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The timeless space of unconditional love is awakening as our original divine home temple.  That of your sacred diamond heart and radiant soul intimately bonded with the heart of Source Creator and Creatrix, union of Father, Mother, Christos. The sensual, sweet spot that self-regulates as light, sound harmonics, sacred geometries, purity, dancing and joyful potentials.  From the depths and breadths of rapturous bonding in this sacred space, we touch and see all of life through the eyes of heaven.

Cosmic Father, as the animator of the Universal Mother’s body are in a sacred dance of heavenly harmonics, light and sound, and we, the Christos exist as their countless bio luminescent instruments; ascendants ascending.  We are here to express as a heavenly symphony of their playful union and in our ineffable ascendant state we are love making love as Creation itself and giving birth to new photons, galaxies, universes.

Soul:  The immortal essence of a Living Being

Bliss:  A state of complete happiness, joy, contentment

SoulBliss:  To be the essence of endless joy

* Lullabies are soothing songs sung to the infant, the child, that calm the nervous system and awaken our soul music.  As adult children we awaken the depths of our soul when we return to the gentle caress of the light and sound from the Universe that animates us as life, expressing itself as LOVE in infinitely creative ways.  SoulBliss Lullabies open us to that creative field of the universal soul music.

* Mudras are hand, finger and arm gestures that when produced from the universal soul music via the human soul body with LOVE they have the power of producing joy and happiness and to contribute to one’s overall good health.  SoulBliss Mudras are intended to flow as this LOVE to clean and purify any shadows of incoherence that may prevent the human body from bonding with their soul music and expression of this sacred sound.

* Sigils are the use of art as intentional imagery that assist to manifest a specific outcome.  SoulBliss Sigils are hand drawn with LOVE and guided by the Universal soul music, animating the soul of Mahalia to express life as a heavenly coherence, the pure essence of freedom in light and sound.  SoulBliss Sigils are intended to unite body and soul with sacred universal harmonies for a life rich with golden presence.

If you wish to work more deeply with Mahalia, you’re invited to 12 weeks of support and training to learn:

  • How to liberate yourself from the belief in separation which is the cause of why we are in survival on planet earth and why we suffer

  • The symptoms of suffering such as stress, anxiety, addictions, pain, illness, fear, alienation, loneliness, poverty, invisibility, etc.

  • Tools to awaken the Unlimited Being at the core of us all

  • How to live a life rooted in unity consciousness which is the expression of enthusiasm, curiosity, trust, joy, love and playfulness, etc. To be as a mature child, and lead a life of soul sovereignty for one’s ascension and as an example for all

  • How to tame the anxiety dragon and be the phoenix arising from the ashes

Join Mahalia for 12 Weeks of Vocal Transmission Support

Special Offer: 555 – Taming the Anxiety Dragon

4 Simple Hacks to Calm the Fires of the Mind


Triple angel number 555 holds strong vibrations for making life choices based on personal freedom and individuality with opportunity for expansion, adventure and new activities based on curiosity and inspired action.

555 symbolizes significant, serendipitous life changes that will align you with your soul bliss so you can freely express your divine purpose as a spiritual being.

It is time to release old ways of being including doubts and fears while keeping a positive, open mind so that all good and golden can flow through you and to you. In order to reach the ineffable, the pure flame of LOVE, one must become aware of the unconscious mind where the stories of separation keep anxiety alive and prohibit one’s experience of wholeness and peace.

Have you ever felt anger, resentment or ‘out of control’ due to someone or something not fitting or complying with your views and or choices?

  • Have you ever felt rage, tension, fear, disgust, loathing towards yourself or others for no reason and or for every reason you could think of?
  • Have you ever felt remorse, guilt, shame for thinking you did something ‘wrong’ and that you would be punished for poor behaviour even if you were perfectly complying with an authority outside of yourself?
  • Have you been so covertly or overtly stressed that you have turned to patterns of addictions and habits that debilitate your reasoning, numbing your body into more pain?
  • Have you ever felt like a Dragon sometimes and an Angel other times and wondered why? Seemingly on a manic roller coaster ride, playing out both roles of Jekyl and Hyde.
  • Have you ever felt a gap between or a misalignment in your experience of life and what you feel in your heart is possible?
  • Have you felt something missing or something not connecting based on your results in life or what you see in the world around you?
  • Have you had the desire to transcend the ANXIETY DRAGON but did not know how or where to go to hack it?

In Taming the Anxiety Dragon, we will gracefully dive into the dragons underworld cave, the subconscious and unconscious programs that we turn into ‘believable’ scary stories, shrinking, constricting and covering up our true nature of Soul Level Love which is unconditional love and appreciation for all of life.

When we are disconnected from the archetypal dragon within and its primordial power, the power goes against us and we then suffer.  When we become aware of programs of separation and develop the ability to observe their sensations in our bodies only then can they arise and pass and we shift from reactivity and suffering to proactivity and creation.

Let us gently hack the fires of separation so as to live the best life we could possibly imagine, being the ‘creators’ or ‘dreamers’ of heaven within ourselves first and then reflect that to our blessed earth Mother.

When the Dragon within is finally tamed and utilized as an ally we experience:

  • Vitality
  • Mastery
  • Transformation
  • Supernatural abilities
  • Inspiration
  • Longevity
  • Grounded energy
  • Leadership
  • Fulfillment
  • Wealth
  • Strength
  • Happiness
  • The Miraculous
  • Protection

4 Gentle Hacks to meet your Golden Dragon ally:

Hack One: From scared to sacred Dragon

*Deconstruct the illusions of separation
*Exhale programs of abandonment and betrayal
*Return from trauma based dissociations
*Settle in with your Golden Sacred Soul

Hack Two:  From scorching to soothing Fires

*Unpack the scary stories that set off fires
*look at the depth of the unconscious and subconscious underworld
*Face the deepest fear of death to return to endless state of rebirth
*Ignite the soothing fires of transmutation

Hack Three: From tongue lashing to toe tapping 

*Use speech and sound as a creative rather than destructive force
*Activate the primal tail to extend primordial light
*Simmer the fire with water, earth and air element
*Ground the 1% body in 99% scalar Source waves

Hack Four:  From Heartless to Heartfull

*Purify the electrical circuits of the heart and pericardium
*Align atlas, axis and tail bone for fullest expression of LOVE
*Activate the golden spine for soul space integration
*Unite brain heart pathways for the balance of feeling and knowing Soul

Taming the Anxiety Dragon is available now as a 4-hour recorded webinar series with transmissions and tools for Ascension out of the ‘old’ and into the magical New Golden Age.

Mahalia’s remote transmission sessions can be as liberating as if they were done in person yet she does not make any promises or guarantees for results.

What you receive for your investment in Taming the Anxiety program with Mahalia Michael and SoulBliss:

  • 4; 1-hour educational webinar series recordings
  • Each video packed with SoulBliss guidance
  • Each video packed with SoulBliss transmissions
  • 12 consecutive weeks of support through topical vocal transmissions

To further support the ‘shift’ from old anxiety dragon programs of false identity, fear and false authority to the new, golden dragon of primordial light and sound as singing soul waves of heart coherence, we are offering 12 consecutive weeks of support through topical vocal transmissions!  It is very helpful that as we purify and transform, we are supported with reminders, guide posts and a deepening into presence.

‘Taming and Awakening’ 20 minute Vocal Topical Transmissions with Mahalia Michael 

  • Sept 9, 16, 23, 30 ~ 8pm pst
  • October 7, 14, 21, 28 ~ 8pm pst
  • November 4, 11, 18, 25 ~ 8pm pst

note: recordings will be available yet for best results we recommend being on as many ‘live’ transmissions as possible.

Bonus gift for enrollment:

Human Master Peace with 8 ‘Accelerator Adjustments’ topics for biological coherence with 16 optimization transmissions. Valued: $497.00

As we advance in consciousness, we stand on the brink of human holiness and freedom.  We are at the gateway of sheer heaven on this earth plane and beyond.  We are holding the keys to the door of a peace we have felt deep inside, yet could not access, until now.

HumanMasterPeace is an experience of futuristic ‘intelligence’ disseminated by Mahalia Michael as a language of light sound combined with advanced neural science teaching and adjustments.  This is the science behind creating Mahalia’s current reality, from poverty to prosperity, from powerlessness to super powers, from numbness to bliss, from dumbed down victim to leading edge inventor.  From landlocked human to SoulBliss Human PLUS much more.  The birth of HumanMasterPeace is so that YOU will better understand the epic technology of YOU and implement a Higher Truth into your life.

Who and What is here for your evolution into mastery of peace?

The Source, The Galactic Lyran High Council of Angels, The Great Central Sun Scalar Waves which are the highest codes of light from our known Universe.  Also, the white whale and dolphin family multi-dimensional consciousness that reveal themselves through Mahalia’s voice, the content on each recording and all BrainBliss and SoulBliss products and programs as waves of light frequencies that elicit transformation.

HumanMasterPeace features quantum field ‘acceleration adjustments’ designed for the awakening of the omnipotent human brain and body macrocosm of ecstasy. The ultimate in well being.

  • Reignite biological and psychological celebration patterns
  • Restore your rhythmic codes of galactic magic
  • Rejuvenate your inner musical mandala for peace and prosperity
  • Rebirth heart, mind, body and soul as a majestic temple of symphonic coherence
You will receive an AM and PM recording of eight ‘Acceleration Adjustments’ and their boosting effect on your evolution to mastery.
  1. Mirror Neurons:  Imitative resonance co-factors for limitless creation
  2. Hippocampal Neurogenesis:  New nerve growth for expanded spatial navigation and boost in short and long term memory
  3. Sentic Forms: biological sound elements that communicate emotion and colourful geometry for DNA liberation
  • Substantia Nigra:  Lightening blackened mid brain grey matter secreting neuropetides that express as efficient motor control
  • The Immortal Cell:  Centering in the cosmic spin of the cell body. The mutations of cells required for immortality can occur naturally or be intentionally induced for prevention of hystamine clusters currently labeled as symptoms of auto-immune disease/rare genetic disorders/ incurable illness
  • The Zeal point Chakra for Divine Harmonic alignment and Kundalini Energization
  • Stem Cells as Super Circuits for the birth of new cells that present as joyful, humorous, ecstatic life within the body
  • Laminin Molecule as a protein glue for structural integrity and reorganization of the cell to express as a Creator Being

“Brain Bliss is the perfect blend of science, spirituality and intuition.” –Surbhi Raja

“After a year of suffering with low back and sciatica pain, my back gave out in Sept 2017.  I was in such excruciating pain that I couldn’t walk. An ambulance took me to the hospital and the MRI showed I had 2 herniated disc. The Dr. prescribed anti-inflammatories & heavy duty pain drugs and sent me for a nerve root block injection. The first person I called was my dear sister Mahalia to come and help me heal. Mahalia came to the hospital and started working on me right away.  I came out of the hospital using a walker within a couple of days of her first 2 transmissions and all I can say is I know I wouldn’t have healed as fast without her assistance and support. Mahalia’s Brain Bliss LightSounds and intuitive healing is a true gift in assisting miracles. ​​While working with Mahalia I could feel my body healing and the stuck trauma releasing. After every session I would have less pain, feel more light and had better range of motion. Not to mention how full and grateful my heart & well being felt.  I decided not to take the recommended surgery route due to how good I was feeling. I was off all medications within a week. Mahalia is extremely knowledgeable, a pioneer in her field and an unconditionally loving human angel. I am very grateful to know her and feel truly blessed for all her help. It’s less than easy to explain what you do or how you helped but I am forever grateful for you being an angel in my life. I love you M. xo” – Carsen B. Vartell- Tuazon

Value for Taming the Anxiety Dragon: $497.00.  Bliss Savings: $300.00. 

LOVE exchange today for your beautiful future: $197.00 PLUS 2 for 1 BONUS!  Bring a friend and or family member for FREE!
Kindly send us the name and email of the person who would LOVE to join you on this epic journey into Soul Bliss via Your very own dragon taming.

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Taming the Anxiety Dragon
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About Mahalia Michael

Mahalia Michael founded the Academy of Brain Bliss based on her ongoing journey of self healing in which she came to understand that the root of all dysfunction in her life stemmed from unresolved trauma. In her continuing recovery from multiple brain injuries and PTSD, she experienced an awakening with whale and dolphin frequencies that helped her to switch on her voice, and enabled her to express the modality she uses to help others – a quantum cymatic light and sound technology. 
Through Mahalia’s transmissions, her client’s innate intelligence switches on and with that, the heavy layers of pain and confusion are uncovered to reveal what is always at our core – clarity and the light of love and peace. 
Mahalia proposes that the two fundamental requirements for anyone to benefit as she has, is an unwavering commitment to surrender all previously held belief systems, and to dive with playful abandon into the process she humbly presents as Brain Bliss.

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Taming the Anxiety Dragon
$197 USD
Bring a Friend for Free!

2 Payment Option Available