With Teacher, an Empathic Astrologer and Guide
Catherine Rosenbaum

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Special Offer Includes:

A 1 hour session for $149.00 for new starseed clients.

Special Offer: A 1 hour session for new starseed clients.


2 Payment Option Available

A private one on one session with Catherine to activate personal Soul Contracts and multi dimensional encodements.

This is necessary for these times to “get quantum” fields activated.

As a Reflector, Calibration of New Earth codes are needed. They are within our Human Design Blueprints, Gene Key Codons and Universal Imprints.

Catherines’ empathic abilities, as a Reflector, will erase the old stories of our minds and transmit back into our SoulCrystals of the heart.This is a subtle transition/transmission that can happen in an instant.

Catherine has worked with thousands of Master Starseeds around the globe and have watched the beauty of the collective transmissions change our codes from time reality into HERE and NOW potentials. Our brilliance needs to be awakened again.

Catherine will walk you through your Personal blueprint charts, designs and dna maps, (a fun unique journey)  and once within your fields, transmit your light codes back into your auras Soul Crystals. This is a non verbal electrical photonic Mirror that will prepare you for what is coming. The Show, the outer Matrix around us is closing out. The best way out is within = the Power Of YOU.

We are passengers in this Holographic world and our power will emerge from Within our receptive knowing. An internal calling will grow. The faith and courage in these New times will grow into a tremendous force of unity.

Catherine has an entourage of Guidance beings. She speaks Universe and within you, so do you. In our hour together, we will call in support from our Higher teachers, and clear the data that has been called Blocks, lower fields and fearful loops that keeps us in the 3D. After removing the shadow self, the not-self, Universal  Cosmic Nutrino fields of Goddess (yin-yin) energy will emerge from your Soulplans once again. Collectively our true power increases and our Intuition aligns with New Earth Codes – New Earth, New Human.

Whenever 2 or more witness the Heart Innocence, the Soul Crystals within us awaken and prepare for action.

This is my work. I have come to contribute in these times moving into 2027. My consciousness lives out of time, so this is a true devotional path for my own soul crystal evolutionary plan. You are my rainbow crystals and my job is to gather all of you and bring you back home through Your Soul crystals within your designs. Goddess asks us to “Come home to me” 🌠🗝💌

This is our calling now,  and our Intuition is waking to New Earth Codes – New Earth, New Human. We already won but still have work to do..

Special Offer 2: A 1 1/2 hour session for $222.00

This is a deeper dive into your blueprints, your life mission, your relationships and children.

Special Offer 2: A 1 1/2 hour session


2 Payment Option Available

About Catherine Rosenbaum

Catherine Rosenbaum is a teacher, an Empathic Astrologer and guide thru time and space.

Her love of the stars and her relationship to their movements began when she was a young girl. Her team of angels and guides are active in her work and sessions. They have messages and great plans for our new world. We are the messengers and the carriers of the sacred flame. All encoded in our bodies and in our encrypted Blueprints. In these times, our guidance teams are becoming more interactive in our growth and are making themselves known to us. Catherine connects the bridge to your heart. The love of the journey is revealed back to you. There lies your receptivity and your imagination button to awaken the sleeper inside you!

Catherine’s design is as white and clear as the moon and only an estimated 1% hold this lunar essence. This makes her the rarest type of auric fields. Catherine is constantly reflecting back to others who they are, and what they are about. From fate to a bigger Destiny that is your gift and power. It’s your birthright! The heightened sensitivity of her gift is empathic and luminous as she experiences all the passions, fears, thoughts, emotions and ideals of who stands in her presence. This makes her perceptions deeply wise and like a mirror. She is called a community being; that reflects the health and emotions of the community. As a little girl, because of her open centers, it has been a learned necessity to take time alone to find her own self identity. That is where her Master teachers began to communicate directly to her. Outside, under the stars.

She reminds us that the planets are ‘beings’ and they have lots to say and show us. They are our family. The planets flow in perfect harmony; they express a Unity in synchronicity, and we are apart of this evolution. The planets are our bigger family and speak through symbols and direct energy to teach us who we really are. We are stellar and made of the same materials. We are written in the stars and have a personal plan, a perfect sacred contract and assignment, and one that we designed from our own soul contract. And then we are collective and have a Unified plan. Catherine speaks Universe. Her blueprint has the mark of an Astrologer and that is her soul contract.

Her clients span around the world and she is called an angel and uplifter to those who follow her work. She has been on radio, interviewed on T.V., teaches classes, and is writing a book about her memoirs as a Reflector and her journey with enlightened teachers, travels, contacts with higher beings, and the miracles that have been shown to her.

She has been instructed and has learned from her guides and master teachers how to be surprised by life and fall in love with the mystery. She has learned how to use her ability to Reflect without absorbing another’s field as her own. She is a sensitive and wise interpreter of the blueprints of others. She has been a lover of the Universe and a practicing Astrologer since a young girl and a Medium since birth. Catherine reminds us that the divine plan is written in the stars and the time is now to reveal your personal star map back to you.

Catherine, a true empath who, through love, compassion, humor, and joy, lives out her Human Design as a EMPATHIC REFLECTOR. They are rare! (like unicorns!) Only 1% of the human population are Reflectors…they are pure lunar essences, who can reflect back to us the deep, and often hidden, intimate (jeweled) facets of ourselves. To sit with a Reflector is a unique experience that can be revelational.

Catherine’s clarity, insight, and support through a session can open up profound pathways of self-understanding. She gets to the heart of what matters, and reveals and clears any of that once-held energy that could be a block or cling onto your energy. She turns on a switch psychically and awakened clients to their lighter destiny. Clients are then purified and gain open access and availability for new opportunities to arise for their highest personal growth. All for the love of the dance and for the upliftment of all.

Special Offer: A 1 hour session for new starseed clients.


2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer 2: A 1 1/2 hour session


2 Payment Option Available