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Your 5D Future: What to Expect & How to Prepare

Starseeds and Lightworkers — Wonders await!

Are you fully prepared for humanity’s evolutionary leap? Have you ever wondered what living in 5D Consciousness is really like and how to get there? What about your Soul’s plans to achieve this profound awakening?

There’s much to learn from spiritually advanced ET civilizations, including their prevalent attitudes, enlightened relationships, and societies based in true Harmony in Community.

Join us and be inspired! Learn from ET Walk-In, Spiritual Teacher & Facilitator SomRa An’Ryka and 12D female ET Ascended Master Azh’ra Kai channeled by ET Walk-In Jaraan Onai!

We’ll discuss:

  • Probable and intended futures for Earth
  • New Skills and abilities arising, such as telepathy, empathy, and creative expression
  • What your Soul knows that you need to know to fully embody Source


  • Take the steps necessary to advance human evolution for yourself and
  • Use Oneness approaches to more rapidly resolve impediments and advance your
  • Activate your own Soul memory of advanced ET past
  • Hasten the manifestation of 5D Oneness

Enjoy the latest Special Offer

Unlocking Your Soul Treasures Package

Unlocking Your Soul Treasures Package


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1: Ebook: Unlock Your Soul’s Transcendent Treasures: Radically Enhance Self, Life, & Your Awakening Path (34 pages)

Peek over Jaraan’s shoulder for this eye-opening exploration of the Soul’s journey of evolution. In this psychospiritual, mystical teaching, ET Ascended Master Azh’ra Kai shares her vast, eye-opening insights on the awakening Soul’s path, purpose, and priorities. You’ll learn some unexpected, even “wowifying” truths about the Soul’s perspective, how Souls evolve, and how to consciously cooperate with your Soul to improve any aspect of your life. You’ll also learn:

  • How to streamline your awakening for a smoother
  • Unintentional ways ego complicates simple objectives (very insightful!)
  • Key differences between ego and Soul that can be THE difference in advancing
  • Relieving insights about Soul’s desires, attitudes, and approaches to
  • A common misconception about the levels of difficulty in incarnate Souls’ human experiences and what they mean (that when understood accurately can make your life and sense of self and others much clearer and more enjoyable).
  • An important Soul trait that allows one to accomplish multiple purposes in a given life.
  • A mind-blowing pastime some Souls enjoy – and how to know if this is you!
  • A critical component of awakening that’s far more valuable than
  • How some commonly accepted assumptions about life and awakening just aren’t true. (And Azh’ra Kai shares a far more liberating truth!)
  • An absolutely indispensable but often overlooked fact about the Oneness
  • A simple, specific practice that “is actually all that’s ever required to awaken and “
  • How to assist global human evolution even without doing anything extra.
  • And so much more!!!

Unlocking Your Soul’s Transcendent Treasures is an enlightening “Master’s Class” in awakening you won’t want to miss. This in-depth discussion of how Consciousness really works helps you understand your own evolutionary journey more fully, simplify your path and process, develop authenticity, and use less effort to gain greater rewards as you advance your spiritual evolution.

Item 2: Mp3 Audio: Determining Your Destiny – Azh’ra Kai (Total Time 51 minutes) channeled by Jaraan Onai

In this class, 12D female ET Ascended Master Azh’ra Kai starts by posing some profoundly thought-provoking questions about unsuspected impediments to awakening. She reveals:

  • The surprising folly of hope
  • A condition that, regardless of positive affirmations or other efforts, “will certainly impede if not entirely thwart what you want to accomplish”
  • One hidden belief to look for if you’re doing everything right and it’s still not happening
  • What to do to “get a lot more done more quickly with a lot less effort”

This compelling, consciousness-expanding teaching provides numerous insights and suggestions to advance your evolution and achieve your destiny. Includes a powerful 20+ minute contemplation meditation for manifesting your desired reality.

Azh’ra Kai: “Many people in this world feel victimized by circumstances. There’s a sense of hopelessness that comes with that. But that’s when it’s more important than ever to determine your own destiny.”

Item 3. Mp3 Audio: Activate Your Creatorship – Channeled Sound Activation Meditation by SomRa An’Ryka & The Trigalion Sound Masters (28 minutes)

In this Channeled Sound Activation Meditation, SomRa first gives a 6-minute stirring yet gentle speech encouraging you to become a more activate conscious creator of your own reality and therefore co-creator of the collective New Earth. Soft ambient music plays in the background during this segment. Key points SomRa makes:

  • Taking command of your reality now rather than waiting to “see what’s going to happen first.”
  • The power of making a decision
  • How to make a decision more effectively
  • The role of Feeling in creatorship
  • Standing firm in your state of preference regardless of what’s going on around you

Then SomRa leads you into a meditative state while affirming an intention of what you want to create/manifest in your life. Following is a 20-minute Channeled Sound segment that facilitates the activation of your intention, the release of inner blocks, and the expansion of your capacity to receive your manifestation. Light Codes and Soul memories are activated.

Instruments include a soft rattle, drum, chime, and Heart Chakra crystal bowl. Yum!

Enjoy these Past Special Offers

Conscious Awakening Package

Conscious Awakening Package


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1. Mp3 Audios (1:45 hours): Conscious Awakening Collection

The Conscious Awakening audio collection with Master Chan includes 5 teaching segments + a guided meditation: Embodying Love.

All of the ancient ET Ascended Masters teachings provide simple, effective solutions for achieving 5D Oneness Consciousness. The Conscious Awakening audios are a compilation of various classes taught by Toubayachi Chansiti (AKA Master Chan) in his delightful, uplifting style.

The difficulty in spiritual development is never in the tools, but in overcoming the pervasive self-perpetuating system of adverse conditioning – so-called “common knowledge” – that neglects or rejects such teachings.

For example, practically everyone has heard and accepts, “no pain, no gain.” This concept arises from a false assumption – that only painful actions lead to satisfying results. We’re also taught we should be proud of such suffering, even if we don’t get intended results!

However, it’s well-proven in psychology that human egos are designed to avoid pain and painful situations, even if presumably beneficial. Only a small minority are able to endure the discomfort necessary to achieve results in this way. This perpetuates the myth that only a select few “deserve” reward.

So, to attempt to achieve results this way is to go against our own nature. The defenses ego can develop to avoid pain, even the suggestion of pain, can be extraordinary indeed. This, of course, then keeps most people cycling through one struggle after another, using polarity-based rules in a vain attempt to get beyond polarity-based reality – rules that lead one to be in conflict with themselves without even realizing it – and calling it “normal”!

Two well-know quotes relate to this:

A problem cannot be solved at the same level of mind that created it.” – Albert Einstein
It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted in a profoundly sick society.” – J. Krishnamurti

Both of these clearly tuned-in beings were trying to reveal something critically important. The ET Ascended Masters go much farther, revealing these critical conflicts and offering solutions that allow anyone willing to practice them to achieve 5D Oneness.

Item 2. Ebook: Developing Spiritual Intelligence by Master Chan channeled by Jaraan Onai (16 pages)

In interview style, this written conversation with Master Chan shares wisdom he learned in Atlantis and other worlds for people aspiring to awaken. He includes his direct lived experience to illustrate an important facet of Conscious Evolution. This ebook was written as a companion to the Conscious Awakening audio collection.

You’ll learn:

  • Easy ways you can become more proactive in your evolution.
  • An often overlooked belief that prevents even popular spiritual practices from working effectively.
  • How to overcome resistance to change so that learning becomes faster and easier.
  • An underlying, often unnoticed assumption that’s a major impediment to awakening.
  • An optimum rule of Consciousness that everyone needs to understand to advance their awakening.
  • An absolutely indispensable spiritual principle for awakening and how to apply it in daily life to ease and accelerate evolution.

Plus numerous 5D insights, perspectives, and practices that help you align and cooperate with your Soul as It awakens within you, including:

  • Major differences between polarity and Oneness Consciousness to help you discern your path more effectively.
  • The multiple reasons for the current chaotic fluxing in mass consciousness and how to manage your experience of it.
  • What it can be like when Soul activates the ego for awakening, including ways to navigate these often unexpected and misunderstood experiences.
  • What a Real connection with your Real Self is like, how it feels, plus certain misunderstandings that can impede this progress and how to address them.

Also includes 3 Awareness Development Exercises for increasing your intuition in ways that are simple and fun.

Item 3. Mp3 Audio: Divine Reality Reminders (11 minutes) by SomRa An’Ryka

This audio is intended to be played in the background through speakers or headphones as you go about your daily activities like driving, exercising, cleaning, or anything else in which your mind can be present with what you’re doing while also listening and practicing feeling the reminders. You can play this audio while meditating or sleeping as well.

Many people have wonderful, calm, connected experiences while practicing meditation. But as soon as they go about “regular life” the awareness of that Higher Connection and the feelings that go with it rapidly fade. The point is to experience it in ALL aspects of life – and ultimately to live Who You Truly Are, your Real Soul Self that is beyond Polarity. This requires maintaining awareness and practicing experiencing that awareness undistracted by and nonreactive egoically to outer events.

With gentle music in the background, SomRa speaks contemplative statements that remind you of the Divine Reality and your Real Soul Self as you go about your day. This is not a practice of “self-hypnosis” or “affirmations,” in terms of trying convince yourself of something. They are reminding your of the fact of your True Self as a Magnificent Soul having an expansive experience through the realm of polarity/illusion.

The statements are deep enough that you may want to pause the recording at any time and practice perceiving what was just said. Or you can simply play the audio without putting your attention on the statements. They can catalyze and call forth spontaneous experiences Inner Knowing, Soul awareness, connection with Source, Oneness with everything and everyone around you, and many more spiritual states of being such as greater Peace, Joy, Love, Freedom, etc. The more open you’re to living as your True Soul Self, the more this easy practice can facilitate your evolution, expansion, awakening, and ascension.

Personal Space Optimization Package

Personal Space Optimization Package


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1. Ebook: How to Uplevel Your Awakening & Make Your Home a Haven Using Personal Space Optimization by ET Ascended Master Cou’don Ba’ channeled by Jaraan Onai (20 pages)

This ebook is packed with insightful information, including:

  • A number of important foundational points for spiritual awakening
  • How space optimization works on an energetic level to support you
  • 3 key ways to optimize your personal space
  • How you can customize the energy of your personal space to support specific intentions
  • Little-known steps and tools that enhance and optimize your space
  • How you can use these techniques in other ways to advance your evolution

If you’re on a budget, you’ll also learn ways to use items you may already have on-hand!

Item 2. Mp3 Audio: Quick Space Clearing – Channeled Sound by SomRa An’Ryka (8 minutes)

This studio recording provides a convenient and easy way to do a quick general clearing of your space. It’s perfect to use daily or after you’ve been through a difficult situation, an emotional release process, or a conflict in your space. And it can be used any time you feel it would be beneficial. Simply place your music-playing device as near to the center of the room or entire living space and play the recording through speakers (not headset) while you relax in meditation or go about your business. The channeled sounds, frequencies, and Light Beings coming through facilitate the dissolving of any energies that are not optimal for your well-being and awakening path. (Note: This method is intended for maintenance and to compliment your Personal Space Optimization practices suggested in the ebook. It does not replace deeper, thorough clearing that may be needed.)

Item 3. Mp3 Audio: Channeled Pleiadian Comfort Space Song by SomRa An’Ryka (6:30 minutes)
When you’re distressed, overwhelmed, or weary, instead of doing old, unhealthy habits to distract or comfort yourself, simply sit back and play this beautiful song. Allow the channeled sounds and frequencies to calm your mind, soothe your emotions, relax your nervous system, and bring forth nurturing energies in your environment all at the same time. Be wrapped in a soft Pleiadian blanket of loving care as you enter your “Comfort Space of Consciousness.” (Note: This song is pure sound frequencies and melodies. It does not contain words.)

A Multidimensional Space Clearing & Optimization from SomRa & Cou’don Ba’

(Living Space Only – up to 2000 sq ft / 185 sq meters)

A Multidimensional Space Clearing & Optimization from SomRa & Cou’don Ba’


2 Payment Option Available

All spaces need clearing from time to time. Places need detoxing and healing just like people! Energetic residue occurs from the emotions and limiting beliefs of all current and prior inhabitants. How can you feel your best and be fully effective in your spiritual evolution if you’re being bogged down by these energies…without even knowing it? Without them, all that wonderful personal growth work you’ve been doing can go much more smoothly and easily. Have your living space energetically cleared on all dimensional levels by SomRa & 9D ET Ascended Master Cou’don Ba’! No matter where you are in the world, together with their Multidimensional Team of Space-Clearing Masters and Angels, they will:

  • Thoroughly clear every nook and cranny of your space, including on the quantum level
  • Uplevel the vibration and optimize your space to support your specific intentions, goals, aspirations, and needs.
  • Wrap it in a high-vibe, healthy boundary bubble that ensures your personal space stays optimal (as long as you remain dedicated to your personal growth and expansion). This boundary works even if you live in close proximity to others who are, shall we say, not so high-vibe in their lives and choices.

It’s never been a more important time to shed the old and make space for the higher 5D vibrations to surround and support you…and continue to rise with you as you do!

Some common anomalies we’ve found and resolved in or under living spaces:

  • emotional residue and layers of limiting belief energies from past or current residents
  • entities/ghosts attached to the space, an object in the space, or the land underneath
  • 4D portals with unsavory astral beings coming in and out
  • vortexes and swirls of stuck energies
  • multidimensional disruptive ley lines
  • unfavorable energies hidden at the subatomic level within the building’s materials
  • residue from prior conflicts that happened on the property
  • land wounds & historic unfavorable imprints left over millions of years
  • underground adverse 4D tunnels
  • temporal riffs and time anomalies
  • unfavorable galactic influences
  • unfavorable thin veiling between parallel realities and alternate universes

The symptoms of these anomalies are varied and vast. Some are often undetected and unaffected by common space clearing practices.

How it works:

  1. Purchase your Multidimensional Space Clearing & Optimization (MSCO).
  2. You’ll be directed to a brief Intake Form about your
  3. Fill out the form and click Submit
  4. SomRa’s and Jaraan’s admin team will receive the
  5. The team will email you within a few business days requesting a basic floor plan sketch of your living space. (Simple instructions on how to send it will be given.)
  6. Once your sketch is received, your MSCO will be scheduled for the soonest available time
  7. You will be notified of that date in advance via
  8. During the clearing process you can be either home or away. You can meditate or go about your Most people prefer to be away from home. In most cases this is best, but is not required.
  9. Within a few hours after the MSCO is complete, an mp3 recording will be emailed to

This recording will include details about:

  • The energetic state of your living space prior to clearing
  • What was done to resolve any issues and improve the energetic atmosphere
  • Insights on how all of this relates to your specific Soul’s Path and personal development
  • How the new atmosphere supports your intentions, desires, goals, and aspirations
  • Specific suggestions to further optimize your space (examples: specific practices, crystal placements, etc. unique to your situation)

Multidimensional Space Clearing & Optimization benefits everyone: you, others, the environment, plant and animal life, and all dimensions connected to your space. Each one increases the Love-Light Quotient of the planet and thus accelerates the manifestation of New Earth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In this Special Offer, our focus will be on your living space only. We will thoroughly clear the energetic atmosphere and all the building materials that made your particular space. During the optimization segment, we will surround your apartment with a wonderful high-vibe boundary of frequencies that support your intentions, awakening, and Soul Path.

There are questions on the Intake Form about this. Your housemates will be taken into account, including their freewill and their Soul’s Path. The MSCO is focused just on your personal space, even if it’s only a single room. Plus, your “energetic space” that exists in whatever other rooms in the house will be cleared and optimized in a general way specific to you. Each person exists in their own energetic reality, even if next to each other. We will be focused on YOUR reality and how we can optimize it for you in accordance with your intentions and desires.

Yes. As long as you both understand that then some shared spaces will be optimized in a more general way and that ideally both person’s intentions need to be in resonance (examples: both authentically choose harmony, joy, peace, spiritual expansion, etc.). There are questions on the Intake Form regarding others in the home. If you both want to be included in the MSCO, state that in the form under the questions about relationships.

Yes, particularly if they are under 10 years old. If older, their freewill choices must be respected. So ideally, they would need to be relatively open and in agreement with the energetic changes of the environment. You will not need to ask them directly, as they may not understand. However, we will be able to know and address all of this in accordance with their Soul’s Path(s). In the MSCO recording you’ll receive afterwards, we may have specific information about your children’s Soul Paths as it relates to the family and the space. Because only so many things can be addressed in one MSCO, specify in your Intake Form answers if your top priority is the MSCO primarily (a) for you or (b) for harmony, well-being, etc. for your family. We will focus on your priority and address what is secondary to whatever degree we can within the allotted time. We can inform you in the recording if additional MSCOs would be recommended to address multiple needs. Note: Often children’s energy automatically adjusts to harmonize with changes in the parents and the home environment.

Yes, particularly in a full MSCO. In this particular Special Offer, we address your living space and your personal needs only. Often the health, behavior, and well-being of animal companions is a result of or resonant with dynamics within the human’s consciousness, even if the animal already expressed conditions before moving into the home. As with young children, often pet’s energy automatically adjusts to harmonize with changes in the human and the home environment. If needed, additional MSCOs that more directly accommodate a pet’s consciousness and Soul’s Path can be done after the initial MSCO for your personal living space and needs.

Ordinarily in a full MSCO, yes. In this particular Special Offer, we address your living space only. Additional MSCOs specific to your property and other buildings on it can be purchased at a later time. Let us know in the Intake Form if you are interested in an MSCO for your property and other buildings on it.

Ordinarily in a full MSCO, yes. (Unless it’s a full business with employees. This case would be a separate MSCO entirely.) In this particular Special Offer, we address your living space only. Additional MSCOs specific to your office and business can be purchased at a later time. Let us know in the Intake Form if you are interested in an MSCO for your home-base office space and/or business.

Yes. However, we highly recommend purchasing this Special Offer MSCO for your living space first. Your living space is the “home base” for your consciousness day in, day out. Ideally, its energy needs to cleared and optimized first. Then you automatically carry your newly more- harmonized energy field with you wherever you go. To some degree this will automatically change the energetics of your place of work. Thus, if an MSCO is done on your workplace after an MSCO for your living space, it will more effectively accommodate your new, more optimal state expressed at work.

Yes if you need clarification about something we said that you don’t understand. If you desire an in-depth discussion about how you can improve your spiritual well-being beyond an MSCO, contact us for rates and scheduling info for a channeled consultation with Cou’don Ba’ through Jaraan.

No. All communications are by email. During your MSCO, you can simply meditate or go about your business. You’ll receive an audio recording with details about your MSCO within a few hours after it’s complete.

Bundle of 3 Packages

  • Multidimensional Space Clearing & Optimization Not Included

2 Payment Option Available

A Bundle of All Offers

  • Multidimensional Space Clearing & Optimization Included

2 Payment Option Available

About SomRa An’Ryka

SomRa An’Ryka is an ET Walk-In, Spiritual Awakening Teacher and Facilitator, Visual Artist, and Sound Channel, working in the fields of Energy Psychology, Personal Growth, Spiritual Development, and the Arts. Using a Heart-Centered approach, she assists sincere, self-responsible Truth Seekers, Starseeds, Healers, and Lightworkers to free themselves from their internal blocks to personal fulfillment and living their Divine Magnificence right here in the Earth Plane. SomRa is a representative of a path of Evolution, Awakening, and Ascension developed by a vast collective of ET Masters, many of whom Ascended from various worlds over 355,000 years ago. They offer unique and refreshing perspectives of what it’s all about – this Game and Experiment of descending into Polarity and ascending back into Unity Consciousness.

Since 1989, SomRa has been professionally teaching and facilitating individuals and groups, offering transformative perspectives, practices, techniques, mind-body-emotion healing, trauma recovery, and compassionate clarity. She retired from private session work in 2022 and continues group facilitations, classes, and other offerings that support The Great Awakening towards Heaven on Earth.

About Jaraan Onai

An introverted empath with over 34 years of personal consciousness development experience, Jaraan Onai (Walk-In) is a natural teacher and facilitator, Energywork practitioner, author, and abuse recovery advocate. He has been the channel for ET Ascended Masters and Angels since 1994. He’s committed to providing enlightened perspectives that advance spiritual awakening. He also enjoys finding the awesome within the “ordinary.”

“I know that no matter how challenging it gets, there are treasures to be found both in the world and within our own exquisite hearts. It’s my mission to help sincere seekers, pathmakers, and Lightworkers find the quickest, easiest, most fulfilling means to manifest their Bountiful Treasures.

When you’re seeking solid solutions, you don’t need someone who’s just read a book. You need someone who’s been through the brier patch themselves and come out the other side better for it. That’s why it’s such a privilege and honor to be the channel for my spiritual Team Mates, who not only survived but soared far beyond their own tremendous challenges to become the impeccable and extraordinary ET Ascended Masters.”

About Master Chan

Master Chan (A.K.A. Toubayachi Chansiti) is an 11D Ascended Master who was originally from Arcturus. He lived 3 lifetimes on Earth, with his most recent ascension being from Atlantis during its Golden Age 34,500 years ago. In that lifetime, he was a spiritual teacher, healer, and mentor, representing a path of Awakening offered by the Collective of ET Ascended Masters which has not been taught on Earth for 26,000 years until Jaraan & SomRa began to share these teachings. Master Chan ascended at the age of 543 during a meditation while on retreat near what is now known as Burnsville, North Carolina. He now channels through Jaraan, sharing with his loving, light-hearted manner stories of his last life and the many teachings that led to his ascension.

About Cou’don Ba’

Cou’don Ba’ (pronounced Coe-Don-Bah), is a 9th Dimensional Ascended Master who specializes in multidimensional and intergalactic gridwork, ley lines, timelines, light patterns, clearing and optimizing energetic environments, and much more. His most recent Ascension was from a planet in the Sirian star system. He has been channeling through Jaraan since 1996 and has been working with ET Walk-In SomRa An’Ryka on clearing and optimizing Earth environments since 2008.

Through spiritual teaching and consciousness facilitation, he enjoys assisting those who aspire to Evolve, Awaken, and Ascend.

About Azh’ra Kai

Azh’ra Kai is a 12D Master who ascended from the Pleiades approximately 26,500 years ago. To advance her ascension path, Azh’ra Kai went forward in time for one Earth life as a nobleman’s daughter in what we call Europe’s early dark ages. Her experiences in that life were dark and painful, yet rich with discoveries for her Soul’s evolution. These experiences also helped her expand her understanding of human consciousness and develop the deep compassion for humanity that she shares with groups today. Both her presence and her teachings are uplifting, often soothing, and very facilitative of spiritual advancement.

Unlocking Your Soul Treasures Package


2 Payment Option Available

Conscious Awakening Package


2 Payment Option Available

Personal Space Optimization Package


2 Payment Option Available

A Multidimensional Space Clearing & Optimization from SomRa & Cou’don Ba’


2 Payment Option Available

Bundle of 3 Packages

  • Multidimensional Space Clearing & Optimization Not Included

2 Payment Option Available

A Bundle of All Offers

  • Multidimensional Space Clearing & Optimization Included

2 Payment Option Available