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Erica VanEaton

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The long held ‘fake it until you make it’ concept often is built on the foundational frequency of uncertainty and low self worth. The frequencies we attempt to ‘make it’ on are unstable because they are incoherent. If we look at the waves of energy those emotions radiate out through an EEG or EKG (brain & heart waves) they are erratic. What we are trying to fake in regards to confidence, prosperity, and leadership are normally founded in the frequency of joy, peace, and harmony. Those frequencies bring high states of coherent waves of energy that create a coherent heart rhythm and increased brain wave function.

When we try to build a house with a foundation based on unstable incoherent waves of energy, we can’t fully embody the new frequencies because there is nothing there to support the growth and ground them into the body, the frequencies are a complete mismatch. So one can bring a new experience in but then it quickly goes away. True confidence changes the way you enter a room, speak to your partner, and show up at work. True confidence is a deeply coherent energy that will naturally facilitate healing and manifestations that contain coherent frequencies. True confidence facilitates a deeply coherent communication between the nerve plexuses that reside in each energy center which allows for an expansion of Self. You want to grow your business, step into a new job, facilitate deeper or new relationships that are enriching and bring you joy? You have to have true self confidence. In order to open and deepen your healing gifts and psychic abilities, you have to have true confidence in the messages you are receiving.

These classes are designed to gift you true self confidence by guiding you to go inwards to know and heal yourself.

Enjoy this Special Offer

Special Offer 1: Intuition Classes

Special Offer 1: Intuition Classes


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1: Intuition Class I (70 minutes)

Whether we are intuiting information for ourselves or others, we are bringing information through from the dimensional field we are most aligned with. If we do not have our Ego, Mind, and Body Consciousness in alignment with our Soul, they can create resistance in bringing through unfiltered information. In this class we learn how to receive intuitive information and play at grander levels of consciousness. We practice by looking at participants and sharing what we see with each other so we can work on expanding the information that is coming through for us. Building a bridge of trust within is crucial for us to truly step into our own knowing. The frequency of self-trust signals the body to heal, it signals the brain to function at higher levels, and activates our hearts to expand its magnetic field.

In this first class you receive healing and get to practice sending healing and intuiting information.

Item 2: Intuition Class II: (63 minutes)

In this class we dive into reconnecting Cosmic Soul Fragments and healing them to regain use of our Psychic Abilities which is built upon Self Trust. We learn how to bring different aspects of Soul back to ourselves and place them in a box to clean them up. After we clean enmeshments and other attachments off our Soul fragments, we heal their imprints and clean up any other karmic tags they may be holding onto before fully receiving them into our bodies.

Once we receive these Soul fragments, we learn how to root them into our physical structure so we can open our gifts even further. In this class we learn how to receive information from the energy field without digesting this energy internally. The stronger our boundary the easier it is for us to project our third eye and other chakras to the outside of our field to begin the interpretation process. This allows our energy to remain strong and releases any sense of overwhelm that may arise with psychic gifts. Throughout this class we work on healing our internal emotional state and increasing the level of coherence between our mini brains.

Item 3: Healing the Witch Wound I (105 minutes)

In this class we begin by restructuring your spinal fluid, so it begins telling each energy center that it is in a state of harmonic balance. The spinal cord begins telling each nerve ending, cell, and organ that we are safe to expand and safe to be here. I guide you through moving your spinal fluid up into your brain with the restructured waters to activate the pineal gland.

In this class we also resurrect all body consciousness that were physically hurt and experienced pain for being psychic and a healer. We allow the Earth to bring back the original divine blueprint in our body consciousness to fully heal them all and release the memories of pain associated with healer ship or other psychic gifts. Freeing our bodies from different imprints in the energy field on Earth that are holding pain allows our bodies to expand its ability to hold more of your gifts without fear!

Item 4:  Healing the Witch Wound II (73 minutes)

In this class we focus in on releasing fear of being seen from our core foundation. The deep wound and programs of fear that arose with the death of Jesus Christ has been embedded into our foundational structure across many lifetimes because it is spoken about and glorified through religion on a continual basis. To fully release this wound, we dive into healing and restructuring our core foundation as well as diving into healing the full 12 strands of DNA. We also talk about the subtle bodies and making sure when we are alchemizing frequencies in our field, we work through releasing them through all our subtle bodies. This class is jammed pack with a lot of information so it is one that you may consider listening to multiple times. We walk through incorporating and integrating the 12 strand DNA activation in the different dimensional fields they reside. Whatever you are ready to embody is perfect for you and is no better and less than another. It is always a practice to bring our point of awareness to those aspects of us that reside in different dimensional fields. So, we walk through this practice and then bring everything we experienced back into our root to embody it in the here and now!

Bonus Activations: Ascension Embodiment MP3s:

These tracks are incredibly powerful; you will be shifting on a deep level. Be sure to be easy with yourself and drink lots of pure blessed water. I would recommend only listening to one track a day until you have gone through all of them, allowing the first round of frequencies to embed into your energy field. After that, feel free to play them as often as you’d like. Each time you play them, your body can absorb higher frequency codes. Playing these tracks in the background on silent is beautiful as the codes that are embedded in the frequencies will permeate the room and uplift the consciousness that is present there.

Begin to tell a new story as you listen to these tracks. You may wish to keep a journal of what limitations come up for you as you listen to these tracks, and be willingly to look at them differently. These tracks will help you release the densities in your identity that have been keeping you in lack and help you restructure your body’s DNA and subconscious to a high- er-level consciousness. The work that is required of you is to build new neuropathways to match these higher frequencies. As you listen to these tracks rewrite your story and remind yourself of your new story throughout the day until those neuropathways are built into your subconscious and it is your new normal.

The light language activations I recorded with the angelic realm and Ascended Masters including Jesus, are creating a pathway to bring heaven to earth in your body in physical form. We open doorways to pull those experiences those incredible frequencies into the physical body while releasing and unraveling densities that are standing in the way of you receiving them. As you listen to them, you will learn how to manifest in physical form, bringing the frequency of what you wish to experience into the body. We also open a conversation between the soul & body so they can begin to build a trusting relationship where trust has been lacking because of past experiences. We open a pathway for energy to flow through the body so it releases the fear & resistance of thinking it can’t handle the higher ascension frequencies. You begin to observe the mind, body, & soul through the filter of compassion.

During these tracks the angelic realm is lifting and attuning you to higher and higher frequen- cies (dimensional realms) in the background. You may notice there are pauses when it seems like nothing is happening, know that in those pauses your entire being, is being attuned to frequencies that most of us have not yet fully been able to receive and embody here. Pure source energy is embedded into each one of these journeys, activating a closer connection with source energy throughout your mind, body, and soul.

  1. 5th Dimensional Upgrade Activation • 32 minutes
  2. Call in The Frequency of Money Activation • 35 minutes
  3. Clearing Distortion Energies Activation • 39 minutes
  4. Heart Coherence Meditation • 12 minutes
  5. Open Your Telepathic Channel Activation • 36 minutes
  6. Receiving Divine Love Activation • 22 minutes
  7. Soul Body Fusion Activation • 22 minutes
  8. Step Into Your Power Activation • 32 minutes

Special Offer 2: 2 Live Group Calls + Offer 1

Special Offer 2: 2 Live Group Calls + Offer 1


2 Payment Option Available

Downloads Now Available

Everything in package A Plus 2 Live Group Calls

In these two large group classes we are going to be diving into recoding our genetic imprints in our bones & soft tissues. Regeneration is possible as we alchemize the foundational code that aging is hard, scary, and unattractive. Aging is a beautiful process that doesn’t have to mean deterioration. We can bring the excitement that we had as kids at the freedoms that came with age! Let’s bring back the child like wonder and watch our bones grow stronger just like they did when we were growing as children. We can watch our skin mature from the baby like texture to young adulthood that gave us a look of wisdom that comes from maturity. It is time to unscript the false beliefs that the word age is layered with and come back into play. This increases our mobility and ability to heal! We can bring back the childlike glow of excitement of possibilities to our skin and once again move our bodies fluidly with grace, regain our strength, and flexibility.

As we help the body regain trust with its own ability to heal, the amount of light it can consume and process increases. This allows for an internal embodiment of expanded levels of consciousness. Your ability to play untethered in the Quantum Field of

Pure Potentials increases.

These classes are interactive. Psychic visions, intuitions, and what you are feeling during these classes are encouraged to be shared with the group! It’s time to play together and enjoy the freedom of expression & expansion that arises when we share ourselves a group.

What People Have To Say About Erica

I have just finally listened to your audio on Instinctive and Intuitive Communication
and I wanted to tell you how amazing it is. I have listened to a number of offerings from you, and really resonate with your teachings. I feel like this audio brought it all together for me, and really shifted things. I feel more open to joy, and more willing to move forward into a life that I will enjoy, by bringing the gut mind, brain mind, and intuitive mind into connection.

Even just the beginning of the audio where you ask us to tune into the sound of our breath – that opened up so much for me and brought up emotion and awe.

Thank you so much!


Yesterday, I took a great leap, actually, I’m still a bit up in the air, but I was able to let go of many false beliefs because of the many times I used/worked with your divine love and money meditations. I laid down with your divine love meditation, and this time, my heart cracked open and I saw a long scroll of paper unraveling itself. The paper was covered with all my misbeliefs: shame, self-loathing, original sin, you name it, I had it. Please know that your work is powerful and deeply appreciated. I listened, and continue to listen over and over again.

Julie, Florida

Erica, Thank you for the wonderful experience. I felt safe and empowered by the experience. My vibration has been high since this session and I felt heavy burdens release. The light codes are oddly familiar and I hope they continue to help me open up.

Brian , New Hampshire

About Erica VanEaton

Erica VanEaton is an Intuitive energy healer that uses sound, light, and quantum therapy techniques to access the entire matrix of the human for healing. The intention she holds is for Unification. She looks at healing and expansion of self-expression through the lens of wholeness, realizing that each aspect of the human was designed to work in flow with each other as Source Creator. She sees human containers as the bridge to Heaven on Earth and has a deep desire to help her clients feel and know themselves as Source Energy. Her intention is to help you become limitless.

Special Offer 1: Intuition Classes


Special Offer 2: 2 Live Group Calls + Offer 1

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