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Michael Tellinger

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Learning about healing frequencies from ancient civilizations

The past several decades have shown evidence that most ancient megalithic structures were constructed with absolute precision and advanced technology which we do not possess today. More recent research has shown that most if not all of the famous ancient sites are all energy generating devices and communication machines – using a combination of the elements like Earth resonance, magnetic fields, (sometimes called Ley lines) light of the Sun, moon, and stars.

Every structure/machine was created for a specific purpose, or maybe even many purposes, and was activated to perform the task for which it was built, by the various elements, resonance, sound, magnetism or light – possibly even wind.

Since everything in nature works in fractals of harmonic resonance, driven by sound in our reality, it should not be surprising that we have been discovering awesome coincidences in the measurements, locations, dimensions and other attributes in many of the ancient sites. The Great Pyramid is one the most famous for its encoded measurements. The speed of light is just one of them, encoded in the location of the Pyramid.

BUT, Over the past decade, several explorers and researchers have found that the frequencies generated and emitted from these ancient sites, have astonishing healing properties.

People have experienced healing and been cured of numerous diseases after exposure to the frequencies of these ancient temples, pyramids and stone circle ruins.

Can we explain this phenomenon?
Can we learn from it?
Can we use it for our own benefit?
Can we replicate it for the benefit of Humanity?

Yes we can. Once we grasp the significance of toroidal fields in the structure of everything – and the foundational structure of the nature of reality around us, we can explain everything – especially the amazing healing properties of ancient ruins.

If Sound is the source of primordial creation, then Sound is also the source of all Healing.

About Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger is a scientist, explorer, humanitarian, and internationally acclaimed author of four books: Slave Species Of The Gods; Adam’s Calendar; Temples of the African Gods; UBUNTU Contributionism – A blueprint for Human Prosperity. He is the founder of the UBUNTU Liberation Movement of Unity & Higher Consciousness. UBUNTU has grown to over 140 countries, sharing the “ONE SMALL TOWN” – Can Change The World strategy, to bring prosperity and abundance for everyone. In 2007, Michael exposed the ancient vanished civilisations of Southern Africa, that left behind millions of stone structures dating back over 300,000 years. These are now recognised as the largest concentration of stone ruins on Earth. He is the founder of the Stone Circle Lodge & Museum. Michael connects the dots from a vast variety of subjects, that allows us to make sense of the insane world we find ourselves in today.

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