.

The beautiful part of working with the Matrix (if you choose to) is that it will come alive as a powerful tool that can be used anytime and anywhere.  The more you drop into the sacred heart and activate the Inner Circle, the more you can feel instant support from your Divine Allies.  In doing so, your Divine Inner circle will continue to teach, guide, and heal your own personnel needs and evolution.

5 Meditations in this package

Divine Inner Circle Alignment-30-minute journey

A meditation to create a personal “Divine Master Team” to support the soul’s evolution and assist in receiving healing, wisdom, and guidance to live one’s own highest and best.

Divine Crystalline Matrix, 12 Dimensions-45-minute journey

Continue to expand the conscious awareness through the dimensions, learning about each realm and awakening dormant DNA and our remembrance of being whole in Divine oneness.

Starlight Meditation-30-minute journey

Learn to give oneself permission to step into our high frequency light body and express it daily to consciously be the higher expression of ourselves without effort.

Advanced Chakra Activation of Heaven and Earth Within-45-minute journey

Delve deeply into the specific wisdom each chakra holds.  Activating the chakras will then balance the heaven and earth within and fortify the Divine Matrix for a personal and special experience.

Divine Matrix Clearing Ancestral Energies Meditation-45-minute journey

Explore ancestral energy and guidance to release cellular DNA imprints which do not serve. Through a new compassion of the past, learn to be gentle with oneself and embrace gifts and talents available to use for the highest good.

Offer 2: The 5-D Heart Matrix

Offer 2: The 5-D Heart Matrix


2 Payment Option Available

Each class uses new teachings of the Divine Matrix and shows us how it can be used to expand and grow our own interactive relationship with our personalized divine inner circle.

The 5-D Heart Matrix classes.

Whenever we come together as a group in like-minded consciousness, willing to work with the sacred heart and the divine Matrix, we create an energy field of the highest vibrational levels of healing, manifesting, activating dormant DNA, and soul alignment. This continues to ripple out into the universe allowing ourselves to awaken and expand while unconsciously giving others permission to do the same.

These are some of the topics covered in the 5 classes:

  • Using the sacred heart and activating the inner circle.  We receive help in transforming an emotion. That emotion that continues to create separation and trigger a looping cycle.
  • Drop into the inner circle to create a healing using a spin technique to raise the vibration and changes the illusion of separation.
  • Use the Matrix to perceive / receive through your strongest Clair ability, a message, or guidance on a question or concern.
  • Clear ancestral energies that may still be limiting you in some way, and to embrace all the ancestral gifts and abilities available, even if they couldn’t or didn’t use them.
  • Drop into the inner circle and activate the pearl of wisdom.

Offer 3: Divine Crystalline Matrix Classes

Divine Crystalline Matrix Single Class


Purchase All Four Divine Crystalline Matrix Sessions


Class dates:  August 17, September 21, October 19, and Nov 16,

5pm PT | 6pm MT | 7pm CT | 8pm ET | 1am GMT

New Exciting Series- 5-D Oneness

The Divine Crystalline Matrix – The Sacred Heart Healing

In 2019 I was on a personal retreat in the mountains and my guidance team brought forth this healing. Originally, they were showing me how to connect and journey into the sacred heart and the inner circle to access my Divine guidance team. This was also given to access the wisdom and knowledge of the higher dimensional realms through color, shape, light, and healing while activating the Divine Codes and DNA Blueprints.

I have continued working with the Matrix and have been shown many additional ways of using it.

I am very excited to offer this once-a-month class that will meet on the Third Thursday of the month from 5:00 – 6:30 pm PDT. Here we will be using the new teachings of the Divine Matrix and learn how it can be used to expand and grow your relationship with your own Divine Inner circle (Master Team of Helpers). At the same time we will be strengthening the connection with the knowledge and wisdom found within the Sacred Heart and the universal connection to All that Is.

Each month we will focus on a new way to work with the energy of the Divine Matrix.  The information is being channeled through the Divine Wisdom Keepers and works at the highest levels of healing, manifesting, awakening dormant DNA, activating a soul resonance, and aligning our passion and missions for each individual person on the call. We will join with our sacred hearts into the collective universal grid (a flower of life) and allow the Divine to lead us through a healing meditation. This personal meditation will allow us to embody the wisdom and energy of that month’s teaching through the Divine Crystalline Matrix.

Each time we drop into the sacredness of the heart and open to unconditional love and divine support, we automatically facilitate world healing and 5-D New Earth.  As this high frequency ripples out as positive light and healing, it will bring grace for everyone and everything on the planet to embrace if they choose. Join me as we create world healing from above, below and within.

I am very excited to be able to share this Wisdom of Light with you through this new series.

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2 Payment Option Available

What People Have To Say About Linda

Before 5-D heart teachings and now after 5-D practices

“Before I was the one always falling apart. Now I fall together!”


I have taken many of Linda’s classes and had a variety of healing sessions with her. I’ve found her gentle compassion, humor and non-judgmental acceptance profoundly touching and inspiring. Beyond her wonderful healing abilities, her psychic abilities and insights are always right on target. Her passion for healing and helping others along their journey of growth imbues all that she does. She is a truly remarkable soul.

P. M.

What a wonderful class, Linda! So packed with great information, and lots that can apply to all areas of life!

C. H.

About Linda Johns

Linda Johns has worked in the field of alternative healing for over 30 years. She is the founder of “Journey to Healing”, where she has shared her healing services in over 10,000 private sessions for both people and animals. With her natural psychic and intuitive abilities, clairvoyant insights and compassion, Linda has come to realize that her true passion is leading adventures to spirit. This flows into all paths of her work from individual healing sessions and classes and workshops in the healing arts, to developing one’s own spiritual gifts and personal growth, and Healing Retreats.

Linda has many years of training, study, and experience in both the healing arts and in spiritual studies. She has a wide diversity of techniques to call upon and holds certifications from the Quantum Healing Center, PSYCH-K, the Institute of Health and Healing, the International Breath Institute, and the Wildfire Holistic Animal Healing Center, Emotion Code, DECU and OM Codes, as well as being certified as a Reiki Usui and Karuna Master /Teacher, an Animal Communicator, and a Spiritual Path Finder. She also uses Intuitive E.F.T. and Divinely inspired colored lights, and sound therapies incorporating light language.

Special Offer 1: The Divine Crystalline Matrix Activation Art and 5 Meditations


2 Payment Option Available

Offer 2: The 5-D Heart Matrix


2 Payment Option Available

Purchase One Divine Crystalline Matrix Single Class


2 Payment Option Available

Purchase All Four Divine Crystalline Matrix Sessions


2 Payment Option Available

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Divine Crystalline Matrix Bundle $119

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