Soul Shine: Transform with Self-Compassion – Channeled Sound Healing Meditation with SomRa An’Ryka & The Angels2023-12-28T20:41:33-07:00

with ET Walk-In, Sound Channel, and Spiritual Awakening Facilitator

SomRa An’Ryka

Enjoy this Soul Shine Meditation

Soul Shine: Transform with Self-Compassion – Channeled Sound Healing Meditation with SomRa An’Ryka & The Angels


So many people want to manifest and experience more Joy, Peace, Abundance, and other 5D Oneness states of being yet are still holding onto perspectives that prevent them. In this Channeled Sound Healing Meditation, SomRa and The Angels guide you through a simple, powerful practice of Self-Compassion. They then use the power of Transformational Sound through vocal toning and song, chimes, and singing bowls to help you release hidden self-negating beliefs, attitudes, judgments, and emotions that act as barriers to you experiencing your Divine Reality here now.

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Mastery Empowerment Course: 12:12 Soul Gate LIVE Sound Event – Embody Your Soul Presence Channeled Sound Activation with SomRa & The Trigalion Sound Masters

Mastery Empowerment Course: 12:12 Soul Gate LIVE Sound Event - Embody Your Soul Presence Channeled Sound Activation with SomRa & The Trigalion Sound Masters


2 Payment Option Available

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It’s Get-Real Time! Can you feel it???

Despite outer appearances, greater and greater numbers of people are waking up to a higher reality all over the planet. Meanwhile, Lightworkers have been steadily working on themselves to clear, resolve, and evolve into the next phase of Earth’s ascending process.

What this next phase means for us is getting Real. As in, becoming more of our Real Selves. And that means recognizing and releasing what’s NOT our Real Self while attuning more fully to Soul and Source. One of the fastest and easiest ways to facilitate this process is through Transformational Sound.

Each year December 12th offers us a gateway and step-up through which we can align our energies and intentions more fully with our Hearts, Purpose, and Soul Directives.

What do you need to heal?
What do you need to look at?
What do you need to let go of?
What do you need to realize about yourself?
What do you need to understand more fully?
What new choices do you need to make?
Who are You really…now…today?
How can you embody and express more YOU in this world as it is right now?

These are important questions to being pondering and wondering about. Not with fear, but with sincere curiosity, heartfelt desire, openness to greater understanding, and a determined spirit!

Now is the time to become more Real — more Present with Who You Are. The more you embody and express your Real Self, the more:

🌟 Empowered you become 🌟

🌟 Joy & Peace you feel 🌟

🌟 Access you have to your higher abilities 🌟

🌟 You embody the Infinite, Loving Presence of Source 🌟

🌟 You beneficially affect others & your environment 🌟

🌟 You contribute to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. 🌟

That’s how it happens!

Combining the 12:12 Soul Gate energies with the power of Transformational Sound
potentiates these effects . . . exponentially!

Transformational Sound channeled by SomRa & The Trigalion Sound Masters can bypass unconscious blocks in your consciousness to a more enjoyable, healthy, fulfilling life living as your True Self. These blocks are limiting beliefs with emotional charge holding them in place as the result of conflicting past experiences. They appear in your field and body as etheric dark crystals and similar structures. As the powerful sounds and transformational energies through SomRa bypass your blocks/dark crystals and connect you with your Inner Gifts, the dark crystals vibrate, helping them to shake loose and dissolve. Experiencing a Channeled Sound Activation Meditation is one of the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable ways to free yourself from unwanted patterns, elevate your consciousness, accelerate your awakening, and step more and more into the life you desire.

Some common benefits of these Channeled Sound events are:

💖 Effortless transformation
💖 Elevation of your vibration
💖 Greater spiritual awareness & intuition
💖 Greater ease of your awakening & ascension
💖 Deeper relaxation, peace, joy, bliss, & well-being
💖 Progress in your healing (physical, emotional, mental)
💖 More openness to beneficial opportunities in your life
💖 Expansion of your capacity to receive them
💖 Release of inner blocks to your goals & desires manifesting
💖 Increased personal awareness, including of your inner gifts
💖 Activation of Soul Memory & metaphysical abilities
💖 Expansion of your creativity, including creative solutions to life’s issues
💖 Greater connection with the Divine, Soul, Guides, Angels, Star Family & Friends

At the beginning of the event, there will be a brief guided meditation in which you’ll connect with your Inner Light and personal intentions for your life that you want to energize. Then you can sit back or lie down, relax, and receive as the Divine Sounds and Presence work on your behalf. They come through SomRa’s voice in a variety of tones, Love-Light languages, and frequencies. Some instruments may be included such as gentle drums, bells, and crystal bowls.

This activation is not a meditation requiring mental focus. It’s a facilitation. In fact, you’re invited to relax your mind so that you can expand to accommodate more of who you really are – an Extraordinary Magnificent Soul. 🌟

“You cannot have challenges when you are being Your Self. The journey may be challenging, but once you are being Your Self, there are no challenges.”
~ Azh’ra Kai, 12D ET Ascended Master

Join us on 12-12-23!

All who register will receive the replay (usually within 6 hours after event) even if you can’t attend live. The Solar Eclipse frequencies are heightened several days before and after. These and the continual galactic supportive frequencies beaming Earth will go into the recording for repeated use any time you want to boost manifestations, healing, and inner shifts.

If you’re new to Transformational Sound and SomRa’s Channeled Sound work, see more details below. Also, studio and prior live recordings are available here: Channeled Sound Activation Meditations.

With your sincere intentions…

The moment you register, the transformational momentum will begin.

The Channeled Sound Activation can awaken your unique Light Codes and exponentially facilitate your receptivity to Infinite Loving Support for your well-being and intentions.

Can’t attend live? All who register will receive the Replay when it becomes available (usually within 6 hours). This recording can be used repeatedly – any time you wish to breakthrough barriers, release patterns, support healing, and energize the manifestation of your intentions.

SomRa An’Ryka has been facilitating groups and individuals with Channeled Transformational Sound and Cosmic Languages through her voice since 1996. She often includes drumming, crystal bowls, and more at her events. Some comments from participants:

“I felt my chakras for the first time!”

“I could feel shifts happening!”

“It exceeded all my expectations.”

“Thank you! I sense that it was a deep inner work.”

“I saw wonderful colors and swirls of geometry in my mind’s eye with the sounds.”

“I had arrived with a pain in my shoulder, and as soon as you hit that high note, the pain was gone.”

“Deep relaxation and waves and waves of energy moving from the top to the bottom and out of my body.”

“SomRa’s Channeled Sound has benefited me greatly because she and the Trigalion Sound Masters are able to dissipate negative energy blocks, and this is an enormous aid in my journey towards wholeness.”

“The tones, songs, and languages coming through you felt as though they were carrying us through ancient sacred ceremonies.”

“My whole body is humming with such a light and beautiful vibration. Such love and gratitude. Thank you.”

“I went on a deep journey through the Universe and inside myself at the same time. What a profound experience!”

“I connected with my Soul Family. It was so beautiful. I got a clearer understanding of my purpose here.”

“When I came-to at the end of the Channeled Sound Meditation, I knew I was different. Something had really shifted. I felt at peace and high-vibing at the same time. I could feel the vibration all week.”

“I get so much out of your Channeled Sound Meditations every time!”

“Wow! Ineffable. This is the consciousness one is going for. The timelessness of it all.”

“Thank you so much for this healing journey. Truly – it was an amazing experience.”

“I absolutely loved it, as usual. It was really profound. It brought me a sense of rising higher, a kind of euphoria and joy. When I use your Channeled Sound recordings I experience that too. I look forward to the benefits with every passing day, because I do receive them!”

“That was off-the-charts POWERFUL! Thank you!!!”

“Wow…just wow. There are no words to describe this. I’m speechless.”

Disclaimer: Each participant’s experience and results are unique. Your Power of healing and transformation always lies within You. Using our skills, perception, tools, and attunement, we provide an opportunity for you to connect more deeply with your Inner Power and allow Its gifts to support you and your intentions. The more relaxed, open, and receptive you are to your Inner Power and Divine Presence, the more likely you’ll become aware of energetic shifts occurring in your body and consciousness during the event and notice ongoing benefits thereafter. Also, shifts can still be occurring even if they’re not perceived in the moment. Letting go of mental analysis and relaxing into the experience as fully as you can is key.

More About Transformational Channeled Sound

Here’s a lively 5-minute discussion between SomRa and A’Terion of the Trigalion Sound Masters speaking through Jaraan Onai about the uniquely beneficial effects of Transformational Sound on your body and consciousness. A’Terion explains:

  1. A rarely known mechanism in your consciousness that keeps dense energies and internal blocks in place
  2. How automatic assumptions based on the past dictate your experience of the present
  3. How Transformational Sound can easily and effortlessly clear these assumptions and dense energies
  4. The vibratory difference between thoughts and intuitive awareness
  5. How Transformational Sound raises your ego awareness to where you can perceive higher levels of Self

A fantastic 2-minute video of Cymatics demonstrating how sound powerfully affects matter

A mind-blowing 5-minute video showing the affects of thoughts, feelings, & intentions on water

Keep in mind your body is 70% water.

Experience a sample of SomRa’s work.

QCTV interview: Turn on the Lights! Illuminate & Release Your Pesky, Elusive Blind Spots & Reclaim Your Divine Reality

An 8-minute Sound Channeling intro and facilitation begins at 1:31:05. In order to feel the energetic effects, aim to relax and be receptive. Feel with your heart, body, and field, not merely observing with your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Toning” is more a general term to describe allowing sounds to come through one’s voice to release old energies within oneself as a part of self-healing. Toning can also be used to facilitate healing and transformation for others as the sound is projected towards them with that intention. The former approach is not channeling from a higher dimension. The latter approach may or may not be channeled, depending on the practitioner.

Channeled Sound refers to the fact that the source of the Sound is from a 5D or higher dimensional realm, bringing with it Pure Love-based frequencies and Presence that are not available in 3D/4D Polarity. The intention is to facilitate and support certain facets of awakening, healing, and transformation, ultimately raising the vibration and expanding the consciousness of the recipient to a new level of being. The person channeling may or may not be consciously aware of the higher groups of beings working through and with them. The channel may simply call it “The Universe,” “Love,” “God,” or other general term. In essence, all that sources from 5D or higher is Pure Love. However the particular channel and their Higher Team’s specific qualities, nature, and objectives can vary.

Everything in Reality operates by Resonance. Likewise, a recipient may be drawn to a particular channel, their Higher Team, and those qualities based on Soul Resonance and/or frequency resonance in a particular moment because that is what the recipient most needs at that time.

“Sound therapy” is sometimes used interchangeably with “sound healing.” However, “sound therapy” is often used by practitioners working in conventional fields such as medical or psychology. And in those cases, their approach tends to use electronic-based devices to produce certain sound frequencies in ways that have been scientifically proven by their analytical methods and controlled studies to affect healing. But also, many non-conventional healing practitioners use the term “sound therapy” for “sound healing.” There are no agreed upon set rules or regulations about this.

The generally accepted definition of a “sound bath” is a meditation in which a person or group is “bathed” in waves of sound produced by calming instruments, sometimes including vocal toning, for the purpose of deep relaxation and contemplation. The sound waves can directly affect the person as the waves “wash” over their body and through their auric field. Emotional and/or physical healing can be one of many results.

Therefore, “sound healing” and “sound bath” are often used interchangeably. But they can be distinct experiences, primarily based on the intention of the provider and of the recipient(s). Skilled and gifted sound healers will be using their voice and/or instruments in very specific ways to facilitate healing, whereas just about anyone can play a set of soothing instruments but not necessarily be doing a “sound healing.” Therefore, we would not use the terms “sound healing” and “sound bath” interchangeably.

“Sound meditation” and “sound bath” could usually be used interchangeably, since a sound bath is a meditation experience. However, again intention is a distinguishing factor. Many people seek a “sound bath” to simply relax and enjoy the feelings, sensations, and deep relaxation they experience. But someone may seek a “sound meditation” to conscientiously cultivate and experience certain qualities and deeper states of being, such as inner stillness, peace, and Oneness with Source that sound intended for those purposes can facilitate. Therefore, we would not use the terms “sound meditation” and “sound bath” interchangeably.

A “sound activation” has yet another distinct intention. It operates on the perception and understanding that all qualities and abilities already exist within everyone but most of these have been dormant for millennia. This includes certain encoding on the DNA. All matter is basically patterns of light, ultimately Source Light. Using sound in a specific way with the intent to activate these codes and awaken dormant abilities is called a “sound activation.” In the 1990’s, we coined the term “Transformational Sound” to accurately indicate the type of sound intent used in a “sound activation” as well as the result. Sound activations for individuals or groups can often be very dynamic and loud as well as relaxing and soft.

We use the term “Channeled Sound Activation Meditation” because SomRa & The Trigalion Sound Masters are operating from a much more encompassing and broader bandwidth and range of intentions than many other types of sound work and presentations. This term is the best translation we perceive at this time for what all we do, provide, and facilitate in one event. (And yes, “healing” is a part of it too, but we figure 4 words is already plenty.) 😉

While some Angels usually participate in a Channeled Sound event with The Trigalion Sound Masters (ET Spiritual Masters & Ascended Masters), SomRa’s Sound Channelings with The Angels is solely an Angel Collective. Some ET Sound Masters may serve as a part of the support team in the background.

An Angel Sound Channeling tends to express softer, more melodic patterns of tones and frequencies. The focus tends to be more on comfort, soothing, and healing while also facilitating recipients’ release of suppressed grief, hurt, weariness, sorrow, and distresses of various kinds.

A Sound Channeling with The Trigalion Sound Masters tends to be very dynamic with occasional melodic segments. It includes a wide variety of sounds, frequencies, energies, and Cosmic Love-Light Languages. This tends to be a very consciousness-expanding as well as inner journey experience for recipients.

Both are equally supportive in recipients’ healing, well-being, evolution, awakening, ascension, and direct experience of Source Love.

Essentially, yes! Many healer Light Beings assist each listener whether during the event or listening to the recording. The Angels, Trigalion Sound Masters, and other Light Beings channeling through SomRa exist beyond space-time. Therefore, they are able to know who will ever listen to the recording, and they will incorporate the needs of future listeners at the time of the event or studio recording. Pretty cool, huh?

We do, however, encourage live participation whenever possible for that unique experience “in the making.” The sooner you experience it, the sooner your conscious mind accepts, “Ah yes, I’m receiving something powerful for my benefit.” And therefore, the sooner you notice, feel, and get to consciously experience those benefits.

The Trigalion Sound Masters

The Trigalion Sound Masters (TSM) are a core group of 33 and extended group of 300-400 ET Ascended Masters from the Collective who specialize in working with sound frequencies to heal, create, facilitate, activate, and transform. They help gracefully dissolve inner blocks to one’s purpose and awaken creative expression. All well-known advanced star systems are represented: Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda, Lyra, and many more. SomRa has been channeling TSM since 1996.

More about Channeled Sound Meditations

Think of it this way. If you hold a glass under a spigot that’s not turned on, nothing happens. If you turn a spigot on but have nothing under it to receive the water, the water is wasted. When you attend a Channeled Sound Activation Meditation, you align yourself with Divine Flow – in this case, the unique energies coming through the current Galactic Gateways and rise in Earth’s vibration. You’ll be facilitated into a wonderfully receptive state to gain the most benefits. Group synergy and common intent accentuates these benefits. Attending live is ideal, but you will also receive these benefits from relaxing with the recording. All who register will receive the digital replay.

A Message from The Trigalion Sound Masters

channeled by SomRa

We, the Sound Masters of the Trigalion, have come in support of humanity’s growth and awareness of its grand potential. Many Ascended Beings come through to you in your words. We choose to communicate with you primarily through pure vibrational states as we do in other dimensions. This translates as sound to your ears and feeling sensations within your consciousness. Sound has the ability to bypass the chatter and road blocks of the mind, speaking to the Real of you that knows exactly what your life is about, how to resolve any undesirable issues, and how to share your creative expression with the world. Indeed, in the very experience of pure vibrational states, such things can become instantaneously clear and awakened within you — all without effort on your part.

As we sing to you the songs of the Universe, you have the opportunity to relax and allow your struggles to unravel, your pain to cease, and your wisdom to come forward.

Your heart opens more fully to your True Self. Enthusiasm becomes once again an automatic expression of your nature. Life can become a fluid stream of Joy.

There are many sonic devices being re-created on your world right now, and this is wonderful and has its place. What we present to you is a way in which to experience these powerful vibrations within your own being. You are quite capable of it, whether such vibrations become audible or not. This is, shall we say, the “natural” approach — something you can take anywhere you go.

Just breathe and relax for a moment. . . . While still relaxed, place your attention on the surface of your arms. . . . Breathe and relax. . . . Notice how it feels. Can you actually feel your skin? Or is it becoming indefinable as your relax? If you get to the place where you cannot specifically distinguish the surface of your arms and the air around them, you are experiencing a change in vibrational state. You are experiencing vibration, which could be translated into a sound frequency. Now touch one arm. You likely feel the surface of your arm now as distinguished from the air around it. Once again, you have just changed vibrational states. From the inside, your arm probably feels differently than a moment ago. Because of your extreme relaxed state, the atoms of your body spun faster than usual and so your arms felt lighter, their forms less defined. Now that you’ve directed your attention back to the form of your arms, the atoms of your arms spun more slowly again. The speed of an atom’s spin, to some degree, determines level of vibration.

You are capable of changing vibration at will. Your ability to relax is a vital key. Most humans do not realize just how not relaxed they are — all the time. The more relaxed you are, the more your awareness becomes heightened. There is an undeniable sense of connection with everything. You can more clearly make choices and perceive where they will lead you. You know more fully who you are, and no one can disturb your knowing. This is your potential. To live as awakened beings consciously creating your journey of life to whatever you truly desire it to be.

We, the Trigalion Sound Masters, work specifically to awaken this potential within each of you who are called to us. The sounds speak to you. Something within you knows our call — which happens to be the same call of your own Soul, the Real You. We very lovingly assist beings to feel and know themselves as Soul in an irrefutable way. You may feel emotions that are uncomfortable to you as we work with you. Yet before we are complete, these emotions will be transformed into an energy that is valuable and useful to your creative expression in the world.

If you feel ready to embrace your true nature and claim your Joy, we are here to assist you.

~ The Trigalion Sound Masters

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About SomRa An’Ryka

SomRa An’Ryka is an ET Walk-In, Spiritual Awakening Teacher and Facilitator, Visual Artist, and Sound Channel, working in the fields of Energy Psychology, Personal Growth, Spiritual Development, and the Arts. Using a Heart-Centered approach, she assists sincere, self-responsible Truth Seekers, Starseeds, Healers, and Lightworkers to free themselves from their internal blocks to personal fulfillment and living their Divine Magnificence right here in the Earth Plane. SomRa is a representative of a path of Evolution, Awakening, and Ascension developed by a vast collective of ET Masters, many of whom Ascended from various worlds over 355,000 years ago. They offer unique and refreshing perspectives of what it’s all about – this Game and Experiment of descending into Polarity and ascending back into Unity Consciousness.

Since 1989, SomRa has been professionally teaching and facilitating individuals and groups, offering transformative perspectives, practices, techniques, mind-body-emotion healing, trauma recovery, and compassionate clarity. She retired from private session work in 2022 and continues group facilitations, classes, and other offerings that support The Great Awakening towards Heaven on Earth.

Mastery Empowerment Course: 12:12 Soul Gate LIVE Sound Event - Embody Your Soul Presence Channeled Sound Activation with SomRa & The Trigalion Sound Masters


2 Payment Option Available

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