With Gifted Intuitive, Educator, Sound Healer, and Sacred Sound channel
Zacciah Blackburn

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Sound, Healing & Consciousness: Their Nature & Relationship in a sound healing practice

Understanding the nature and inter-relationship of sound, healing, and consciousness, builds bridges into the greatest depths of exploration of who we are as spiritual beings, and our nature and purpose in being here. This brings us to a true understanding of and relationship to our own authentic healing, as well as that of our clients and others we are in service to as practitioners.

Aspects of wisdom we touch upon in this presentation:

  •  Sound is an elemental aspect and force of creation.
  •  Sound is a medium to heightened states of consciousness.
  •  Sound amplifies inner states of being.
  •  Sound coupled with clear states of consciousness, allows us to tune into, to entrain, and to unlock and open hidden gateways of the hidden mysteries.
  •  Sound is a carrier wave of energy and information
  •  Using the principles and practices of self-realization, of wisdom schools of the world.
  •  The nature of healing and integrating that into the pathway of a healer or healing practitioner.
  •  The wisdom path of understanding.
  •  The nature, balance, and benefit of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine aspects of our Self, individually, and collectively.
  •  All life is conscious.
  •  All life in a great circle or web of life, all life interwoven.
  •  The indigenous view of the living cosmos and our relationship to it.
  •  The nature of Self Realization and its relationship to this.
  •  Understanding the inherent qualities of instruments, and allying with those principles, enhances the quality of a practice, amplifies and/or manifests the inner states of being, and can open one to ‘secret’ or mystical experiences with them.
  •  There are ‘secret’ or mystical qualities associated with many instruments that, once we understand, allows us even greater alliance with those instruments in our practice.
  •  We constantly resonate our inner reality into the world around us.

When we focus clear awareness, energy, and intention we can manifest the desired outcome.

All These Options at Your Finger Tips

Special Offer: The Tree of Life Practice

A Sacred Sound Practice, for ENTERING HARMONY WITH ALL LIFE Based on Indigenous Practices & Elders Wisdom

This is a contemporary sound meditation based in traditional wisdom, offering an opportunity to awaken our greater potential in Harmony with All Life. It is based on the wisdom of Living Indigenous Elders & Wisdom Traditions, which have offered methodology to come into harmonious awakening during this time of Great Transformation, often referred to as the Great Shift. It speaks to the wisdom of numerous cultures, who offer understanding of how to access and integrate the wisdom of the traditional indigenous view of the Three Worlds: Above, Below, and Within, or, The Cosmos, Earth, and Self.

Part of becoming an awakened or enlightened being in our human form is to gain access and relationship with the energies and intelligences of these three worlds. The practice also integrates the understanding of what we have come to call the Three Hearts Practice, also integral to indigenous teachings of this era, which suggest that by entering harmonic relationship with the heartbeat of the Earth and the heart of the Galaxy (considered the birthplace of souls by many indigenous cultures,) we can come into Harmony with All Life. The practice guides us to experience ourselves as a Column of Living Energy, the Tree of Life, in order to access and integrate these three realms of wisdom and greater experiential realities.

This practice is best experienced in a quiet environ, with time to fully experience the hour long introduction and meditation. A headset or quality sound system is recommended. It is not intended as a musical recording, but, instead, uses sacred sound & shamanic techniques, with voice and instruments, to enter and awaken, heightened, luminous, or realized states of being. It is recommended not to use this during driving or other physical activities.

This download will come in two files totaling 116.10 MB Introduction: 12:17; Practice: 49:08

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The Tree of Life Practice
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About Zacciah Blackburn

Zacciah Blackburn is a gifted intuitive, educator, sound healer, and Sacred Sound channel, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and Sacred Sound cultures. He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, USA, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies.

Zacciah shares authentic trainings in the nature of human consciousness, authentic being, explorations into the Shamanic worlds of Earth Energies & awareness, and teaching on the nature of sound, healing, and consciousness, and their inter-relationship as a tool for therapeutic healing. His in depth understanding provides life transforming experiences into the authentic nature, being, and wellness of who we are as spiritual beings, and our purpose here.

He has served as Director of Education at the International Sound Healing Network, & Co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing and All One Now Network. He also serves the sound healing and shamanic communities by bringing his skills and expertise into consultations to help practitioners choose and build their learning skills for a wide variety of traditional and contemporary musical instruments used in sound healing and shamanic practices, at Sunreed Instruments, an on line and retail sound healing & musical instrument store, in business since 1977.

About Dorothy Stone

Dorothy has been working in the area of health and wellness for over 30 years. She has a background in allopathic medicine as an Oncology Nurse and was called to transition into alternative healthcare early in her career. She brings many different treatment modalities to her practice including, but not limited to, Swedish/Eslan massage, Ashiatsu, Mastery Reflexology, Reiki, and Therapeutic Sound. Her years of study in the areas of sound healing and consciousness continually inspire her to bring the energies of harmony and balance to her work and the world.

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The Tree of Life Practice
$10 USD